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If you're between the ages of 18 and 35, you might be a fan of extreme sports. What is so fascinating about this area of sport and just what sports are considered extreme? Are extreme sport competitions as prestigious as the Olympic Games? Take this quiz and learn more about the X Games.

Which of these might explain the current generation's interest in extreme sports?

The interest in extreme sports might be attributed to the age of MTV and the Internet, whose fans want action and speed in a sport.


ESPN _____ Ron Semiao first dreamed up an Olympics on speed.

Ron Semiao was ESPN's programming executive and it was he who first dreamed up the idea of extreme Olympics.


Semiao's idea of extreme sports included what sport?

Skateboarding was one of his ideas, along with inline skating and street luge.


When was the first four-day Extreme Games festival held?

It was held in June 1995 and it included 27 extreme sports events.


How do we know that X Games were very popular by 2002?

Aside from prominent media coverage and increasing X Games events, more than 63 million viewers were glued to their TV sets to watch this new Olympics.


How often were the original X Games intended to be held?

They were intended to be held every two years, although now there is a Winter X Games and a Summer X Games every year.


What was the location of the Summer X Games until 2009?

The Summer X Games took place in Los Angeles, California. The Winter X Games, meanwhile, took place in Aspen, Colorado.


What happens during the Big Air event?

In this event, skiers ski off a big ramp at high speed while doing stunts in mid-air.


What is the reward for first, second and third places?

The first, second and third prize winners earn gold, silver and bronze medals like at the Olympics.


In an effort to compete against the increasingly popular X Games, what did the Olympic Games add to its repertoire in 1998?

The Olympic Games introduced snowboarding as a new event in 1998.


What has made Shaun Palmer the king of snowboarding?

Shaun Palmer has won the most gold medals in Winter X Games than any other athlete in X Games history.


Which red-headed athlete has won both skateboarding and snowboarding competitions?

Shaun White's remarkable achievements were noted in 2003, when he became the first person to compete in both the summer and winter games in two different sports.


Fabiola Da Silva is the first woman to perform a backflip in competition. What is her country of origin?

Fabiola Da Silva is Brazilian.


What ESPN event is named for Tony Hawk?

The ESPN event in his name is the Tony Hawk's Gigantic Skatepark Tour.


Not only did Andy Macdonald win 17 medals, but he is also the first person to have:

Andy Macdonald is the only person to have ever been granted the opportunity to skate inside the White House.


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