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If you love to camp out but can't stand the thought of being away from the Internet for any length of time, this quiz is for you. See how much you know about finding mobile hotspots, boosting your wireless signal and using equipment that will keep you connected, even in the remotest regions.

Most people go camping to "get away from it all." The seriously internet addicted, however, view camping as:

Stay wired in when you're camping out by making sure you have access to Wi-Fi even when you're on the trail.


Internet addicted camping aficionados never hit the trail without:

Mosquito repellant may protect you from West Nile, and toilet paper is luxury at a campsite, but to the seriously internet addicted, a Wi-Fi signal boosting antenna is the real travel essential.


Your fellow campers may make fun of you when you insist on packing your internet essentials, but this handy device will give you the last laugh if your group gets turned around on the trail:

Staying connected to the outside world, even in the wild, has many practical real-world advantages. Bring your GPS-Enabled smart phone and you'll never be lost again.


Accessing the internet produces a distinct physical effect, not unlike the type of rush you may feel after completing a long hike.

According to Psychology Today, "self-proclaimed Internet addicts report feeling a pleasurable mood burst of 'rush' from simply booting up their computer, let alone visiting their favorite websites…"


The positive "rush" you feel when you get online, go on a strenuous hike or use certain drugs is caused by a release of which neurotransmitter?

Dopamine causes the euphoria that addicts chase, whether they get it from drugs or Internet activities.


___________________ Is a great app for finding everything you might need on the trail -- from Wi-Fi enabled campgrounds to secret fishing holes.

Google Earth is a free desktop and mobile application that lets you view satellite imagery, maps and terrain anywhere on earth and even in outer space.


Online camping directories such as provide lists of campsites with Wi-Fi access and ______________ for easy navigation.

A "waypoint" is a way to reference a particular place in physical space. Import waypoints into a GPS device or Google Earth for easy navigation.


Use waypoints from online camping directories to create a custom ______________ in Google Earth that will mark and allow you to quickly view your favorite Wi-Fi enabled campgrounds, parks and public spaces.

One of Google Earth's most useful features for internet addicts is the ability to upload custom layers marking the locations of Wi-Fi access, electrical power and other necessities for non-stop Internet access.


You're stranded at a campground with no Wi-Fi access. You do, however, have your smart phone. You can _______________:

Today many smart phones can legally be as mobile hotspots. Tap into your phone's broadband connection to create an individual wireless network for to your laptop and other devices.


Your smart phone does not have the capability to power a mobile hotspot. What are your options?

For smart phones that don't come with the built-in ability to power a mobile hotspot, apps like MyWi try to fill in the gaps. Be careful with these; they generally require that you jailbreak your phone and data charges can be costly.


Another great way to stay connected when you are away from a standard wireless network is to use _______________.

Companies like Clear, Sprint, Comcast and others now offer a various WiMAX hubs and USB modems designed to enable you to take your broadband internet service with you wherever you go.


Wi-Fi, WiMAX and mobile hotspots are great, but how are you supposed to stay connected when you're out of range of a broadband signal?

Amplify the range of any Wi-Fi network with a Wi-Fi antenna booster


If you want to make your own Wi-Fi antenna booster to take on your camping chip, you'll need a package of these popular chips:

Pringles chip cans are often used to make simple waveguide antennae.


The first Pringles "Cantenna" was built by ___________________.

Programmer Andrew Clapp claims credit for designing the first Pringles Cantenna; however, it is not known whether or not he ever used his device on a camping trip!


To build your own Pringles Cantenna to take on your camping trip, you'll need threaded rod, copper tubing, plastic tubing, nuts, washers and a _____________.

A pigtail is an informal name for a type of patch cable that has a connector at one end and plain wire at the other. Andrew Clapp makes his Pringles Cantennas with an N-Connector attached to coaxial cable.


If building electronics isn't your forte, you can also _______________ a Wi-Fi antenna.

If soldering and doing frequency calculations isn't your thing, companies like Wireless Garden, Inc. have Wi-Fi antennas for sale. The "Super Cantenna" is small enough to fit inside a backpack.


______________ will enable you to access internet even in the world's wildest regions.

Whether your reason is noble or you've simply hit rock bottom trying to watch TV in the middle of the rainforest, satellite technology will enable you to access internet even in the world's wildest regions.


In terms of cost, satellite internet service is _______________ broadband internet service.

There is a reason that not everyone uses this technology, and that reason is: satellite internet service is not cheap. Satellite hardware can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars, and you will also need to pay for the data you download.


Even satellite internet requires power. What is one power alternative a serious internet addict might want to have when camping far away from any available power outlets?

One nifty little alternative technology is the wind-up cell phone charger. Wind-up chargers work by storing kinetic energy generated by winding a small hand crank and converting it to usable power.


Another great source of portable source of power for serious internet addicts who want to stay wired up while they're camping out is:

Several different types of rechargeable kinetic energy batteries are currently under development; in the meantime, serious internet addicts should pack a supply of regular batteries and a battery powered USB charger when they go camping.


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