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The animal kingdom has lots of interesting creatures both big and small. Their sizes don't really dictate their survival sometimes, though, as demonstrated by many kinds of small creatures that could also be considered as killer creatures.

But of course, our default when thinking about "Killer Beasts" is size. No matter if the animal is a bit on the heavy side. It also doesn't matter if they have two or three feet -- or maybe no feet at all? Yep, Mother Nature made them really, really diverse. 

But Mother Nature also made them really, really scary sometimes. That's why you have to be careful of approaching these creatures. They might look cuddly and cute at first. But beware, since many of these furry friends could become fast fiends of yours!

Monsters come in all shapes and sizes. But maybe there's a reason why they act and behave that way. Well, no matter the reason, just be on the safe side of life, always -- and don't get these creatures visibly agitated! Or else, it could be your limb on the line -- or your life!

So let's test your knowledge, shall we? Better safe than sorry! Take this quiz and see how much you know about these so-called killer beasts.

Can you name this ferocious beast?

A rhinoceros has a deadly horn in front of its face, coupled with a fast running speed. You won't want to be in its way when that happens!

How about this roar-filled beast?

Lions are undeniably a scary killer beast of the jungle. Yes, even Simba!

It might look tame, but what’s this deadly creature called?

The wild cape buffalo in Africa is a scary beast. It has been known to attack humans and kill them.

This great scary thing is called what?

The great white shark will bite onto anything it fancies. Eating it afterward is another thing.

From afar, they’re cute, but what are these dangerous creatures called?

Polar bears are so scary that they could also end up attacking each other. When you're in an isolated area, perhaps that's their brand of beastly entertainment...

What’s this one?

Hyenas indeed emit some sort of sound that's like laughing. But it's no laughing matter when they start attacking.

Can you name this beast?

The hippopotamus could be found all over Africa. It's also garnered a scary reputation there of being a car attacker!

How about this huge one?

By its very size, an elephant can literally trample some poor creature to death. The African elephant kind, for instance, is also a forceful and aggressive species, so beware while on a safari!

Can you name this one?

A Komodo dragon is a very patient and zen hunter. But once it pounces, zen gets thrown out the window!

Can you identify this stealthy creature?

Leopards get more fierce the more they're hurt. So you'd know well then to stay away from one.

What do you call this jungle thug?

A tiger is indeed colorful and majestic to look at. But it's still a deadly creature, so don't go near one in a zoo...

It may be unlikely, but can you identify this scary creature?

Deer sometimes run toward moving cars, which results in injuries or deaths in humans (and them, if they're not so lucky). If that's not a killer beast, we don't know what is!

Oh yes, they’re deadly, but what are they?

Dogs could also cause deaths among humans. Ever heard of rabies?

What do you call this deadly hugger?

Grizzly bears are found mostly in North America. Hm, will they ever migrate?

What do you call this low walking creature?

In some countries, wild boars just roam around freely. While they look like overgrown rough wild pigs, they could be aggressive and run after you. True story!

Can you identify this clawed creature?

The big black panther cat might be majestic to look at, but it could be deadly when needed. So beware, especially if it's hungry!

What’s this one?

Cows might be domesticated animals now, but they can still attack when provoked. And yes, there have been human deaths on account of this.

Can you name this interesting but deadly beast?

A moose is actually a relative of the deer, but a bigger one. And it's ferocious when needed!

Not the elderly, but what do you call this?

A cougar is a well-toned huge animal. That's why it's so skilled at hunting.

What is this huge, huge creature?

Black bears are known to loiter around residential areas where human contact is imminent. They're not scared of anything, much less people!

What do you call this fanged fiend?

A wolf is basically a super-wild dog. That's why many myths and legends have exploited this and told of beastly tales featuring their kind.

How about this clawed and fanged villain?

Coyotes indeed like to run after smaller creatures, such as your cute little dog! So beware when you're near one.

Run from it, but tell us what is it first.

A bull can run really fast, despite its huge body size, and attack you with all its might. That's why the running with the bulls ritual in Pamplona, Spain baffles people.

Kick out of its way! What is it?

Horses are killer beasts as well because once you get in their way, their kick could be fatal. Never, EVER stand directly behind a horse!

Beware the watery creature called what?

Yes, a tiger shark also has some stripe designs on it, hence the name. They're also as fierce!

What is this watery dude called?

Asia, Africa and Australia have a lot of crocodiles. But the US has them, too.

How about this down under thug?

A dingo is basically a kind of wild dog. It's mostly found in Australia, mate.

Can you name what kind of shark this is?

The frilled shark uses its strangely-grown teeth as their main weapon of mass destruction. Swim away fast!

What is this one usually called?

An alligator generally has a wider snout than the crocodile. Regardless of this fact, run if you see one!

This huge water-living creature is known as what?

Killer whales are such great underwater hunters. Smaller creatures beware!

This strange creature is called what?

Cassowary is a deadly bird. It may not look it at first, but trust us on this one -- and don't touch it!

Can you identify this shark?

Avoid waters that are warm. Bull sharks like to hang out there!

Leap out of its way, and identify it for us.

The puma is, after all, the cousin of the lion, tiger, cheetah, and the panther. Deadly runs in the family.

What’s this colorful beast called?

A red fox can hunt really well. But it can also get hunted down by a pack of something bigger...

What do you call these hanging creatures?

As portrayed in the movies, apes can be gentle creatures. But given the wrong triggers, they can use their incredible strength to do huge damage.

What do you call this growling one?

A wolverine uses its claws and jaws to aim and maim. No rhyme nor reason why you'd want to befriend one now...

This strange-looking one could be a beast, too! What is it?

A giant anteater may be gentle when consuming ants and termites, but it can also get deadly when provoked. Remember, it has claws that can mangle you bad!

What is this strange-looking underwater beast?

A male platypus comes equipped with a bony spur that contains deadly poison. Yeah, they're not at all that cute!

How about this water-living one?

Did you know that leopard seals hunt all sorts of wild life including penguins.

Finally, can you name this not-so-huge but sometimes deadly beastie?

A beaver can be a dangerous beast, too, you know! Don't get it all rattled up, because it can use its huge teeth on you!

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