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As you can imagine, many cultures throughout the centuries have claimed to have created makeup, whether it be the Egyptians with their kohl liner or the Chinese with their lightly painted geisha faces. We're not here to prove either of them right. Instead, we're emphasizing how long the art form has been in existence. Since then, a lot has changed, although the basics remain the same - we still cover our faces (in foundation) and still like out eyes with kohl pencils. But what do you know about these techniques? Could you tell us what these makeup products and items are and are used for?

In this quiz, we're going to test you on the products you should know, especially if you want to call yourself an expert. So tell us what highlighters are meant to do and who invented the kabuki brush. Tell us about bronzers and concealers and what setting sprays do. Tell us all about face primers, brow pomades and just what it is micellar water does. By the end, we'll know if you can really call yourself a pro, or if you need to go back to Makeup 101. 

What kind of lashes come on a band?

Strip lashes are a set of false eyelashes that can be glued on to create a full lash look. They are budget friendly and can be found in most drugs stores or department stores.


Which of these products should you use daily, to prevent dry skin?

Before any other cosmetic, moisturizer is first applied to the face to soften the skin. It is an essential part of prepping the skin so that it is hydrated and makeup applied after that is flawless.


What are beauty blenders used for?

A beauty blender is a makeup applicator in the form of a sponge that has been sold since 2007. Initially, it was only sold in pink but is now sold in other bright colors such as green.


Which of these usually goes hand in hand with lipstick or lip gloss?

Lip liner helps to outline the lips before lipstick or lipgloss is applied to them. It serves as a guide in the application process, by accentuating the lips to create a fuller appearance.


What makes your lashes longer, thicker and bolder?

Mascara is explicitly designed for the eyelashes; to either elongate, thicken or create a dark shade to them. For the everyday person, brown and black mascara is commonly used but bolder colors such as blue and green, are widely sold.


Which of these was specifically formulated to remove makeup?

Micellar water is an all-rounder; it moisturizes, removes makeup and can cleanse the skin as a facial wash. The micelle molecules are credited for these amazing benefits.


Which of these is used to make your mouth shine?

This is a glossy lip product that adds shine and style to the lips. It is long lasting and can also be used to tame hair, to add shine to the eyes and blush to the cheeks.


What is bronzer used for?

Bronzer mimics the effects of a suntan by embellishing the skin with a warm glow. Similar to other makeup products, it is sold in a variety of formats, but unlike some of the others, it can be applied to the body and the face.


Which of these is a job that eye cream is supposed to do?

Eye cream is a product that has received mixed reviews concerning its effectiveness. Some say that it really does hide fatigue and signs of aging while others believe it is a marketing gimmick.


What puts your eyebrow hairs in place?

The spoolie brush resembles the wand that is used to apply mascara. Its soft bristles can be used to clean up mascara chunks, groom the eyebrows into a desired shape or in preparation for an eyebrow makeup routine.


Which of these adds color to the lips?

This colored product is applied to the lips to enhance and beautify. Lipstick is sold in a variety of shades and textures to suit every preference, one's mood and shape of one's lips.


What do you put on your face to hold the makeup in place and last longer?

Setting spray is a product that provides the finishing touches to makeup after it has been applied. It sets makeup on the face for a long time with little to no requirement for touch ups.


What does a lash curler do?

A lash curler is just that - an apparatus used to shape one's eyelashes, sometimes used as part of a beauty routine. This may be done before mascara or mascara primer is applied to the lashes.


Which of these adds color to the eyes?

This is a colored cosmetic mainly used to beautify the eyelids. The powdered form is perfect for setting on oily skin while the creamy eyeshadow is shimmery and lasts longer. Eyeshadow crayons are also popular, as well as the loose and matte versions.


Which of these was made specifically for your cheeks?

This makeup adds color to the cheeks. Contrary to popular belief, it is not only suited for pale skin but can be worn by anyone as long as the right shade and technique are used.


