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All of the countries in all of the continents of the world are, definitely, colorful in their own right. When it comes to their cuisines, cultures and everything else in their lands, the people are always proud of something or other. 

It's the same with North America, of course, and even South America. These are two very distinct regions of the world, yet there are a lot of shared histories within these lands. After all, they are still somewhat connected in a way, and we're not just talking about geographic connections. From ancient cultures to colonial histories, even developments in many areas, there are some linkages out there that are easy to find, and some that are worth unearthing.

If you are a travel buff or geography enthusiast, then it's a sure thing that you know what we're talking about here! Why not give the quiz a try as well? With the cultural diversity that North and South America offer, the names of their capital cities will definitely reflect these nuances. Try your hand at guessing the names of the capitals, and let's just see how genius you are in this department. 

Bon voyage!

The USA’s capital is full of international offices of many UN agencies as well. What’s the name of the capital?

Did you know that Washington, D.C. is the seat of government of the USA? It is a pioneering place in this manner, as well as in other aspects, such as housing the very first recognized LGBT newspaper in the country aptly called the Washington Blade.


Contrary to popular belief, Brazil’s capital is not the usual Carnaval venue, but this place. What city is it?

When we say Brazil, people automatically think of the hip and happening Rio de Janeiro. But its true capital is called Brasilia, where you can also visit many monumental places, such as the Cathedral of Brasilia, the Monumental Axis, and the interesting presidential office building known as Palacio do Planalto.


Nicaragua’s capital actually rhymes with the country’s name. Can you guess which?

Many might think that Nicaragua is in South America, but it’s actually in North America. Its capital is Managua, home of the Tiscapa Lagoon Natural Reserve, and the very scenic lake area known as Puerto Salvador Allende.


Fans of the Evita musical know that Argentina’s capital is this vibrant city. What’s the name?

“What’s new, Buenos Aires?” is one of the upbeat songs from the Evita musical, paying homage to the vibrant capital city of Argentina. When visiting, a must-see is the Casa Rosada presidential palace, the Plaza de Mayo central square, and of course the colorful and artistic La Boca alley.


The land of the Aztec, Mexico, identifies which city as their capital?

Mexico City is, obviously, the capital of Mexico. You have to experience how they celebrate Dia De Los Muertos here, or the Day of the Dead holidays. Drop by Frida Kahlo’s Museum as well — a must-see here!


Peru’s active capital city is this one. Can you guess which?

If you’re into baroque artistry and architecture, you must see the Basilica and Convent of San Francisco in Lima, Peru’s capital city. It has interesting ages-old catacombs underground, for the adventurous Catholic out there.


The land of reggae, Jamaica, hails which city as its capital, mon?

Of course there is a Bob Marley Museum found in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, where you can see the reggae master’s former home and memorabilia. For nature lovers, you can try hiking the Blue Mountains or beach bum in nearby Lime Cay island.


The land of beauty queens, Venezuela, identifies which vibrant city as its capital?

Caracas, Venezuela’s capital, is actually a valley, so you can see mountainous areas as its gorgeous backdrop. Visit the National Pantheon of Venezuela there, a historic resting place for prominent Venezuelan public figures.


The North American country of Panama identifies which city as its capital?

When in Panama City, you’ll have access to both the Panama Canal and the Pacific Ocean here. Start your sightseeing with Casco Viejo, the historic cobblestone area with very cute cafes and bars all around.


The country that touches the equator, Ecuador, cites which of its cities as its capital?

If you want to feel the heritage of the Incas, visit Ecuador’s capital of Quito, where they were able to preserve their pre-Columbian culture in a very impressive way. Not to miss is a visit to the actual marker of the equator here, known as the Ciudad Mitad del Mundo plaza, where the equator monument marks the spot!


You can find the capital of Canada in the province of Ontario. Which city is it?

