Quiz: From Jimi Hendrix to The Who: The Woodstock Performers Quiz
From Jimi Hendrix to The Who: The Woodstock Performers Quiz
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Woodstock is the granddaddy of all music festivals. How much do you know about 1969's "three days of peace, love and music"? Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

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How many acts played Woodstock?
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Which band was the first to sign a Woodstock contract?
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How much money did Creedence Clearwater Revival make for playing Woodstock?
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What was the payment cap per artist?
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Which band made $15,000?
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Which artist made $30,000?
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Besides Creedence Clearwater Revival, which artist made $10,000?
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Who was the first artist to play at Woodstock?
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Who was the last artist to play at Woodstock?
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Which group was the lead-in to Jimi Hendrix?
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What was Jimi Hendrix's band?
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Who gave the opening speech and invocation at Woodstock?
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Which performer was six months pregnant at Woodstock?
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Social activist Abbie Hoffman famously interrupted The Who's performance immediately after what song?
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Which band was scheduled to play but didn't, reportedly because the promoters wouldn't give the members a helicopter?
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Which Woodstock act had the biggest hit song at the time of the festival?
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Which act had multiple songs in the Top 200 that week?
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John Sebastian, the lead singer of this band, was pulled out of the crowd for an impromptu acoustic performance.
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The theme song to this TV show ended up being Sebastian's biggest hit.
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Which band's set was cut short because of equipment problems?
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What was the last song of the Grateful Dead's set?
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After this performer's set on Sunday, there was a three-hour thunderstorm delay.
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How old was Michael Shrieve, the youngest performer at Woodstock?
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Which Woodstock band had a Top 40 hit with "Going Up the Country" in 1969?
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What was the name of Janis Joplin's band at Woodstock?
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Who went on "The Dick Cavett Show" in his muddy Woodstock clothes?
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Who claimed to have had LSD hallucinations on stage that made him think his guitar was a snake?
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This Woodstock band had a No. 1 and a No. 2 hit in 1969.
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Woodstock was only the second live show for this group.
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