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Sure, we all know about broomsticks and cauldrons … Which only has a very small basis in the historical and modern reality of witchcraft. Learn your Wicca from your warlocks and test your knowledge of the culture of witchcraft through history.

What's a witch?

Listen, there's no definitive witch test so don't bother trying to see if one floats like they tried in Salem.


The Romans punished those who practiced "magic:"

After all, who wants to turn away good magic?


What changed the reputation for witches as being worshippers of Satan?

As Christianity spread, witches were seen as servants of the devil.


What instigated the Salem Witch Trials?

It's still unknown what exactly was going on with the two young women.


In a nine-month period, how many "witches" were executed in the hysteria around Salem?

More than 100 people were imprisoned.


What is a pagan religion?

Any religion that doesn't worship monotheistically is considered pagan.


Why is "magick" designated with a k?

Magic might include card tricks; magick involves spells, energy and the like.


In Navajo culture, what does a witch do to disguise him or herself at night?

Also called "skinwalkers."


The Zande tribe in the Congo believe that a witch's power is:

The magick isn't caused by an external force, in other words, but is just an inherent part of the practitioner.


Most cultures that believe in witchcraft do NOT blame witchcraft for:

It's important to remember that although some cultures attribute misfortune to witchcraft, they aren't lacking reason.


In the 15th and 16th century, prominent witch hunts took place in:

Northern Italy, France and Switzerland also had significant hunts.


What was one method for determining if a woman was a witch?

Not a terribly effective method.


The Bacchanalia -- a Greco-Roman precursor to the Western image of hedonistic underground worship -- was originally attended by:

The festivals (and orgies and animal sacrifices and the like) were later open to men.


Wicca is an extremely ancient religion.

Wicca was invented in the 20th century and doesn't have roots in any traditional pagan culture.


Wiccans worship:

They also recognize other deities, but the Goddess is the main figure in the Wiccan religion.


Wiccans worship in groups called:

The memberships usually require initiation.


However, Wiccan witches can also practice in:

Circles are more open and fluid than covens, but witches also have individual worship practices.


The Wiccan Rede states:

Although all of the sentiments are pretty much encompassed in the Rede.


The precursor to Halloween was called:

The end of summer marked a time when the spirit world showed up on earth to play tricks.


Appalachian folk magic uses:

It's also referred to as "hoodoo," or granny magic.


What does kitchen or cottage witchery entail?

Kitchen and cottage witches use household items for magick that centers around the home.


Kabbala is a form of:

While it has roots in earlier traditions, Kabbala mostly developed after the 12th century.


Do Wiccans believe in the devil?

So really: Wiccans aren't worshipping Satan, since they don't believe in the guy in the first place.


What's a warlock?

Men and women are both called witches in Wicca, as "warlocks" has a negative connotation traditionally.


Wiccans believe that doing harm will come back to them:

So be good, people.


The broom (or besom) is used for what in Wiccan culture?

Nobody is flying on a Wiccan broom, folks.


What does the term "skyclad" mean in Wiccan ritual?

Most covens and circles are going to make skyclad an option when performing rituals, and make sure everyone involved is comfortable with it.


Winter solstice is celebrated as:

It's the symbolic celebration of Goddess giving birth to the God.


How many Wiccan holidays are there?

Every couple months, a Wiccan holiday occurs.


The Wiccan Great Rite includes a:

Depending on the relationship of the participants, the union is usually just symbolic. (And private, if it's not.)


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