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Think you are an expert when it comes to historical warfare? WWI pitted the Axis Powers or Central Powers, against the Allied Powers. The Axis Powers were the German Empire, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria. The main players of the Allied Powers were France, the British Empire, and Russia, who fought from the very beginning of the war. Ultimately, there were many countries involved on each side, with the U.S. joining the Allies at the very end of the war. It was truly the first global conflict on this massive scale. 

The events and results of World War I set World War II in motion. The main Allies in World War II were Russia, China, America, and the United Kingdom. The Axis Powers were comprised mainly of Germany, Italy, and Japan. These wars changed the world forever, and are still objects of discussion, controversy, and study to this day. They were the first wars to truly involve global cooperation and global devastation. They were fought throughout the Americas, Eurasia, and the world's oceans. They set the stage for the next 100 years of geopolitical triumphs, failures, and problems.  

If you are a war buff who knows World War I and World War II inside and out, see if you know which Axis loss happened during which war with this quiz!  

During which war did the famous Battle of Normandy occur?

The Battle of Normandy is also known as Operation Overlord and D-Day. Allies from North America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania were victorious over Germany in this famous 1944 battle.


The Battle of Megiddo occurred during which war?

This battle was the last British offensive in the Sinai and Palestine Campaign. The Brits combined cavalry, infantry, artillery, armored vehicles and aircraft to beat the Ottoman Turks. This contributed to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.


Did the Battle of Okinawa happen during WWI or WWII?

This 1945 battle was the last major Pacific Campaign battle of WWII. America was victorious over Japan.


When did the Battle of Britain take place?

The Battle of Britain was fought from the summer to fall of 1940. Britain's victory saved the U.K. from Nazi invasion.


The Battle of Bologna was fought during which war?

The Battle of Bologna occurred in April 1945. It was part of the Spring 1945 Offensive in Italy and an Allied victory.


Did Operation Torch take place during World War I or World War II?

Operation Torch was an Allied invasion of French North Africa. It was ultimately a victory for the Allies and marked the first time that Americans witnessed the horrors of the Holocaust firsthand.


The First Battle of the Marne occurred at the beginning of which war?

At the start of WWI, Germany hoped to avoid fighting on two fronts by taking care of France and the United Kingdom before setting their sites on Russia. They failed to defeat the French at the First Battle of the Marne, which led to a two-front war.


The Battle of the Atlantic was a part of which war?

The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest battle of WWII, lasting from 1939-1945. It was a six-year naval battle leading to an Allied victory.


When was the Battle of Jutland fought?

The Battle of Jutland was the largest naval battle of the First World War. It pitted the U.K. and German armies against each other. While it was not a decisive loss or victory for either side, it secured British naval dominance, which allowed the British to create the blockade which would strangle Germany and ultimately help to end the war in 1918.


During which war was the Battle of Verdun fought?

The Battle of Verdun was the longest battle of World War I, lasting throughout most of 1916. Collectively, French and German forces lost almost 1 million men over the course of this single battle, even though it ended with an Allied victory.


The Siege of Malta occurred during _____.

The Siege of Malta lasted from 1940-1942. Ultimately, this British colony was successfully defended by the Allies.


Was the Naval Battle of Casablanca part of WWI or WWII?

The Naval Battle of Casablanca was between American and Moroccan French troops.The Moroccan French troops ultimately surrendered.


The Brusilov Offensive happened during ____.

Named for Commander Aleksei Brusilov, this was one of the most successful breakthroughs of the First World War. It was Russia's last major success in World War I. The Russians then faced weakening, revolution, and the collapse of their army.


Operation Diadem was part of which war?

Operation Diadem was fought in Italy in 1944. This Allied victory is also known as the Fourth Battle of Monte Cassino.


Operation Barbarossa occurred during __________.

In this 1941 campaign, Germany tried, and failed, to capture Leningrad and Moscow. Their invasion of Russia was the largest invasion force in history.


When was the Battle of Amiens?

