Quiz: If You Can Get 100% on This Deep Sea Creatures Quiz, Your Name Might Be Jacques Cousteau!
If You Can Get 100% on This Deep Sea Creatures Quiz, Your Name Might Be Jacques Cousteau!
By: Olivia C
Image: Youtube via Discovery

About This Quiz

If you're a big fan of Jacques Cousteau and what he embodied, then this Deep Sea Creature quiz is definitely for you!

Cousteau dedicated his career to the mysteries of the Earth's waters. As an explorer, he pioneered many advancements today concerning oceanic life. He even co-invented the Aqua-Lung! 

But we're more interested in his research of underwater creatures. When we go diving or snorkeling, we definitely see some of these swimming around, or else peacefully ensconced within their place in the sea floor. 

But what about those deep sea creatures that are much harder to reach? When we talk about "deep sea," especially creatures that live in that part of the water, we're referring to the zone below the so-called sunlight zone, or the photic zone, of the water. The zone that does not receive sunlight is called the aphotic zone. And any creature that lives below - especially way, way, way below - the photic zone is referred to as a deep sea creature.

So what are these creatures? There are the usual scaly ones, the shelled ones, and the really strange ones that defy categorization sometimes! Have you heard of these creatures below? Try to test your knowledge, and have fun looking at their curious photos to boot!

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