Winners don't give up: The Little Miss Sunshine quiz

By: Isadora Teich
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The 2006 film "Little Miss Sunshine" was a sensation, winning numerous awards. Do you have what it takes to rock the pageant world? Find out with this HowStuffWorks quiz.

Which famous funnyman has a more serious role in "Little Miss Sunshine"?

The name of the little girl in the film is:

Where does the Hoover family live?

Who played Olive Hoover?

What event prompts the Hoover family to take a road trip?

Teenager Dwayne took a vow of:

Olive's father, Richard, is an aspiring:

Is Olive well-prepared for the pageant?

Who is Olive's beauty pageant coach?

What was unique about the directors of "Little Miss Sunshine"?

How does Edwin Hoover die?

What song is Olive's scandalous beauty pageant dance set to?

Which "Breaking Bad" actor has a role in "Little Miss Sunshine"?

Which philosopher is Dwayne a fan of?

Why can't Dwayne become a pilot?

Why does Frank Ginsberg try to commit suicide?

Does Olive win the title of "Little Miss Sunshine"?

What does Olive's family do when the pageant organizers demand they take Olive off the stage?

What color is the vehicle the Hoovers drive to the pageant?

Which "X-Files" actor was considered for the role of Richard Hoover?

Which character wears cynical slogan t-shirts throughout the film?

The "Little Miss Sunshine" pageant takes place in which city in California?

The directors of the film had previously directed:

How does Olive react to being so unprepared for the pageant?

What role was Bill Murray initially considered for?

What was the film rated?

Was "Little Miss Sunshine" successful at the box office?

"Little Miss Sunshine" starts in Albuquerque, the same city as which famous TV show?

"Little Miss Sunshine" is considered to be a:

What is wrong with the family's VW Bus?

Who played the other pageant contestants in the film?

Where did the film premier?

The film was adapted into a:

Which now-famous actor was an unknown when cast in "Little Miss Sunshine"?

What did Abigail Breslin wear to play the part of Olive?

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