For history buffs, you can learn more about Canada’s history in Ottawa, its capital, by visiting Parliament Hill and the Canadian Museum of History. But if you’re more of the shop-’til-you-drop type (and a foodie, too!), ByWard Market is the place for you.


The long sliver of South American land called Chile identifies which city as its capital?

Many might not know this, but Santiago is a very happening city, commercially speaking, making Chile a good destination for haute couture followers. They have their own version of Rodeo Drive there, called Alonso de Cordova, and many luxurious shopping malls carry international brands such as Armani Exchange, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Zara, Hugo Boss, Façonnable, Swarovski and many more.


The continuous recovery of Haiti from the 2010 earthquake is evident in the resilience of its capital city. What’s the name of the capital?

You’ll know you’re in Port-au-Prince when you see those small, colorful houses all around, looking like they’re atop each other, or cascading from a mountainside. Shop 'til you drop at the equally colorful Iron Market as well, where local souvenirs abound.


Sofia Vergara’s country of origin, Colombia, counts which city as its capital?

Artsy backpackers, head on over to Bogota, the capital city of Colombia. There are so many offerings here for the low-key traveler who’s into the arts, such as Fernando Botero’s Museum (Museo Botero), as well as the area called La Macarena filled with many art galleries featuring contemporary local artists.


Trinidad and Tobago, which is part of North America, points to which city as its capital?

Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago, is actually another home of the Carnival festivities, much like Rio de Janeiro is. But while they samba and bossa over there in Brazil, they calypso and soca here in T&T, which is equally cool!


What is the capital of the South American country of Paraguay?

The capital city of Paraguay, Asuncion, was named by Spanish conquistadors after the Assumption of Mary, or Nuestra Señora Santa María de la Asunción. It’s also no wonder that you have to pass by this capital city to go to one of the most important Catholic pilgrimage places in South America, The Basilica of Caacupé, which celebrates the December 8 feast of Our Lady of Miracles, which pertains to Mary.


Pulitzer Prize-winning author Junot Diaz, who also hails from Dominican Republic, was born in that country’s capital. Which city is it?

The largely Catholic Santo Domingo, named after Saint Dominic, is the capital of the Dominican Republic. Chill and have some coffee in the cafe-filled Plaza de España there, or enjoy some bachata and merengue music at the clubs and bars along Malécon strip.


Somewhere on the North Atlantic side of South America is Guyana. What is its capital?

While the name of the country might sound a little Spanish, Guyana actually has an Anglophone history, meaning British people occupied them before, and English is highly spoken there. This is also evident in the British colonial architectural structures found all around its capital of Georgetown.


Rihanna was born in the capital city of Barbados. Ooh na na, what's the name?

People go to Barbados for the beautiful beaches. You can head over to their capital, the port city of Bridgetown, to access laid-back places such as Rockley Beach or Carlisle Bay.


The South American country of Uruguay also has its own version of cowboys. In which capital city can you find evidence of this fact?

Head over to Museo del Gaucho in the capital city of Montevideo to learn more about Uruguay’s own cowboy culture and ranch life stuff. They also have a fun Carnival Museum if that’s more your thing.


Johnny Depp might own his own island in the Bahamas, but is it as fun as the capital? What’s the capital of this nation?

Actor Sidney Poitier might have better claim on the Bahamas since his parents were from its capital, Nassau, and he holds dual citizenship, too. Who could blame him, if you see how picturesque Nassau is, with the many places of interest to visit here. Cruise ships often dock here for many reasons: Paradise Island, Blue Lagoon Island, Atlantis Bahamas, Fort Fincastle, and many more!


Fans of historical architecture can head over to Suriname’s capital to see some great establishments there. What’s the name of the capital?

The capital city of Paramaribo has a lot of Dutch colonial heritage buildings still preserved and intact to this day, reflecting the country's history and development. Various religious architectural buildings there are also worth seeing and inspecting, such as the Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral, the Neveh Shalom Synagogue, and the Mosque Keizerstraat.


