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Whether you clip and forget or have a weekly mani/pedi, you may not know much about your nails -- and what to do when they start looking dingy or dented. Have yellow nails got you blue?

What is the most common cause of yellow nails?

Fungus is one of the most common causes of yellow nails, and causes about half of all nail problems.


True or false: The condition of your nails may be a clue to some serious underlying health issues.

True. The color, shape and condition of your nails may all be signs of underlying health problems.


What's the best way to whiten nails that have yellowed from nail polish?

Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and denture cleaners are all safe, gentle ways to lighten nails stained by nail polish.


How often should you use nail polish removers?

Because they contain ingredients that are drying and potentially hazardous to your health, use nail polish removers no more than once a week, and choose water-based products.


What is the best type of moisturizer to apply to your nails and cuticles to keep them healthy?

Thick, creamy lotions including petroleum jelly and olive oil help keep nails healthy, and those containing lactic acid help prevent cracking.


Which essential oil may help treat athlete's foot and onychomycosis, common nail fungal infections?

Tea tree oil contains a natural antimicrobial compound that may help prevent and treat fungal infections.


What serious health conditions may cause yellowing nails?

Lymphedema, psoriasis, lung disease and type 2 diabetes can all cause nails to yellow.


Which of the following acne treatments may cause yellowing nails?

The antibiotic tetracycline may cause yellowing nails in some patients.


True or false: Calcium supplements will help keep your nails long, strong and healthy.

False. While calcium supplements may not be helpful, protein, iron and B vitamins (especially biotin) may be good for nail health.


Which mineral may help treat yellow nail syndrome?

Zinc may help treat yellow nails caused by yellow nail syndrome.


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