If You Answer Yes to Half of These Questions, You May Have Found The Love of Your Life

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So maybe you met someone, and you really like them a lot. Or perhaps you haven't even met them, and you like them a lot, although we have to tell you that is a little creepy. Could this be the one that you've been looking for, that you will love forever? Your soul mate? The love of your life? Well, probably not to be honest. 

The thought of you finding someone that is the love of your life is super small. You might be dating someone, you might be living with them, you might be engaged or even married to them, and even then you still might not be sure if you've met the one that is your true love.

We've devised a serious of questions to see if the person you're hanging out with is Mr. or Mrs. Right, or Mr. or Mrs. Right Now. We have to tell you that you might be shocked by how this quiz comes out, but maybe not; the heart always knows the truth deep down inside. If you answer yes to at least half of these questions, you've met the love of your life. And if you answer yes to all of them, we have to admit we're kind of jealous.

Are they supportive of you?

Are you compatible in bed?

Do your friends like them?

Do you get excited every time you see them?

Do you have a new outlook on life since you met this person?

Do you actually like their quirks?

Do you have a lot in common?

Do you feel weighed down by your relationship?

Do you have a lot of fond memories together?

Is this person your best friend?

How often do you have huge fights?

Are you proud to be with this person?

Do you feel you were destined to meet this person?

How many times a day do you say "I love you" to each other?

Do you like all of the little things about them?

Do you cuddle at night?

Do you solve problems together?

How long do your fights last?

Can you be gross in front of this person?

Do you ever lie to them?

Have you ever cheated on them?

Do you trust them?

Are you happier when they are happy?

Do you travel well together?

How often do you text each other?

Do you ever watch them sleep?

Do you have pet names for them?

How much do you miss them when they aren't around?

Does this person ever put you down?

Does this person know how you take your coffee?

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