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From the same country that brought you the Palm Islands, behold the World Islands, a massive luxury oceanfront project. How much do you know about this extraordinary engineering adventure? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the archipelago.

The World Islands project is being constructed near the coast of which country?

The United Arab Emirates is a tiny country with enormous financial wealth.

From an aerial perspective, the World Islands are supposed to look like what?

However, the rendering of the world map is pretty inaccurate.

About how many islands make up the project?

Each of the 300 islands is man-made.

How far off of the Dubai coast are the World Islands?

Two and a half miles is definitely too far too swim.

When did construction on the islands begin?

Construction began in 2003, but most of the islands have not been developed.

Nakheel Properties is the developer behind the islands. What does Nakheel mean in Arabic?

Fittingly, the company also oversees the huge Palm Island developments near the World Islands.

What construction technique is the foundation for the World Islands?

Engineers take sand from the seafloor to create the islands through dredging.

Why did construction on the World Islands project almost come to a complete halt?

The financial crisis spared no one, not even the oil barons.

How do developers build up sand to create each island?

The guns are placed on large ships, and they use GPS to spray the sand accurately.

What's the minimum square footage for each island?

One hundred fifty thousand square feet is more than 3.5 acres.

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum holds which position?

The emir of Dubai and his government have been heavily involved in the country's audacious engineering projects

Developers of the European portion of the islands are selling houses called what?

The floating seahorses, which have windowed, underwater bedrooms, are meant to float around the European area.

About how many research hours were put into the floating seahorse homes?

Thirteen thousand research hours is certain to reassure buyers that their pricey home won't spring a leak.

The island representation of which country was the first to open a nightclub?

The nightclub opened in 2012 on the island representation of Lebanon.

In addition to the World Islands, Nakheel Properties envisioned another project named …

The Universe was supposed to be shaped like the Milky Way but was canceled due to the global financial crisis.

The company that's building a resort on the North American section of islands is from which country?

It's actually the same entity from the UAE (Nakheel Properties) that launched the entire project.

In 2006, the World Wildlife Fund called the UAE's extravagance about how many times more unsustainable than any other country's?

The World Wildlife Fund said the UAE's extravagance is five times more unsustainable than any other country's. Along with Greenpeace, the organization argued that the artificial islands are disruptive to natural processes.

On average, about how far apart are each of the private islands?

Three hundred thirty feet is more than enough space to drive a yacht through.

How do contractors ensure that the sandy islands are solid enough to support buildings?

The vibro compaction technology was also used for the Palm Islands.

What does "rainbowing" refer to?

The arc of the spraying sand takes on the shape of a rainbow.

When completed, the project will have created about how much artificial shoreline?

One hundred fifty miles of shoreline is a lot of beach dredged up from nowhere.

How do engineers prevent water stagnation within the confines of the island group?

They leave gaps in the breakwater. The tide helps pull and push water in and out of the project.

In February 2010, the Daily Mail claimed that what was happening to the islands?

Considering the way the project stalled, it's likely that some erosion occurred.

What's the diameter of the pipe used to suction sand from the seafloor for the purpose of building up the islands?

The 3-foot diameter pipe is big enough to quickly suction tons of sand.

How do developers direct electrical power to their individual islands?

The cables from Dubai haven't materialized, so developers are currently forced to use huge generators.

How deep is the water in which the project is being built?

If it were any deeper than 30 feet, the project would be even more difficult.

About how much sand was used to create the islands?

And that 330 million cubic meters doesn't even factor in the millions of tons of rock that were used.

About how far do the dredging ships travel from the place they dig up sand to the location of the islands they are building?

The ships travel about 6 miles. They snag sand from the seafloor just outside the boundaries of the World Islands.

What prevents the sandy islands from washing away in the ocean currents?

The rocky breakwater stifles most incoming waves.

About how long is the breakwater?

It's abut 17 miles long. More than 30 million tons of rock were required to build this necessary feature.

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