You May Be Truly British If You've Done 19/30 of These Things!

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Being British isn't just something you can be born into... OK, technically, it is something you can absolutely be born into. However, there is a lot more to being British than simply being born that way. There are a whole host of national traditions, from the sublime to the ridiculous, from the delightful to the possibly slightly onerous, that you should be engaging in if you are British. You don't have to do all of them regularly, but you do have to do most of them at least once.

These traditions include things like grossly over-indulging in tea and alcohol; apologizing for things that other people did to you instead of the reverse; generating picture-perfect Yorkshire puddings with ease; cursing like a sailor whether or not the situation is appropriate and many more. If you've ever been absolutely bamboozled as to why a person would allow the weather to dictate their plans, or how it's possible to go out in the sun (no matter your skin tone) without getting burned, then you're British. If you know every Doctor Who by number and every "Downton Abbey" character by name, you're extra British.

Are you as British as Queen Victoria? Let's find out!

Have you ever had more than four cups of tea in a day?

Have you ever apologized to someone who shoved you?

Have you ever gotten a sunburn in less than 20 minutes, irrespective of your complexion?

Can you successfully chug a pint?

Have you ever produced a flawless Yorkshire pudding?

"Would the end of June suit you to shack up"? Does this sound like a good marriage proposal?

Have you ever been so drunk that you couldn't remember the last 12 hours?

Have you ever used more than 1,000 curse words in a single day?

Have you ever described three consecutive days of 77°F (25°C) as a "heatwave"?

Have you ever simply been unable to understand why a person might change their plans because it is raining?

What is the ratio of "I love yous" you've said to dogs, as compared to the number of people to whom you have said it?

Can you name more than 10 characters on "Downton Abbey"?

Have you ever used a verb to describe being drunk, that doesn't actually mean being drunk, and just assumed everyone will understand?

How many Doctor Whos could you identify?

Have you ever laughed at the idea of turning on the heat when you're only wearing one cardigan?

Have you ever eaten a McVitie's chocolate digestive?

Have you ever been offended when someone mis-assessed your social class?

Have you ever been confused when someone suggested that the food in London isn't good?

Have you ever been smug about how little you pay for world-class healthcare?

Have you ever complained about the weather daily even though it's actually quite nice most of the time?

Have you ever gone to bed at 7 pm in December because the sun's been down for four hours already so you might as well?

Have you ever called someone a "chav"?

Have you recently referred to a poorly-behaved youth as a "hoodie"?

Have you ever worried that calling something "PC gone mad" is a bit cliche?

Have you ever said someone reminds you of Hyacinth Bucket?

Have you ever woken up from the sun rising outside and realized it's only 3:45 am?

Have you ever been worried because you didn't have a suitable hat for Ascot?

You have to change your clothes. What is the smallest piece of fabric under which you can change without showing any skin?

Can you tie a proper double Windsor with your eyes shut?

Has your train ever arrived on time?

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