Quiz: Test Your Knowledge Of The Rules Of The Road With This Quiz!
Test Your Knowledge Of The Rules Of The Road With This Quiz!
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Do you consider yourself a good driver? Most people do, even if they are not very good at it. But, for most people, the driving is the easy part. It's the laws that apply to drivers and the road that are more difficult. If you think you know them all, then this quiz is for you. Let's get started to see if you really know as much as you think you do.

You just can't go driving around all willy-nilly with no regard for other drivers, so there are a set of rules that our society has created in an effort to ensure that we all know what we should do while we are behind the wheel. Although the rules may vary a bit by state, or even by county or city, the basics are typically the same wherever you live. For example, in the United States, we drive on the right side of the road, we follow posted speed limit signs, and everyone knows that the leftmost lane is for passing, right? If you think you might be a bit weak on traffic laws, study up before you take this quiz, because you'll need to know this stuff to pass a driver's permit test.

Are you ready?

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What side of the road should you drive on?
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If you and one other person approach a four-way stop and you both stop at the same time, who goes first?
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Three cars are approaching a four-way stop. The blue car reached the intersection first, the red car reaches the intersection second, and the yellow car reaches the intersection third. What car proceeds through the intersection first?
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If you are driving at night and are approaching an oncoming car that has it's high beams on, what should you do if they don't dim their lights?
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What is the leftmost lane used for on most roads?
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What is the speed limit in a school zone?
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If you are driving behind a school bus and the bus puts on its red flashing lights, what must you do?
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If you see "RR" painted on the road, what are you near?
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When are you required to turn on your headlights?
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What should you NOT do if it's foggy outside?
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What shape is a stop sign?
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In some areas, not using what is a primary offense?
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If you are driving on a dark road with your high beams on, what should you do if another car approaches in the opposite direction?
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How many seconds behind a car that's in front of you should you remain?
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What should you do when you see an emergency vehicle with lights and sound on?
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What action do broken yellow lines permit?
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How far ahead of a turn should you signal your intent to turn?
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What should you do if you accidentally miss your highway exit?
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What should you do if another vehicle is passing you?
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What is the typical speed limit in an alley or parking lot?
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If you approach an intersection, and you see a flashing yellow light, what should you do?
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There has been a storm, and the signal light at an intersection is not working. What should you do?
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Who always has the right of way?
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If you see a pedestrian with a white tipped cane, what should you assume about that person?
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What must you not do when passing?
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What is it called when you lose traction on a wet road?
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What is the name of an area that serves as a divider on a road?
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In some areas, using what behind the wheel is a primary offense?
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Other than braking distance, what is figured into the time it takes a driver to stop?
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In what direction do you navigate a roundabout?
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If you are waiting to make a left turn, and the light turns red while you are in the intersection, what should you do?
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What document must you always be prepared to show if a police officer pulls you over?
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What is your car's headrest designed to prevent?
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What should you do when you encounter a flashing red traffic signal?
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Can you complete the following rhyme? Red means stop; green means go; the yellow in the middle means go real _____.
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