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If you're a big fan of Jacques Cousteau and what he embodied, then this Deep Sea Creature quiz is definitely for you!

Cousteau dedicated his career to the mysteries of the Earth's waters. As an explorer, he pioneered many advancements today concerning oceanic life. He even co-invented the Aqua-Lung! 

But we're more interested in his research of underwater creatures. When we go diving or snorkeling, we definitely see some of these swimming around, or else peacefully ensconced within their place in the sea floor. 

But what about those deep sea creatures that are much harder to reach? When we talk about "deep sea," especially creatures that live in that part of the water, we're referring to the zone below the so-called sunlight zone, or the photic zone, of the water. The zone that does not receive sunlight is called the aphotic zone. And any creature that lives below - especially way, way, way below - the photic zone is referred to as a deep sea creature.

So what are these creatures? There are the usual scaly ones, the shelled ones, and the really strange ones that defy categorization sometimes! Have you heard of these creatures below? Try to test your knowledge, and have fun looking at their curious photos to boot!

What's this squiggly looking creature called?

This is a giant tube worm. There are plenty in the Galapagos Islands.


Not a Dodge car, but what is it?

This is called the Pacific viperfish. Yes, there's a lot of them in the waters of the Pacific.


Can you name this creature? What is its long name?

This is called the gulper eel. it can actually gulp super-big fishes!


What is this thing?

This is a giant spider crab. They're mostly found in Japan.


What do you call this tentacled creature?

This is a blue-ringed octopus. Beware of its poison, for it has no known cure.


Wear a bib, then identify this. What is it?

This is a mighty claw lobster. Its claws actually look like chainsaws!


State the obvious and name it. What's it called?

This is called the big red jellyfish. It's actually very rare.


What do you think this familiar-looking animal is called?

This is a frilled shark. Lucky for us humans, they like being underwater, deep deep down, away from us.


Fang this one out, and name the creature.

This is a vampire squid. It's named as such not because it has fangs, but it has some sort of cape like the count - and it likes darkness better.


Komodo it ain't! What is it, then?

This is a dragonfish. No, they're not fire-breathing, though.


What do you call this really strange yet familiar creature?

This is a mantis shrimp. It's small but it's spring-loaded claw can crack aquarium glass.


Be solid and name this creature. What is it called?

This is a stonefish. Can you see its fishiness, despite being camouflaged like a stone?


This comics-like creature is aptly named what?

This is a goblin shark. It is said to be of prehistoric origin.


This oxymoronic fish is called what?

This is a stargazer. Perhaps the name is derived from the fact that its eyes are on top, not the sides, of the head, so they appear to be looking up at the stars.


What's this creature from the abyss?

This is called the hatchetfish. Since they swim deep down, can we say we can bury this hatchet... fish?


What's the humongous name of this creature from the deep?

This is a giant squid. Females are actually bigger than the males.


What is this "Jaws" cousin called?

This is a sixgill shark. They are mostly deep sea creatures, but there's an occasional visit closer to the surface to search for prey.


Benevolently speaking, what's this creature?

This is a monkfish. Contrary to its name, it is not in good faith to encounter one!


Rack your braaaaaains and name this one. What is it?

This is known as a zombie worm. They're named as such because they like to feed and live within a dead whale, especially the bones part.


Woooo, what's this called?

This is called a ghost shark. These days, humans can't even see the ghost of this shark.


This non-colorful creature is called what?

This is called a black seadevil. It's also known as an angler fish.


What is this arm-y creature called?

This is called the red octopus. Its suction thingies actually glow with their own light!


Thinkers will know what this is called. Name it, please?

The black swallower is actually a small creature. But it has a huge appetite!


Can you fly and name this one?

This so-called batfish is actually not a good swimmer. It can walk, though, due to some appendages.


This regional fish is called what?

This Atlantic wolffish indeed has huge teeth. They come in handy for crushing strong shells.


What is this predator called?

This is an elephant shark. Obvious with the trunk-like thing, right?


What is this deep sea creature called?

This is a Pacific blackdragon. No, it's different from a dragonfish, even though the latter is also colored black.


What is this unfortunately named fish?

This is called a coffinfish. But it's actually a kind of sea toad.


What is this electrifying creature?

This is a snipe eel. It has a strange long beak.


From one side, identify this fish, please?

This angler fish is rather strange-looking with that stick-like thing on top of it. But guess what - it's his fishing rod to catch food!


if you're sharp, can you name this fish? What is it?

The fangtooth fish has strange measurements. Its fangs are indeed quite large for its body size.


What do you call this formless-ish creature?

This is called a deep sea blob sculpin. It's a fish that really looks like a blob of weirdness without the pressure of the deep ocean it usually resides in.


Snap if you know what this is! Name it!

There's a lot of this Kiwa crab in the South Pacific. It's a bit blondie, though.


What's this long thingie called?

This is called a squidworm. So is it more like a squid or more like a worm?


This unidentified floating object is called what?

This is a longhorn cowfish. They are usually found in the waters of the Pacific and Indian Ocean.


What is this cartoony creature called?

This strange creature is called a dumbo octopus. Yes, it's an octopus, but can you see the resemblance with Dumbo, especially the "ears," which are actually fins?


Roar this one out! What is it?

This is called the lionfish. However, due to its design, its other name of zebrafish might be better to use.


This huge, huge fish is called what?

The opah is a huge deep sea fish. It's strange, but it is also known as either sunfish or moonfish. Go figure.


What's this alien-looking creature?

This is a giant isopod. They burrow into the floor of the ocean, truly a deep-water creature.


Not really porky, but what is it?

This is a sea pig. While it may look like a pig, it's more like a sea cucumber.


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