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America’s founding fathers knew that the country would require skilled leaders to guide the military through potential armed conflicts. So, early in United States history, a famous academy was formed to help train the minds and bodies of young military leaders. In our tough quiz, do you think you know enough about West Point to pass as an officer-in-training?

West Point isn’t just a school, it’s a leadership academy in which young men and women train to lead soldiers on the battlefield. That means they have to know how to run, fight, and, if necessary, kill their opponents in war. What do you know about the vital skills that West Point pupils learn during their time at the academy?

Located on the Hudson River, West Point has been central to American military culture for centuries. Young people who aspire to military careers all want to attend West Point, in large part because success there virtually guarantees a desirable position in the military. Many West Point graduates go on to climb the officer ranks — hundreds have become generals. What do you know about the leadership aspects of West Point training?

It’s not all push-ups and marching! In our West Point quiz, you’ll see if you can make it through the fitness and academics challenges of America’s best military academy!

The United States Military Academy is commonly known by which name?

The United States Military Academy is known as West Point. Of the four U.S. military academies, it is the best known.


Where is West Point located?

West Point is located in, appropriately, West Point, New York. It is about 50 miles from New York City.


Which U.S. president ordered the creation of West Point?

Thomas Jefferson ordered the organization of West Point in 1802. The school was then formed in 1802.


What are West Point students called?

West Point students are Army officers-in-training. They are "cadets," and the learning they do here is critical to advancement in the military.


West Point cadets are expected to live by which set of rules?

West Point has a strick Cadet Honor Code, which indicates that cadets can’t steal, lie or cheat ... and just as important, that they refuse to cover for people who do.


Each year, about how many cadets start school at West Point?

Every year, about 1,300 hopeful cadets begin their schooling at West Point. About 300 of them won’t make it to graduation.


What’s West Point’s motto?

West Point’s instructors hope to instill the virtues of "Duty - Honor - Courage" in their students. West Point graduates often find themselves at the highest rungs of the military.


True or false, are women allowed to attend West Point?

For generations, West Point was a male-only academy. But the first women actually graduated decades ago — the first females finished their training in 1980.


What is "the class that stars fell on"?

The class of 1915 is often regarded as West Point’s high-water mark. That year, 164 young men graduated, and more than one-third of them went on to become generals, more than any other class in West Point’s long history.%0D-


What topics do West Point cadets study?

At West Point, cadets study many typical college courses, from the arts to sciences. Most of the classes are taught by military officers.


True or false, can you be admitted to West Point even if you have tattoos on your body?

Some tattoos are OK ... unless they are of a rebellious nature. So if you have any ink deriding "The Man," you’re unlikely to be allowed into West Point.


What is "CBT"?

Cadets aren’t just students, they are officers-in-training, and as such, they undergo CBT, or cadet basic training. Many cadets struggle with the physical demands of CBT.


How long does the West Point program last?

West Point, on the surface, has the same setup as many secondary-education systems. It is a four-year program.


What sort of physically demanding classes might cadets take?

Cadets are expected to be soldiers. They learn combat skills and they might take classes like boxing, rock climbing or survival swimming.


In 1942, why did Congress authorize a drastic increase in West Point class size?

In 1942, the U.S. was at war with both Japan and the rest of the Axis. Congress ballooned the size of West Point classes to more than 2,400 — and accelerated graduation rates — to provide more officers for the war effort.


True or false, are cadets required to participate in sports?

Unlike normal college students who can drink beer all day, cadets must participate in sports. Because if you’re not in shape, how will you escape your Communist captors?


What do cadets learn at "CFT"?

At CFT, or cadet field training, young officers learn military skills that are applicable on a battlefield. In a time of war, these skills are critical.


What’s the approximate admissions rate for West Point?

Only about 15% of applicants are accepted to West Point. Every applicant needs a solid letter of recommendation in order to receive admission.


If you are a "first class" cadet, you’re a _____.

West Point doesn’t use terms like freshman and sophomore, opting instead for fourth-, third-, second-, and first-class. First-class cadets are seniors.


True or false, if you’re married can you be admitted to West Point?

False. You must be single to receive admission, and notably, you can’t be paying child support, either.


In order to apply for West Point, applicants must be between the ages of 17 and _____.

The admissions ages standards are skewed heavily toward youth. You must be between 17 and 23 to apply.


What happens when cadets are "turned back"?

When cadets struggle (or rebel), they face dire consequence like being "turned back." It means you have to repeat an academic year.


Each month, cadets receive a monthly _____.

Cadets aren’t exactly floating in cash, but they do receive a monthly stipend of more than $1,000 to help them with the costs of daily living.


All candidates must pass a fitness test in which they run 1 mile. What’s the cutoff for women?

You have to be in good shape to pass the demanding fitness test. Women have to run 1 mile in 6 minutes or less.


True or false, does West Point accept international exchange cadets?

It’s true. West Point isn’t for Americans only, and each year the academy admits dozens of international exchange students.


At West Point, what is "Beast"?

New cadets are forced to sleep in barracks for basic training. These despised "Beast Barracks," or just "Beast," are the place where many cadets realize they are in over their heads.


All cadets must live in _____ for all four years of their schooling.

Many college students love off-campus apartments. That doesn’t happen at West Point — here, all cadets live in barracks for the duration of their stay.


Every cadet must always wear ____ when outdoors.

Hats are a fixture at West Point. They’re never to be worn indoors, but cadets strolling around the campus must wear their official hats


How does a cadet’s performance at West Point affect his or her career?

Cadets who struggle academically will see the results after graduation. GPA determines where graduates are stationed and what sort of jobs they’ll do.


After graduation, cadets are commissioned as _____ in the military.

West Point means that cadets become officers right after graduation. They skip right up to the rank of second lieutenant.


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