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Ever watch "Animal House"? Remember the major food fight in the cafeteria? Well, if you thought that was major, you've seen nothing until you've been at the La Tomatino Tomato Fight, the world's largest food fight.

Where does the world's biggest food fight take place?

The world's biggest food fight, the La Tomatino, takes place in Bunol, Spain, near Valencia.


How many participants does the fight attract?

The fight usually attracts some 30,000 participants. There is usually nowhere to stay in crowded Bunol, so book a hotel in nearby Valencia.


On what day of the week does the fight take place?

The fight takes place on Wednesday between noon and 1 p.m.


What signals the beginning and end of the food fight?

A firecracker signals the beginning and end of the food fight. Participants are expected to be extremely respectful of the time limits and there have been no abusers of this throughout the years.


In what year does legend say the fight began?

Legend has it that a tomato fight broke out during a 1945 town parade, when some kids knocked the headpiece off a man's costume. The next year, the kids reenacted it and the tradition took on.


How many people live in Bunol?

Bunol has a population of 9,000. Although residents initially resisted the food fight, once they saw the fame it brought to their little town, they relented.


What is an unofficial rule about how to throw the tomatoes?

The unofficial rule is that you must crush the tomato before you throw it. Another unofficial rule is not to wear flip flops and not to remove your shirt during the fight.


How many pounds of tomatoes are used in the fight?

Some 200,000 pounds (99,790 kilograms) of tomatoes are supplied by the "Los Clavarios de San Luis Bertran" for the fight.


How are the tomatoes cleaned up?

The tomatoes are hosed down into the sewer system. Locals, shop owners and fire fighters all chip into the hosing job, using private hoses and those from the fire trucks.


What is one thing to be aware of at the food fight?

You should be aware that there are no spectators at this fight, only participants, so bring a spare change of clothes and be prepared to leave very red.


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