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We may love our dogs for their devotion to us, but they're way more than just cuddly lap dogs. These four-legged companions are known to work as hard as — if not harder than — their human counterparts. Take the quiz to see if you can keep up!

Which of the following breeds is NOT part of the American Kennel Club's working-dog group?

The Great Dane and Doberman pinscher are both in the working-dog group, but the Australian shepherd is part of the herding group.


True or false: Working dogs are bred to perform a variety of jobs.

Working dogs perform all types of jobs, including guarding property, pulling sleds and performing water rescues.


Military dogs have officially worked alongside American troops since which war?

Since World War I the U.S. military has used dogs as scouts, trackers, and bomb detectors, and even to help improve troop morale.


True or false: Service dogs assist people with a variety of physical and mental disabilities.

Service dogs can assist the blind, the deaf and people with post-traumatic stress disorder, and they can even sense an impending medical event such as a seizure.


What type of canine handlers make up the majority of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Urban Search and Rescue teams?

FEMA's Urban Search and Rescue canine handlers comprise civilians, firefighters and police department members.


What types of dogs are NOT among the most commonly certified to be part of a FEMA Urban Search and Rescue team?

Even though bloodhounds are incredible tracking dogs, they aren't among the certified FEMA canines. Those include Labrador retrievers, German shepherds, Belgian Malinois, border collies and golden retrievers.


What role do canines play in urban search and rescue?

The canines use their incredible sense of smell to locate buried survivors during structural collapse incidents.


How many search and rescue dogs worked in the rubble at the World Trade Center after 9/11?

No one knows exactly how many working dogs were in New York, but at least 300 helped find survivors in the rubble and, later, found personal items that were returned to victims’ families.


True or false: Most urban search and rescue dogs wear booties to protect their paws while on the job.

Very few search dogs actually wear booties, despite the hazards. The dogs need to perform what is called a "soft walk" where they splay their paws for maximum traction.


The Bernese mountain dog is typically considered what type of working dog?

Bernese mountain dogs are typical herding dogs and are trained to use their natural predatory skills without actually recognizing the livestock as prey.


What job is the Newfoundland dog known for?

Newfoundlands excel at water rescue, thanks to their large stature, powerful muscles, waterproof coat and webbed toes, which all enable the dogs to power through the water with ease.


True or false: The bloodhound was originally bred for hunting deer and wild boar.

Even though these large scent hounds are used primarily for tracking today, they were originally bred for hunting deer and wild boar.


True or false: Beagles are the U.S. Agriculture Department's preferred breed to sniff out plants and animal products in luggage and carry-on items arriving on international flights.

The USDA uses the "Beagle Brigade" at airports across the country because of the dogs' keen sense of smell, nonthreatening size, high food drive and gentle disposition.


What dog breeds are the most commonly used for police dogs?

The most popular breeds are German shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Dutch shepherds and, occasionally, mixes of these breeds.


What other dog breeds do police agencies often use?

Police agencies often use Labrador retrievers for narcotics and explosives detection, evidence discovery and search and rescue. Bloodhounds are used for tracking, trailing and other scent work as well.


Guide dogs must know to disobey any command that would put their handler in danger. What is this ability called?

When a guide dog deems a command from its handler is unsafe, it will refuse the command. This is known as intelligent disobedience.


True or false: Therapy dogs go with their owners to volunteer in settings such as schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

Therapy dogs provide all sorts of assistance, from working with a child who is learning to read to visiting assisted living housing, and they should not be confused with service dogs.


True or false: Five canine therapy dogs comforted grieving victims in the days after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

Three golden retrievers from Chicago joined two retrievers in Boston who also worked with families and students after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.


What type of sled dogs run the annual March race known as the Iditarod?

Most of the dogs are Alaskan huskies or huskies. A few of the mushers have Siberian huskies.


This working dog breed has existed for more than 400 years to serve as a boar hound in Germany.

That's actually the huge Great Dane.


True or false: An arson dog is trained to sniff out minute traces of accelerants that may have been used to start a fire.

These dogs — all Labrador retrievers — go through extensive training before becoming certified accelerant-detection canines.


When was the Arson Dog Program established?

The State Farm Arson Dog Program was created in 1993.


Dogs have been used to assist man with hunting for centuries. Which of the following breeds is NOT considered a hunting dog?

Both the fox terrier and Spanish water dog are considered hunters, but the Alaskan husky is a sled dog.


Where are U.S. military working dogs and handlers trained?

All military working dogs and their handlers are trained at the 341st Training Squadron located at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.


What act mandated the return of retiring military working dogs to U.S. soil and that the first rights of adoption go to former handlers and their families?

Prior to the passage of 2016 National Defense Authorization Act, some military dogs were retired overseas, making them civilians and therefore ineligible for transport home on military aircraft.


Which is the most decorated war dog in history?

Sgt. Stubby saved an entire company from a sarin gas attack in World War I. He also met three presidents.


A bloodhound's nose contains approximately how many million scent receptors?

Researchers have estimated that a bloodhound's nose consists of approximately 230 million olfactory cells, or scent receptors — 40 times the number in humans.


Which of the following breeds is NOT part of the American Kennel Club's working group?

While the vizsla is most definitely a working dog — it's a dedicated hunting dog — it's listed in the American Kennel Club's sporting group, not working group.


What U.S. city was the first to use K-9 officers?

New York was the first city to use K-9 officers in 1907.


True or false: Dogs also serve in the U.S. military's special operations forces.

The SEALs reportedly took a dog with them on the Osama bin Laden raid in Pakistan.


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