If You Can Name All of These Colors, You Can Fake Your Way As a Fashion Designer

By: Monica Lee
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Are you dying (pun intended) to know what colors will be on-trend for the rest of summer and this coming fall and winter season? Then welcome fashionistas to the quiz that will have you blowing on your lavender fingernails and polishing them on your sky-blue jacket. 

You've probably been wearing all nuances from lavender to pink this summer. And once the weather gets cooler, the fashion gurus predict a warm dip into earth colors, from luxurious browns to golden yellows and rusty oranges. Naturally, there will be soft touches, like a peachy pink for an accent of femininity.

As a trendsetter, you know that fashion never stands still. And as the weather gets even chillier you’ll find more daring trends of color that will break the earthen landscape. From orange-based hues to strong violets to amber-reds and vivid greens. These colors will direct the eye to the most attractive areas of the body, provide movement and allow a stop-and-stare moment for entrances. 

Now it’s your turn. Take a cat walk into this quiz with the utmost confidence. Find out if you have the know-how to fake it as a fashion designer. You'll do great, you're golden! (Metallic that is, not matte.) 

This very light blue color looks good on people with dark complexions. However if you have a light complexion, beware, this color can make you look washed out.

Sky blue is a rich, light blue that looks sharp against white pin stripes, white pants or a white skirt.

The Prussian army uniform coats were dyed this color in the 18th century.

This light pastel blue is called Powder Blue and plays well with other pastels. Perfect for summer.

Periwinkle has a hint of purple mixed with the blue. Since yellow is a complimentary color to purple, use a yellow scarf or other accessories to complete your look.

It's a shock to the eyes, but Electric Blue really makes you stand out in an outfit. Wear it to grab the spotlight.

This is the color of what a forest looks like from above, as from an airplane. It's a dark, lush color.

Emerald is a brilliant, deep green, like the gemstone from which it takes its name.

This Pistachio Green color is a great background for any print or pattern. It's subtle yet presents well in any type of clothing.

Khaki is a color that has been used by many armies around the world for uniforms and for camouflage.

Lemon Green is a bright, beautiful color, but make sure your skin tone can pull it off. If your skin has a greenish undertone, this color is not for you.

Named after the color of dried sage leaves, this hue is used to spice up any earth-tone wardrobe.

The word turquoise comes from the French for Turkish, as the gem was originally imported from Turkey. Now you know.

Not just for fashion, but teal is found in indoor and outdoor paint, furnishings and more. It's a versatile color that seems to go with everything.

Yum. These colors are delicious. Make sure you don't have the same skin tone as the fabric, then you don't have to be worried about being swallowed up by your ensemble.

The color Coffee is not as yellow as Caramel, and not as orange as Cinnamon. And it has a richer and creamier look than Tobacco.

This color is very distinguished and provides a reserved and dignified look to your outfit.

Cooper is a reddish-brown color which does not have to have a metallic sheen. However when it is metallic, it can still be subtle unlike silver or gold.

This smooth and creamy color looks good as an accent to bright ensembles.

Cream offers a yellow tone to the color white, and mellows the formal, crisp white look.

White in all its variations denotes innocence and purity. This ghost white color comes closest to pure white with a very light blue tinge.

Alabaster is a warm white with a pinkish tone. Unless you put this color next to other white colors, it can be very hard to distinguish the difference in tone.

The Mushroom color has a nice earthen tone that works beautifully along with Sage and Pumpkin.

If you were tricked up by Soft Beige and Sand Dollar, it's understandable. Soft Beige is a shade lighter than Sand Dollar.

Champagne is an interesting color in that it can make other colors "pop", as well as the person who is wearing it as a singular color.

Rose Beige is the darkest beige before you get to brown. Interestingly enough, Wikipedia categorizes beige as a variation of white. However in fashion, it has a dimension all its own.

Yellow is an energizing color. Think of the stimulating effect of the yellow sunflowers in the famous Vincent Van Gogh painting.

You may to be a nature person to know this color as Honeysuckle Yellow. As an aside, this color was the Pantone Color of the Year in 2011.

Mustard has a rich, creamy look. Make sure it's a bright mustard if you pair it with black. Together, they look excellent on anyone.

Actually, Neon Yellow is usually worn by construction workers and motorcycle riders, anyone who really needs to be seen.

The color red can literally accelerate your heartbeat. This stimulating color is used in fashion, fast foods and advertising to get people to pay attention or warn them.

Burgundy is a favorite among red colors and goes well with a variety of gray tones. It is a deep red wine color. And if you drink enough burgundy you'll look a bit flushed.

Cardinal is a similar but a more vivid red than Burgundy. It has a lighter shade of purple in it.

The 2018 Fall/Winter fashion season will see plenty of earthen colors, like Terracotta Red. This is perfect for accents while complimenting the earth-tone palette.

Color combinations like white, black, lilac, navy, and turquoise pair well with rust. Wear it to look like a true Parisian.

Crimson can seamlessly go from a complete showstopper to a colorful accent. This exciting shade of red pops up in all sorts of accessories.

You will see a lot of Ultra Violet because it's the color of the year for 2018. It a rich shade of purple that has a royal flair.

Purple and Violet are shades that represent a peaceful, comforting environment as well as denote royalty and justice.

Marsala was the Pantone color of the year in 2015, leaving Radiant Orchard behind in a purple haze, as it was the winner in 2014.

Everyone needs a little black dress. You'll be fashionable year in and out with the right one.

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