Quiz: The World War II Quiz
The World War II Quiz
By: Staff
Image: Wiki Commons by Robert F. Sargent

About This Quiz

It was the war that saw the greatest generation defend freedom for generations to follow. It was the war that galvanized the legacies of iconic leaders such as Churchill, FDR and Patton. Involving more than 16 million U.S. troops, World War II included around 70 million soldiers across Europe and the Pacific. It was a time marked with heroism and tragedy.

We all know the major events. The invasions of Poland and Paris, the bombings of Great Britain and Pearl Harbor ("a date which will live in infamy") together with conflicts such as D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge are depicted in countless films, miniseries and books. Every year, tourists flock to historic sites and monuments to remember those who served. But these were not actors on movie sets; these were real people who joined together, sacrificed and are remembered today as heroes.

Whether you're a history professor or just an amateur enthusiast, if you consider yourself a World War II buff, be sure to test your WWII IQ against our quiz.

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