The Grenadines island chain in the West Indies count the country of Grenada as part of that chain. What is its capital?

Saint George’s is an active producer of some of the world’s best-known herbs and spices, such as cloves and nutmeg. They grow a lot of cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla and ginger, too.


The South American country of Bolivia counts this city as its de facto capital, because it houses their seat of government. What’s the name?

If you don’t have any fear of heights, taking a ride at the impressive Mi Teleferico cable car system is the best way to see all of La Paz from up above. It has around 25 stations with 8 lines (with plans to build additional ones), and addresses lots of public transport problems in the capital city of Bolivia.


Central America’s booming financial hub is located in El Salvador’s capital city. What’s the name?

Miss Universe Pageant fans would immediately tell you that the 1975 competition was held in San Salvador. The capital’s many developments led it to its current beta status of being a global city, meaning a city that’s becoming an important hub within the global economic network.


While Antigua and Barbuda only count less than 100,000 people as residents, it’s know as “The Land of 365 Beaches.” What is its capital?

You can access some of the best beaches of Antigua and Barbuda through the capital of Saint John’s, particularly the ones within the major island of Antigua where the capital is situated. Some of these beaches are Runaway Beach and the picturesque Fort James Beach.


Costa Rica knows how to attract foodies and partygoers. What is their capital city?

Look for the University of Costa Rica located in the capital city of San Jose. Within its nearby neighborhoods are many cool and hip bars and restaurants popular with nightlife-pursuing people, especially those in the San Pedro and La California areas.


Mayan history is seen all over Guatemala, particularly in which capital city?

The history of the ancient Mayan civilization is well-preserved and evident all around Guatemala City, especially within the Museo Popol Vuh where pre-Columbian exhibits are installed. After immersing in their history, visitors can also immerse in some vibrant nightlife in the capital, especially in the places found within the Zona Viva area.


When on a cruise ship to Saint Lucia, in which capital city does the liner usually dock?

Castries is a very lively place, especially since it has many historical offerings for culture-curious tourists, as well as cool shopping places for the shopaholic ones. Highly recommended is the Castries Market, and of course the very picturesque Vigie Beach.


Technically, Belize is located in Central America, which is actually at the southernmost portion of North America. What is its capital?

Belmopan is considered as one of the youngest cities to become a capital city of a country. It actually became a city only in the year 2000.


Which port city is the capital of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines?

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is another tourist destination where cruise ships like to dock. Its capital, Kingston, has many Catholic churches that date back to the 1800s, as well as a dynamic market that visitors like to shop for local souvenirs, one that’s best to visit on a Friday or Saturday as locals advise.


The South American country of Bolivia counts two cities as its capital, actually. What is its constitutional capital?

"Jurassic Park" fans might want to head to Bolivia’s constitutional capital of Sucre to see some petrified footprints of dinosaurs found around the area of the capital, specifically on the paleontological site called Cal Orck’o. Go visit Parque Cretacico, a museum dedicated to dinosaurs, where they have exhibits of giant dinosaur fossils and life-size models of these creatures. Have a blast!


Look for the island country of Dominica in the West Indies. Do you know the capital?

The Caribbean island of Dominica has a lot to offer nature lovers aside from its beaches. Its capital, Roseau, is the entry point to many of the great natural formations that visitors can go to, such as the interesting Boiling Lake, the water formation heated by a volcano, situated within the Morne Trois Pitons National Park.


You can find Saint Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean, which is still part of North America. What’s the name of its capital?

Tourists go to Saint Kitts and Nevis for the great beach getaways here. They’ll have to go through the capital of Basseterre to reach these heavenly spots, such as Frigate Bay and South Friars Bay.


The Central American country of Honduras points to which of its largest cities as the capital?

The capital city of Tegucigalpa is ensconced within a valley. That’s why you can see mountain views amidst its backdrop, as it is located in the highland region called the Francisco Morazan.


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