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Unlike some categories of world record, Internet records tend to be fleeting. You could be the toast of the World Wide Web one day and be virtually forgotten the next. Take the quiz now to learn about current world records in the Internet.

What's the oldest site on the Internet? was registered on March 15, 1985, making it the oldest domain name out there. And it's still chugging away -- although it clearly hasn't been redesigned since 1985.


What was the world's first widely used Internet browser?

Mosaic, which was released in 1993, was the first browser with a graphical interface. It caused a real explosion in the popularity of the Internet, but it was soon overtaken by Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer.


What's the most popular site on the Internet, according to

The mighty Google is No. 1, of course. As of June 2009, says that about 32 percent of Internet users land there every day.


Also according to, in mid-June 2009, what site passed YouTube and took over third place in the traffic rankings?

Facebook continues its meteoric rise -- some contend that it could pass Google by early 2010.


What's the most-viewed YouTube video of all time?

It's the "Evolution of Dance" video, which has been viewed more than 121 million times. So is that guy now trapped into performing that dance for the rest of his life?


What country creates more spam than any other country?

Ah, yes -- it's the good ol' US of A. About 28 percent of all spam originated here in the third quarter of 2007. Don't you feel proud?


What country opened the first virtual embassy?

In 2007, Sweden created a virtual copy of its embassy on the online game Second Life. It's a replica of the Swedish embassy in Washington, D.C., and visitors can "fly" around the building, checking out exhibits and attending lectures. No virtual visas, though.


How much did British woman Jo Collins win in the biggest online bingo win in 2006?

Collins had been playing online at for five days when she finally won €162,701 ($283,099).


The citizens of which country do the most illegal music downloading?

In 2007, a full 99 percent of all digital music files in China were pirated. The country of 1.3 billion spent only $76 million on legal downloads that year.


According to the 2009 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records, who was the most-searched person on the Internet?

Britney wins. Of course, the stats were for 2007, her personal "annus horribilis," so things have probably changed since she's been lying (relatively) low. Maybe it's someone more respectable now -- Barack Obama, maybe. … Naaah.


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