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The military has been around for centuries- ever since countries decided that it was important to have some kind of defense system in place, should anything or anyone feel the need to attack their countries. Years later, and these bodies are still in place and for many more reasons than the initial one of just protecting the state. And as time has passed, the equipment that they've used has also changed. Gone are the non-technological items that take time to mobilize. Gone are the guns and cannons that need stoking and time between firing each round. Today, we have a variety of items that not only help us get the job done faster, but are also more effective. 

But can you name these things? We're going to tell you what some of them do and it will be your job to pick out the correct name in a sea of options. We're also going to ask you the names that certain objects go by and you'll need to answer them all correctly- especially if you want to prove that you're in the 99th percentile. 

If you're ready to show off your military intelligence, let's get started. 

Which of these is a missile sent underwater?

The modern torpedo is a cigar-shaped, self-propelled weapon. It is designed to be launched from a variety of platforms, such as a ship, into the water from an airplane, or underwater from a submarine.


Which of these is the general term for items you use for combat in the air?

Aerial weapons are weapons designed to be launched from military aircrafts or the land and travel through the air over a vast distance. Types of aerial weapons include aerial bombs, missiles, torpedoes and rockets.


Which of these items is used to check for explosives planted in the ground?

A mine detector is a device used to locate explosive landmines by giving off a signal when metal is detected. The act of detecting mines is called minesweeping, while the process of removing landmines is called demining or mine clearance.


Which of these launches items and sometimes uses gunpowder?

A cannon is a large, heavy type of gun called an artillery which launches a projectile using a propellant such as gunpowder. Cannons vary in range, mobility, caliber, firepower, the rate of fire and angle of fire.


Which of these is used to travel on land and in water?

An amphibious vehicle, also called amphibian, is a vehicle capable of being used on both land and water. Types of amphibious vehicles include military vehicles, hovercrafts, buses, cars, ATVs, trucks and bicycles.


Which of these do you use to see in the dark?

A night vision goggle, also known as a night vision device, is an optoelectronic device that allows the wearer to see in the dark. The image is produced by converting and amplifying all available visible light and near-infrared light into a monochrome image (shades of green).


Which of these is a kind of naval warship?

A destroyer is a small, fast, maneuverable and long-endurance naval warship which was developed during the late 19th century. It is designed to escort larger vessels in a convoy, fleet or battle group and defend them from small but powerful short-range attacks.


What's another word for ammunition or bullets?

Rounds, also called cartridges, are a type of pre-assembled firearm ammunition. They are composed of a metallic, paper or plastic case fitted with a projectile (bullet, shot or slug), a propellant (smokeless powder, black powder), and an ignition device (primer).


Which of these is the name of a small boat made for smaller and more shallow bodies of water?

A riverine boat is a small boat specially designed to operate in shallow and coastal environments. They are primarily used by the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marines to maintain control over inland waterways and rivers.


Which of these is a small weapon that explodes once the pin is pulled?

A grenade is a small weapon which may be launched manually or mechanically. There are several types of grenades (fragmentation and stick grenades) and they are typically composed of an explosive or chemical charge, a detonating mechanism and a firing pin.


What kind of boat serves as the flagship of a fleet?

A command ship is a large warship which serves as the commander or flagship of a fleet. They are used to provide office space, accommodations and communications to the fleet commander and his staff, and to coordinate fleet activities.


Which of these automatic weapons can fire hundreds of bullets?

A machine gun is a fully automatic portable or mounted firearm designed to fire bullets in a continuous, rapid sequence for as long as the trigger is pressed. Bullets are usually stored in an ammunition belt or magazine and are fired at a rate of 300 rounds per minute or higher.


Which of these is a heavily armored, albeit slow, vehicle?

A tank is a heavily armed and armored fighting vehicle designed for front-line attacks. Tanks are typically equipped with heavy firepower (machine guns, long barrel guns), tracks, strong vehicular armor and a powerful engine.


In what kind of bag do soldiers store their items?

A backpack, also called a knapsack, backs​ack or bookbag, is a bag designed to be carried on one's back using shoulder straps. In the military, backpacks are used by soldiers to carry their equipment and other supplies such as water or food.


Which of these objects does the military use that orbits the planet?

Satellites are artificial objects that have been intentionally placed into orbit around the Earth, moon or other planets. The military usually has its​ which is used to gather intelligence, navigate and communicate.


Which of these protects a soldier's head?

A helmet is a hard, padded protective gear designed to protect the user's head from injuries. In addition to the military, helmets are used for protection in everyday civilian life, such as recreational activities, sports, dangerous work activities and transportation.


Which of these items is usually used for remote surveillance?

