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It's a beautiful, sunny day with a slight breeze. That means it is time to hit the golf course, and there's no better course than the Augusta Nation Golf Course in Augusta, Georgia, where the Masters Tournament is held each year. Do you think you can compete at the Masters against the greatest golfers the game has to offer? Here's your chance to find out!

Kids all over the world grow up hoping to follow in the footsteps of their favorite golfers; Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer are just a few. I mean, who doesn't want to be "the King," drinking tea and lemonade every weekend after shooting 18 holes? To be these golfers, however, you have to be able to win the biggest tournaments in golf. That means winning at the Masters. 

Of course, you won't just wake up one day and be good enough to compete at the Masters. You have to know what you're doing and what it means to be a professional golfer, which entails much more than just drinking tea and lemonade. 

Can you run a golf course without asking any questions? Do you know the ins and outs of a game of golf? If you think you do, take this quiz and prove it! 

What do you hit a golf ball with?

The game of golf that we know today can be traced back to Scotland in the 15th century. It was outlawed by King James II in the 1457 Act of the Scottish Parliament.


What do you hit a golf ball off of?

Golf was banned in Scotland because soldiers were playing instead of training. It was eventually approved by King James IV of Scotland, who was a golfer himself.


How do you start a game of golf?

Golf eventually reached England, where its popularity soared in the 19th century. The British took the sport around the world, building courses as far off as India and China.


What are the biggest golf tournaments called?

The first major championship was the precursor to the British Open. It was held at the Prestwick Golf Club in 1860.


How many majors are there?

The Masters Tournament was the last major tournament to be established. It was first held in 1934.


What's it called if you break even on a hole?

The first player to win the Master Tournament was Horton Smith. The runner-up was Craig Wood.


What is one shot over par?

Horton Smith won the Masters again in 1936. These were his only major championships.


What is one shot under par?

No player has won the Masters more than Jack Nicklaus. He was crowned the victor six times.


What is two shots under par?

Jack Nicklaus' first win at the Masters was in 1963. He beat out Tony Lema to win.


What's another name for a double eagle?

Jack Nicklaus' last championship was in 1986. That's a span of 23 years where he was at the top of the golf world.


What is four shots under par?

Jack Nicklaus has also won the most total majors. He finished his career with 18.


What is a hole on a golf course marked by?

Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth are tied for the lowest score ever at the Masters. In separate tournaments, they each shot 18 under.


Where is the hole located on a golf course?

Jordan Spieth has only won the Masters once. He's also won every other major except the PGA Championship.


What's between the tee box and the green?

Tiger Woods has had significant success at the Masters. He won the tournament four times.


What can be difficult to pass on the fairway?

Tiger Woods has also won 14 majors. That's second all time behind Jack Nicklaus.


Which is an example of a hazard?

The Masters was started by Bobby Jones. Jones was a lawyer who also competed as an amateur golfer.


What do you do on the green?

Bobby Jones was an outstanding golfer during his time. He competed against and defeated golfing legends like Gene Sarazen and Walter Hagen.


If you enter a sand bunker, should you rake it back when you leave?

In 1930, Bobby Jones won the four major golf tournaments at the time, with the U.S. Amateur proceeding the Masters. This was known as a Grand Slam, and he's the only golfer to accomplish it in a calendar​ year.


What's the only thing you should yell on a golf course?

Bobby Jones left golf after 1930. He was only 28 when he retired.


Never stand where?

Clifford Roberts, an investment banker, helped Bobby Jones start the Masters. Jones teamed up with architect Alister Mackenzie to design the course.


What do you play if your ball is lost out of bounds?

Alister Mackenzie designed over 50 golf courses during his career. Aside from the Augusta National Golf Club, he also designed the Cypress Point Club, which is also a top golf course in the United States.


What's the penalty if your ball goes into a water hazard?

Starting in 1949, the winner of the Masters has been given a green jacket. The jacket is supposed to be returned the next year to be stored in the cloakroom.


What is used for the longest shots?

The longest drive ever in competition is 516 yards. It was hit in 1974 by Mike Austin.


What category does a driver fall under?

Mike Austin was 64 years old when he set the record for the longest drive. He was competing in the US Senior National Open Qualifier.


What's another category of golf club?

The club head on an iron is smaller than that on a driver. It was traditionally made of solid iron, thus the name.


What's the range of irons?

Irons are great for shorter holes when you don't want to drive the ball too far. They also come in handy if your ball falls into a bunker.


What do you use to loft the golf ball?

Wedges help increase accuracy. They are particularly useful for helping get the ball on the green.


What is the highest hole at the Masters?

A par 5 is typically the longest hole on a golf course. However, higher par holes do exist.


What is the lowest hole at the Masters?

The youngest player to ever compete at the Masters was Guan Tianlang. He was 14 years old.


If behind other players on a hole, when should you start the hole?

No player has competed at the Masters as many times as Gary Player. He played the tournament 52 times.


If you're playing a shorter round, should you pass someone playing a longer round?

During his 52 trips to the Masters, Gary Player won the tournament three times. He also won every other major tournament at least once.


Who carries a golfer's clubs?

Caddie comes from the French word "Cadet". It means "youngest child."


Should a golfer seek advice from their caddie?

Two caddies hold the record for the number of victories at the Masters while serving as caddie; Willie Stokes and Willie Peterson. They both have five victories.


How many strokes do you add to your score when playing a provisional ball?

Willie Stokes caddied for several Masters winners, including Ben Hogan and Henry Picard. Willie Peterson was part of five of Jack Nicklaus' six titles.


What should you do while waiting to shoot?

Obviously, pace is very important in golf. Anything you can do to keep the pace moving is helpful.


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