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Conventional military forces aren't always useful in today's diverse global conflicts. How much do you know about the special forces of the world?

Romania's Special Operation Forces can be deployed anywhere on the planet in about how much time?

They can take on just about any special mission you can imagine.


Which unit is well-known for its love of the Smith & Wesson 686 revolver?

The weapon isn't automatic but it also doesn't have a moving slide, which can be problematic in some scenarios.


Which American special forces team killed Osama bin Laden?

SEAL Team Six will be forever remembered for its daring raid to slay the terrorist.


The Jagdkommando is a special forces unit in which country?

Only about a quarter of trainees make it past the first part of the selection process.


India's NSG members are sometimes known as what?

They sometimes wear all-black uniforms that give them a menacing appearance.


Germany's Spezialeinsatzkommando is abbreviated as what?

The team draws comparison's to America's SWAT units.


When did Afghanistan's Commandos first come into existence?

They were created with the help of the U.S., France and other coalition militaries.


How many men make up a team in Germany's GSG-9?

This branch of the military was formed in response to the Munich Olympics hostage crisis.


Malaysia's Grup Gerak Khas uses an insignia featuring which animal?

The tiger design also features a bayonet; the group's motto is "Fast and Agile."


Germany's GSG-9 first gained fame for retaking a hijacked jetliner in which country?

Hijackers landed the Lufthansa plane in Mogadishu, where GSG-9 stormed the plane and saved all of the passengers.


How many men make up the Gruppo di Intervento Special?

This elite Italian force is small but fearsome.


Austria's Eko Cobra unit was formed in response to what event?

The Cobra unit has been involved in high-profile hostage rescues, among other difficult missions.


The "Devils of Kildare" serve in the special forces of which country?

They are Ireland's Army Ranger Wing, which probably has around 150 men trained for the toughest missions.


Which special forces took part in a mission code named "Operation Storm-333?"

It was a Soviet mission that killed Afghanistan's president, Hafizullah Amin.


Pakistan's Special Service Group has teams made up of how many men?

In all, there are more than 5,000 of these special soldiers serving in this tumultuous region.


When were the Iraqi Special Operations Forces established?

They were created by coalition forces shortly after Saddam Hussein was ousted.


What is the "Fan Dance?"

As part of an intense fitness test, the "Dance" takes soldiers on a 15-mile hike through the mountains.


"The Unseen and Silent" is the nickname for which special forces group?

The group's motto is "Strength and Honor for You, Fatherland!"


The Philippines Special Action Force has received hostage rescue training from which American organization?

Their jobs don't end with hostage rescue, though, because they're expected to perform all sorts of dangerous missions.


Romania's special forces are called the DSPI, which stands for what?

This tiny rapid-reaction force has been active since around 1990.


What is the dropout rate for Pakistan's SSG training?

Some people regard SSG's training as the most brutal in the world.


From which country does the SAS hail?

Many special forces from around the world model their training and procedures on SAS protocol.


Since it was first created, about how many hostages has France's GIGN rescued?

The GIGN has been a part of more than 1,000 missions since its inception.


The Special Actions Detachment is a special forces team that’s part of which branch of the Portuguese military?

All DAE members come from this country's Marines.


Germany's GSG-9 unit has reportedly conducted more than 1,500 missions and only fired weapons how many times?

The idea is that they are so effective that they don't even need to shoot people to win.


The Kopassus is the special forces unit for which country?

There are about 2,500 of these men; they wear red berets that make them instantly recognizable.


Which country's special forces use primarily weapons manufactured by Steyr?

You can sometimes spot these forces thanks to their maroon berets.


"Who Dares Wins" is the motto for which special force team?

And more often than not, the SAS does win, thanks to their best-on-Earth preparation.


Brazil's BOPE unit specializes in what?

BOPE is often used to stop weapons trafficking and other tasks too specialized for regular military.


The Grupo Aeromovil de Fuerzas Especiales del Alto Mando is a special forces team for which country?

They are Mexico's version of the U.S. Delta Force, so there's very little public information about this "especial" force.


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