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Just like age, recommended reading levels are no more than a number. These books may be appropriate for kids, or written for teens, but they also offer plenty of entertainment and wisdom for adults. Take our quiz to see how much you know about novels you'll love whether you're 8 or 80.

What was the name of the pig in "Charlotte's Web?"

Wilbur was some pig in the classic E.B. White novel. Whether you're reading it for the first time or the tenth, the bittersweet story is sure to bring a tear to your eye.


Which beloved character did A.A. Milne write about?

Milne based the stories about the silly old bear on tales he told to his own son Christopher, who had a beloved toy he called Winnie the Pooh. The books date back to 1926, but still appeal to kids and adults alike.


What does the Tuck family do to ensure everlasting life in "Tuck Everlasting?"

Natalie Babbitt's "Tuck Everlasting," in which the Tuck family can live forever by drinking from a certain stream, is pure entertainment for kids, but the idea of everlasting life brings a deeper meaning for older readers.


What are your chances for success, according to Dr. Seuss?

In the grad-gift favorite "Oh, the Places You'll Go," readers are guaranteed with 98.75 percent success that they'll succeed. With such great odds, it's no wonder this kid's book is such a hit with the grown-up set.


What book is also called "How Toys Become Real?"

Margery Williams much-loved 1922 children's title "The Velveteen Rabbit" tells the tale of a sick little boy and a plush rabbit who wishes to be real.


What is the name of the treasure-guarding dragon in "The Hobbit?"

In J.R.R. Tolkien's 1937 epic, Bilbo Baggins and friends try to reclaim a treasure held by the dragon Smaug.


What is the name of the young star of "Where the Wild Things Are?"

Young Max takes readers young and old into his imagination in the 1963 Maurice Sendak favorite.


Who is NOT one of the Pevensie children in the Narnia series?

In the best-known of the Narnia books, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe," Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie travel through the wardrobe to Narnia, where they meet the White Witch.


What young girl is featured in "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn?"

Betty Smith's 1943 novel "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" tells the story of Francie Smith, a young girl struggling to excel in a time when Brooklyn was more tenement housing than hipster haven.


Who played Katniss in the movie version of "The Hunger Games?"

If you liked the movies starring Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, pick up the books by Suzanne Collins, which feature a richer, more complex story than anything you saw on screen.


What year was the very first Harry Potter book published?

The first book in J.K. Rowling's wonderful wizarding series hit stores in the UK in 1997. While it's marketed at children, the magical tales appeal to people of all ages.


Who reveals to Harry that he is actually a wizard?

Hagrid comes to Harry on his 11th birthday to hand him an invitation to Hogwarts. Whether you're 7 or 70, a few hours with one of the Harry Potter books might leave you wistful for your own invitation to wizard school.


Who came first -- Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn?

Mark Twain's classic 1876 novel "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" came 8 years before its sequel, "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," which was published in 1884. Both take readers of all ages back to the simple days of childhood.


What is the name of the young female star of "The Book Thief?"

In Markus Zusak's 2005 novel, young Liesel Meminger becomes a hero that anyone can relate to as she struggles to preserve books during the dawn of the Nazi regime.


What were the aliens called in "Ender's Game?"

Ender is tasked with saving humanity from the Formic, or buggers, in the 1985 Orson Scott Card sci-fi classic.


What year was "A Wrinkle in Time" published?

The time-bending novel, the first in a series of five by Madeleine L'Engle, came out in 1962. The last in the series, "An Acceptable Time," wasn't published until 1989.


How many books are in the Chronicles of Narnia series?

Loved "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" as a kid? It's only the second in a series of seven books about the magical world of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.


What year was "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" published?"

The Lewis Carroll classic came out in 1865. If you loved the movies, or read the original book as a kid, you may be excited to learn that there's also a sequel -- "Alice Through the Looking Glass."


What does the little prince have to do to go back to his planet?

In the Antoine de Saint-Exupery classic "The Little Prince," the title character allows a snake to bite him so he can return home. The illustrations appeal to kids, but it's the deeper meaning behind the story that will draw in adults.


Who wrote "The Giver?"

Lowry's 1993 dystopian novel "The Giver" is a solid story for kids, but a read-through as an adult reveals details that may go over a child's head, like stirrings and the concept of release.


Where is Sheila Turnage's "Three Times Lucky" set?

The Newberry Honor winner transports readers of all ages to Tupelo Landing, North Carolina, where Mo and Dale solve a murder mystery in a setting that's all about the South.


What was "Anne of Green Gables" last name?

The plucky Anne Shirley with her bright red hair has been making readers smile since 1908.


What 1911 novel was written by Frances Hodgson Burnett?

Both children and adults will enjoy exploring the locked garden with young Mary Lennox, who survives tragedy only to end up living with a bereaved and largely absent uncle.


Who is the narrator of "The Handmaid's Tale?"

Margaret Atwood's 1985 novel tells of a woman named Offred who is forced to bear children for wealthy men in a land called Gilead. It's a gripping story for readers young and old.


Which of these authors penned "Number the Stars?"

In addition to "The Giver," Lois Lowry also wrote "Number the Stars," a young adult novel set in Nazi Denmark that speaks to readers of all ages.


Which creature ends up in prison in "The Wind in the Willows?"

Thanks to his reckless driving, Toad serves a spell in jail before he manages to escape in the 1908 classic by Kenneth Grahame.


Who is the narrator of "The Catcher in the Rye?"

J.D. Salinger's 1951 novel tells the tale of Holden Caulfield, perhaps the world's best-known example of an unreliable narrator.


What kind of animal is Margalo in "Stuart Little?"

Stuart Little is a mouse raised by humans. Readers of all ages will delight in his friendship with a bird named Margalo and his adventures exploring New York City.


Where are the Little House books set?

The Little House on the Prairie series explores the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder and family as they grew up in a cabin in rural Wisconsin.


What year was "The Wonderful World of Oz" released?

L. Frank Baum's tale of Dorothy and the gang came out in 1900. It was made into a movie in 1939. Fans of the movie will love the added details of the book -- which also has several sequels for those who want the rest of the story.


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