What should you use to stick falsies on?

Lash glue is the adhesive used to seal false eyelashes onto the natural ones, in order to achieve a different look. There are glues made for applying strip lashes and individual false lashes.


Which of these brushes is used to apply makeup to the lids?

An eyeshadow brush is designed specifically for eyeshadow application. This small handy brush helps to smooth the colors across the eyelids.


What is a powder puff?

Powder puff is another soft makeup applicator used to apply face powder to the skin. These are often sold along with the foundation or concealer.


Which of the following adds light to the high points of the face?

A highlighter is used for emphasis, often used to accentuate the high points of your face where light usually hits, such as the cheekbones or eyes. Highlighter has a soft shimmery glow, and it is often applied in addition to contouring.


What does eyeliner do?

This eyelid cosmetic is applied just above the lashes in a thin, precise line. It can also be used to circle the entire eye in the color of the eyeliner. This product is sold in a multitude of shades.


Which of these is used to remove makeup?

Makeup wipes refer to wipes used as a form of makeup remover. These cleanse the face of products and oil, moisturize the skin and help prevent breakouts in the future.


What does concealer do?

Concealer is a makeup product used to provide extra coverage in masking skin imperfections such as acne or any other scarring. Concealer tends to last longer than foundation and is also thicker in texture.


What does eye primer do?

Eye primer is applied before eye makeup such as eyeshadow is placed onto the skin. It prevents the other makeup products from fading and creasing between the eyes and can even accentuate eyeshadow colors.


Which of the following options provides a base to apply your makeup on?

Face primer is the first product applied to the face in order to prepare it for makeup. It moisturizes the face, helps the makeup to last longer and evens the skin tone.


Which of these options is a type of extension that has to be applied one at a time?

Individual lashes are lash extensions that are each sold separately and applied to your natural eyelashes. These blend in well for a natural look, but the application process can be dreary.


What does the "BB" in BB cream stand for?

The BB in BB cream has different meanings such as ‘Blemish Balm' or ‘Blemish Base.' This product is a lighter version of foundation and is meant to provide ‘au naturel' coverage that will balance one's skin tone.


Which of these words/terms is the collective meaning of red beauty products?

Rouge refers to numerous red beauty products. These are used to add color to the face, particularly the lips or cheeks in the form of lipstick or blush. It can be found in a cream or powder form.


What does the "CC" in CC cream stand for?

Color correcting cream or complexion corrector cream - CC cream - has multiple uses. It allows for more coverage than the BB cream by masking skin imperfections such as those caused by aging.


Which of these do you apply before and after lipstick to moisturize your smackers?

Lip balm is a product that is geared towards lip protection rather than beauty. It can be used to alleviate cold sores or applied to parched or chapped lips. Wax is one of the main ingredients in lip balm.


What does foundation do?

Foundation is a type of makeup that gives a smooth even finish and hides blemishes when applied to the face. It can be in the form of powder, cream or liquid and is used as the first part of a makeup routine.


What does a blending brush do?

Blending brushes are makeup brushes used to paint makeup onto the skin. These brushes vary in size, length and composition and various ones are used depending on preference, desired look and the makeup product being applied.


Where was the kabuki brush invented?

A Kabuki brush is a short brush with thick, clustered bristles. It provides much better coverage than the powder brush and is an essential is any makeup bag.


What is toner suppose to do?

Toner is ideal for oily skin or one that is sensitive to acne. This liquid provides a thorough cleansing to the face, particularly after wearing makeup all day.


Which of these brushes helps remove excess powder?

Fan brushes are sold in a range of sizes and shapes. They small ones help to apply mascara while the bigger sized ones help to remove excess powder or aid in applying blush and other types of makeup.


Which of these gel-like items is meant for your eyebrows?

Brow pomade adds color to the brow and gives it a dramatic finish. Brow pomade works well for thin brows that one may want to shape/shade/fill in.


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