The Battle of Amiens was the start of a four-month campaign of Allied successes. The strategies and tools used in this battle and over the course of this campaign were important to modern warfare.


Was the Battle of Stalingrad part of WWI or WWII?

This battle occurred from 1942-1943. This Russian victory is considered World War II's major turning point in favor of the Allies.


Do you know when the Battle of Cer took place?

The Battle of Cer occurred in 1914 when Austria-Hungary attempted to invade Serbia. It was a victory for Serbia, the first Allied victory of World War I, and the battle during which the first aerial dogfight of the war took place.


Operation Lumberjack occurred during _____________.

Operation Lumberjack was a 1945 military operation led by the U.S. to capture the west bank of the Rhine River. The ​U.S. and Belgian forces captured it and the Ludendorff Bridge.


Which war was the Allied Invasion of Sicily a part of?

The Allied Invasion of Sicily was a massive campaign during which the Allies took Sicily from the Axis Powers. It is also known as Operation Husky.


The Second Battle of Kut was fought during _____.

This battle was fought in Kut, Mesopotamia, what would later become Iraq. It pitted soldiers from British India against the Ottoman Empire, which ended with an Allied victory.


Was the Battle of Midway part of WWI or WWII?

In this 1942 battle, Japan sought to defeat America and gain dominance in the Pacific. They were ultimately unsuccessful.


Did the famous Battle of Berlin happen at the end of WWI or WWII?

This 1945 battle was the end of the Third Reich. Stalin and the Red Army rushed in to capture Berlin with more than 1 million troops before American forces arrived. They destroyed Berlin and massacred more than 50,000 people. Hitler committed suicide.


The Battle of Messines (1917) occurred during _____.

The 1917 Battle of Messines was fought in Flanders between The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the German Empire. At the end of this battle, the Allies captured the Messines–Wytschaete Ridge.


When was the Battle of the Bulge fought?

The Battle of the Bulge was fought from 1944-1945. It was the last major offensive of the Germans on the Western front and ended with an Allied victory.


Do you know during which war the Battle of Marasesti was fought?

The 1917 Battle of Marasesti was the last major battle of World War I. It was between the German Empire and the Kingdom of Romania. This Allied victory kept the northeastern part of Romania free from occupation.


The Battle of Galicia was fought during ________.

This battle was fought in 1914, at the beginning of WWI. This Allied victory led to a nine-month occupation of Eastern Galicia by Russia.


The Western Desert Campaign was part of which war?

The Western Desert Campaign, or Desert War, was fought from 1940-1943. It was fought in the deserts of Egypt and Libya in North Africa.


During which war did the Battle of Pilckem Ridge take place?

The Battle of Pilckem Ridge was the starting attack of the Third Battle of Ypres during WWI. It was a gain for British and French forces against the Germans.


Do you know when the Battle of Hill 70 happened?

This battle was fought between German forces and the Canadian Corps in 1917. Despite an Allied victory, casualties were heavy due to the use of poison gas.


Operation Vulcan was a part of which war?

Operations Vulcan and Strike were the final ground attack by the Allies against Italy and Germany during the Tunisia Campaign. It ended with the surrender of Axis troops.


When did the Battle of the Menin Road Ridge take place?

The 1917 Battle of the Menin Road Ridge was a general attack by the British Empire. Allied forces, including the United Kingdom, Newfoundland, South Africa, and Australia, fought against the Central Powers, including Bavaria, Prussia, and Saxony.


The Battle of Beersheba occurred during ____.

This battle was fought in 1917 in Ottoman Syria. The British Empire, including the United Kingdom, India, Southern Rhodesia, New Zealand, and Australia, were victorious over the Ottoman and German empires.


Operation Retribution was part of which war?

Operation Retribution occurred in 1943. It was the successful plan by the Allies to prevent Axis troops from being evacuated from Tunisia to Sicily.


Do you know when the Battle of Konigsberg took place?

This battle occurred in April of 1945. Soviet forces successfully captured the city of Konigsberg, which today is Kaliningrad, Russia.


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