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Religious beliefs are in no short supply on our globe. From atheism to Zoroastrianism, you're probably guaranteed to find your flavor of worship -- or lack thereof. Learn about some lesser known traditions, and test your knowledge of the big ones.

What is one way Jainism differs from Buddhism and Hinduism?

Jainism is its own religion, with roughly four million adherents, mostly in India.


Charles Taze Russell is the founder of what modern religion?

The group was started as the International Bible Students Association in 1872.


What religion doesn't have a founder or a primary text?

Shinto beliefs center around religious practices and not necessarily a figure or sacred writings.


Shinto is mostly found where?

Shinto is a part of Japanese culture and history.


What is a core concept of Shinto?

Kami are spiritual beings, forces and elements that can influence (and be influenced by) the world and people.


Sikhism is also referred to as:

Gurmat means "the way of the Guru" in Punjabi.


When was Sikhism founded?

A relatively new religion, in the grand scheme of things.


Which of these is a sacrament of the Roman Catholic church?

Anointing of the sick is a sacrament that happens for those gravely ill or dying.


Which are the two Lutheran sacraments?

Baptism and the Eucharist are the only two sacraments in Lutheranism.


When did Wicca organize into a religious group?

While occult religions have been around for a long time, Wicca only established itself as a religion in the mid-20th century.


What is the Wiccan Rede (or basic statement of belief)?

There's not a single interpretation of the Rede, but it generally is accepted as a kind of Golden Rule.


Which religion was formed first?

Zoroastrianism has been around since the 6th century B.C.E.


Where is Candomblé mainly practiced?

Incorporating African and Catholic beliefs, Candomblé got its start in Brazilian slave communities.


In Islamic tradition, who narrated the Qur'an to Muhammad?

Although the Qur'an is considered the direct word of God in Islam, it was Gabriel who recited it to Muhammad.


What is traditionally considered the highest caste in the Hindu system?

Brahmins were traditionally priests and intellectuals.


In Buddhism, there are Four Noble Truths. What is one of them?

Dukkha is the truth of misery or suffering as the natural state of existence.


The Ba'hai faith believes that what religion is true and valid?

Ba'hai believers find that each religion was another, evolving stage in the word of God.


Ba'hai religion is also devoted to:

Ba'hai is devoted to the humanity of all people.


In Christian Eastern Orthodox tradition, God is:

God is best described as what God isn't, not by what God is.


Santeria developed in:

Although African slaves brought their religious beliefs to Cuba, it was with the mingling of these beliefs and Catholicism that Santeria developed.


Rastafarian tradition promises that someday Rastas will:

For many Rastas, Ethiopia is seen as Zion.


What holiday is celebrated by both Hindus and Sikhs?

The Festival of Lights is celebrated by both Indian religions.


The Middle Eastern Yazidi religion does NOT include elements of:

It also incorporates elements of Islam.


What is a central Yazidi belief?

This has given Yazidis the (mistaken) reputation for devil-worship. But unlike Judeo-Christian traditions of Satan, the angel they worship was forgiven and returned to heaven.


In Mormon teaching, Joseph Smith had a vision of an angel named what?

Moroni told Joseph Smith that there were golden plates buried in a nearby hill that contained the word of God.


Native American religion:

Native American tribes have a myriad of origin stories, beliefs and spiritual practices.


In Islam, Adam is:

As opposed to a Christian view of Adam, wherein he is responsible for original sin and punished.


In the Sikh religion, God is:

What's more, Sikh belief holds that God has no form at all.


Taoism says that yin and yang represents:

Instead of being at war, Taoism says that yin and yang represents working together, and unity.


Some Buddhists also practice:

There is no God in Buddhism.


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