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Xeritown is a green village planned in the United Arab Emirates. Is an environmentally-friendly village in the desert really a possibility? Take this quiz to test your knowledge about the plans for Xeritown.

Where is Xeritown to be located?

Xeritown will be located on the outskirts of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The community is planned to be built on a plot of desert consisting of 59 hectares.


What is the highest daily temperature in the area where Xeritown will sit?

Temperatures in the Xeritown area can reach as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius) in the daytime. It's a genuine challenge to build livable dwellings in the desert with temperatures that are so hot.


How much average rainfall do most deserts receive?

The average rainfall in most of the world’s deserts is about 15 inches (38.1 centimeters) per year. This explains why almost nothing grows in the deserts and why sandstorms are frequent.


What is a common name given to people that spend their lives in the desert without special buildings?

Nomads are noted for spending their lives in the desert. They generally live in tents and tend to drift across the desert much like the sands.


On what do nomads rely for sustenance?

Nomads raise small herds of livestock on semiarid land that they find in the desert. It's a meager living, which causes them to be constantly on the move to compensate for the constantly changing environment.


What is the principal behind the design of the proposed Xeritown?

The goal in the design of Xeritown is take advantage of the desert environment to make the area enjoyable to live in without using massive amounts of energy. Other desert cities are criticized for their excessive use of energy with little regard for the environment.


What is xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping focuses on using drought-resistant plants that are planted in a way that makes efficient use of as little water as possible.


What is another aspect of xeriscaping that people?

Xeriscaping requires little care or intervention because plants are planted in a similar fashion to the way a natural forest or meadow grows, which certainly are beautiful without any help from humans.


What will make Xeritown different from any other city located in an arid environment?

Xeritown will use natural and fabricated solutions to promote a low-energy cooling effect. Architects plan to use nature to provide as much cooling as possible.


How do the architects plan to cool Xeritown naturally and without using excessive amounts of energy from fossil fuels?

The buildings in Xeritown will be designed on a north-south axis so the cool air from the Persian Gulf will be naturally sucked between the buildings. People on the street will feel a cool breeze most of the time.


How will hot winds be dealt with in Xeritown?

Buildings and towers in Xeritown will be low-rise and built at an angle facing the desert that is designed to push hot desert air up and over the town. Residents should only be exposed to cool gulf breezes.


How do architects plan to shade the streets, sidewalks and parks?

Groupings of giant flat circles described as looking similar to lily pads will hang over the sidewalks in areas that are not shaded by buildings. There will not be any palm trees since they require a lot of water and energy to maintain.


How do architects plan to light the streets in Xeritown?

The plan is for all street lighting to make use of dimmable light-emitting diodes. Light-emitting diodes are energy-efficient, and the lights are dimmed late at night, saving even more electricity.


Where will water come from to maintain the plants used for xeriscaping?

Water for watering xeriscaping will come from grey water and industrialized wastewater. Plants will be watered with treated water from washing clothes, sinks, baths and showers that is piped separately from sewage.


What was the percentage rate of economic growth in 2007 that made Dubai famous the world over?

Dubai had an incredible economic growth rate of 16 percent in 2007. That was enough to account for the world’s highest growth rate, almost double that of the next closest competitor, China.


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