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Celebrate the joys of winter by applying your talents to adding wonderful winter décor to your home. Are you searching for some simple decorating ideas that reflect the style and charm of your unique personality? Get your creative juices flowing by taking this quiz.

What is one way to celebrate the blessings in your life during the winter holidays?

This is the time for you to let your décor reflect the joy in your life. Show people your spirit by adding tasteful color and charm to your home.


What can you do to give windows a wintry holiday look?

Lightly frosting with a snow spray instantly adds a nice tasteful winter look to your front windows. You can treat entire windows or simply highlight the sides or bottoms with spray.


What is a nice way to show off your frosted windows at night?

Placing electric candles at each window is a nice way to highlight your frosted window treatment. Electric candles are also safer than using real candles.


What is a good way to add a formal festive splash to your dinning area?

Certainly, any of these choices would add a colorful touch to the dining chairs, but a nice formal idea is to use red or gold satin bows.


What is a nice way to add focus and flare to the center of a table?

Once again, all three choices will add a nice touch to your holiday decorating. However, a clear glass bowl filled with colorful miniature ornaments is a long-lasting inexpensive choice.


What is an artistic way to bring seasonal decor to your table?

You can purchase inexpensive stemware and glass paint to make special glasses to decorate your table. Paint the stems with multicolor stripes, a holiday image or fill tem with layers of colored sand.


What is a good way to give photos or artwork a seasonal appeal?

Your friends and neighbors will be pleasantly surprised to see your decorating flair if you gift-wrap some of your artwork. You can adorn them complete with ribbon, bows and nametags.


What is a great way to entertain kids and feed the birds as well?

A fun way to entertain kids is to let them string garlands from popcorn that they can hang on trees. The garland will make a nice outdoor decoration and feed the birds at the same time.


How can kids add color to a popcorn garland they are making?

Alternating popcorn kernels and fruity cereal pieces is the cleanest and lest expensive choice. Although the food coloring will work, it is not recommended unless you want colorful children.


What is a nice natural and inexpensive way to decorate around your home?

You can spray the tips of pine cones and place them in bowls or decorative boxes in various places. Pinecones are best because boughs dry out quickly and real mistletoe can be poisonous.


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