A drone is an unmanned combat aerial vehicle used to carry aircraft weapons (such as missiles) for drone strikes. Drones are controlled remotely in real-time and therefore do not need a pilot and corresponding equipment (cockpit, ejection seat).


Which of these items finds traces of residue of dangerous substances or agents?

A chemical agent detector, most of which are pocket-sized, is a handheld device used to detect, identify, analyze and confirm the presence of chemical warfare agents (explosives), drugs and toxic industrial chemical vapors.


What do all soldiers need to wear, especially at work?

A uniform is a particular type of clothing which indicates that a group of individuals belong to a specific organization. The style and coloration of military uniforms vary throughout countries and have undergone several changes over the centuries.


Which of these vehicles is designed to carry planes and serve as a base of operations in the sky?

An aircraft carrier is a large warship that serves as a base for aircraft and is the capital ship of a fleet. It is equipped with a full-length flight deck designed to carry, arm, deploy and recover aircraft.


What protects a soldier's body when he or she is fighting?

Armor is a metallic protective covering used in combat to prevent damage from being inflicted on a person, vehicle or object. Types of armor include personal (used by soldiers and animals), and vehicular (used on airplanes, warships, vehicles).


What's the name of the spacecrafts that the military now uses?

A rocket is a cylindrical projectile propelled over a great distance or altitude by expelling its exhaust at high speed. Rockets serve many purposes, including weaponry, fireworks, or to launch artificial satellites and spacecraft​.


Which vehicle allows for underwater travel?

A submarine, also called a sub, is a watercraft designed to operate underwater for long periods of time. First widely used in World War I, submarines are now used today for marine science, research, exploration, salvage and tourism.


Which of these is the name of a particularly fast warship?

A cruiser is a somewhat fast warship that is larger than a destroyer but not as armed as a battleship. Types of cruisers include steam, steel, torpedo, battle, light, flotilla, auxiliary and coastguard cruisers.


Which of these can burn both people and objects?

A flamethrower is a military assault weapon which throws a long, controllable stream of fire. Flamethrowers, which may be man-portable or mounted on a tank, were first used in World War I, and later on during World War II.


Which of these vehicles need air in order to float?

An inflatable boat is a kind of lightweight boat that is constructed with flexible tubes filled with pressurized gas. There are two types of inflatable boats; the rigid inflatable boat (has a rigid floor and solid hull) and the soft inflatable boat (lacks a solid hull but has a removable slatted floor).


Which of these is a remote-controlled explosive projectile?

A missile is a guided, self-propelled (or directed by remote control ) weapon that contains a conventional or nuclear explosive. Missiles consist of four main parts; the engine, targeting or missile guidance, flight system, and warhead.


What are usually dropped from the sky and blow up on impact?

A bomb is an explosive weapon which is fused to release sudden and violent energy under specified conditions. Types of bombs include compressed gas, low explosive, high explosive, thermobaric, nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, antimatter, aerial bomb and glide bomb.


What's the correct term for a gun that has a sword fitted to it?

A bayonet is an ancillary weapon with a sword, spike or knife-like shape that is designed to be fitted at the end of a rifle to be used as a spear. Modern bayonets are usually multipurpose knives such as the OKC-3S bayonet.


Which of these finds the item or person at which you want to fire or simply locate?

A target locator is a military device used to select and mark a target to be attacked. Types of target locators include the laser designator which fires a series of coded pulses of laser light to mark a target.


Which of these is a type of cannon that launches explosives into the air?

A mortar is a lightweight, man-portable smoothbore weapon used to launch explosive shells at high angles. Types of mortars include stokes mortar, mortar carrier, gun mortars, spigot mortars and improvised mortars.


What's the correct name for a Navy warship- one that's usually bigger than a destroyer?

A frigate is any of many types of naval vessels, generally heavier than a destroyer. Over the centuries, the term has been used for ships of various sizes such as the square-rigged sailing ship of the 17th to 19th century.


What's the collective term for close-range weapons?

Infantry weapons are a branch of the armed forces designed to engage, fight and kill the enemy at close range. Types of infantry weapons include bare hands (close quarters combat,) firearms (pistol, rifle, machine gun) or an edged weapon (bayonet or knife).


What treats minor wounds?

A first aid kit is a variety or collection of basic medical supplies and equipment used to provide emergency treatment to a sick or injured person. Contents of a typical first aid kit include hydrogen peroxide, Band-Aids, gauze, bandages, iodine, cotton balls, and cotton swabs.


Which of these items uses bullets and fires them?

A gun is a tubular ranged weapon composed of a metal tube from which projectiles such as bullets or shells are propelled. Types of guns include rifles, shotgun, machine gun, pistol, revolver, cannon and a flare gun.


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