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You might hear some language you've never heard in your life on a CB radio. All it takes is a quick listen in and you might find yourself lost in the terminology. Not only do you have to learn it as a driver, but you also have to think of a handle. Uh... is "Firebird" taken? Get ready to cruise down the open road listening to the CB on this quiz!

Do you know what terms like "kiddie car," "crotch rocket" and "dragonfly" mean? Can you decipher long phrases like, "paying the water bill" or "too many eggs in the basket"? How many different words are used for the police? Can you name them all? You'll quickly learn how important the lingo is. After all, it can be dangerous out on the open road, but other drivers are there to lend you a helping hand.

Do you know the terms a driver might use to warn other drivers of what is ahead? Do you know where drivers might say they're going to stop for a bite to eat? How many of the "10" terms do you know? It's all vital to the job as a truck driver.

So, if you think you can handle a rig and the talk that goes along with it, get into the driver's seat. Let's see if you can make it to your destination and back!

What do drivers call the slow lane on the CB radio?

The granny lane is the slow lane for a trucker. They might take the granny lane if they know that they're slow, but if they're in the fast lane, watch out!


What does it mean to be "breaking up"?

If another driver says that you're "breaking up," then you better check your signal! Something could be interfering or messing with your signal, making your speech unclear to everyone listening.


What is a "choke and puke"?

If you hear a trucker say they're going to stop at a choke and puke, don't be alarmed! They're just hungry and need a bite to eat. After all, the restaurants can be few and far between on the open road.


In what circumstance might a driver use the phrase "come back"?

A driver might use this phrase if they didn't hear what you said or if they missed what you said. It's like saying, "Sorry, can you repeat yourself?" Do what the driver asked!


Under what circumstance would you use the phrase "breaker-19"?

When the channel is busy, but you need to use it, then this is the phrase to use. The drivers will stop their conversation to allow you to speak. This could be especially useful in emergency situations.


What is a "bear"?

A bear is a cop, but there are many variations of this word. A bear can be "in the air," meaning that they're in a helicopter, or "in the bushes," which means that they are hiding on you. Your fellow drivers might warn you of this.


What is a "10-20"?

What's your 10-20? If you hear that sentence on the radio, then you'll be able to reply with something along the lines of this: "My 10-20 is Miami, Florida." It will let everyone know where you are in the world.


What is a "crotch rocket"?

Have you let a crotch rocket pass you by? If you hear of one on the CB radio, don't be alarmed! It's just in reference to a speedy motorcycle and their endeavors on the open road.


What is the term used on the CB radio for a tailgater?

A tailgater is known as a "bumper sticker" on the CB radio, not the typical "I heart dogs" decoration! What's the best way to deal with a bumper sticker? There might be a tall tale to go along with the word!


What term is used to talk about something or someone else behind you while driving?

There's a bear at your back door. That means, you better look behind you, there's a cop there! In reality, it could be anything from a car that wants to go faster to a another trucker letting you know they're nearby.


What does "blackeye" mean?

A "blackeye" to a trucker doesn't happen after a fight, but rather when they're missing a headlight. They'll usually warn you on the CB radio if they notice you're missing one. They're happy to help another driver!


What does it mean to hit "triple digits"?

Hitting triple digits is to go more than 100 miles per hour. You might only hit this when you get on the highway. Make sure you always check the speed limit to know what speed is the safest to drive in the area!


If you're on the "left coast," where are you?

I'm heading on over to the Left Coast, driver! When looking at a map, the West Coast is on the left, so it makes sense why drivers would call it that. So... is the East Coast the "Right Coast" then?


What is another term used for "OK" on the CB radio?

10-4 can be used and heard in many different situations on the CB radio. But there are more numerical-based terms where that comes from. 10-4 good neighbor, see you at the nearest rest station!


What is a "bucket mouth"?

A "bucket mouth" is someone who talks too much. There's a lot of talking that goes on the CB radio, so it's important not to hog it up all the time! Make sure to leave some breaks when you don't need to speak.


If a trucker is listening to the CB radio, but not speaking, what are they doing?

Of course, it's not actual mail, but only an expression! It's used when describing another driver who doesn't talk on the CB radio, but only listens in on the conversations.


If someone says "10-10" on the CB radio, what does that tell you?

The term "10-10" is used to let other truckers know that you're all ears and ready to hear what they have to say. This might used when another trucker asks for a break, for example.


What do drivers call a "kiddie car"?

A kiddie car is the perfect name for a school bus. Just like all other vehicles, truckers must be careful of kiddie cars. It's important to always put safety first!


What name do drivers use for a local police officer?

Police officers have lots of names on the CB radio! Local yokel is used for the local officers in the area while "bears" are more of a blanket term for all police officers who are encountered.


What is an "alligator"?

If you see an alligator, watch out! Just like a real alligator, the alligators of the road are dangerous. A popped tire can be bad news for your rig, so make sure to warn others on the CB radio.


What kind of vehicle do drivers call "salt shakers"?

This is the perfect name for the salt trucks that salt the roads and icy patches in the winter. Your fellow drivers might be happy when they see a salt shaker, because the road will be a little less slippery for them and their rigs.


What does "10-7" mean?

10-7 is the code to use when you're getting off the radio for the day. In short, it means that you'll be unreachable from that point on. Get some well-deserved rest!


What does it mean if a driver tells you that they've "got their nightgown on"?

A driver who "has their nightgown on" is going to be going to bed pretty soon. Although it may not seem like it sometimes, drivers need sleep, too!


What does it mean if you're "feeding the bears"?

The bears will be full after you've paid your fine. This is saying that you'll be keeping the police happy for paying the fine for a traffic violation. Otherwise, they'll be kind of angry!


What can you assume a driver is doing if they say that they're going to "pay the water bill"?

If a driver is "paying the water bill" they're going to stop for a bathroom break. It is quite a unique phrase you might not have heard before. Were you able to figure it out?!


What term is used when a driver can't keep their eyes open any longer?

"I'm having shutter trouble, Eagle Eye!" is a phrase you might hear from a trucker. They'll probably pull over for some-well deserved rest pretty soon. It's not safe to drive while tired, after all.


What should you look at to check how many miles are left on a road?

A yardstick is a term you might hear often on the CB radio. The term is used for the markers on the side of the road with the mileage left to travel. They can be helpful when giving locations as well.


What does it mean if you have "too many eggs in the basket"?

To have too many eggs in the basket is too have an overweight truck that is too full. This can be dangerous at times, so try not to let your truck haul more than it is able to handle.


What might you be called if someone doesn't know your handle?

You're a driver to everyone unless they know your handle! Some famous CB radio handles are Silver Tongued Devil, Rubber Duck and Widow Maker. What would your handle be?


If your truck is described as a "dragonfly," what is wrong with it?

A dragonfly may go fast, but in the world of truck driving, it means your truck has no guts and it is not too powerful. You may notice that it has trouble climbing or to get going in general if this is the case.


What is the name used for Channel 19 on the CB Radio?

If someone tells you to go to Sesame Street, they don't mean the television show! Sesame Street is code for Channel 19 on the CB radio, which is one of the most popular channels to use.


What word is used to describe an icy road?

There's a lot of grease when it comes to life as a trucker! From the grease used on the truck to the greasy roads, it's important to watch out and take extra caution when driving a rig.


What word is used for "median"?

Median rhymes with "comedian," making that the perfect word to use on the CB radio! Make sure you watch out for the comedian. It's there for your own safety.


How would you say "yes" on the CB radio?

That would be affirmative, good neighbor! If you wanted to say "no" instead, you'd say "negatory." It sounds pretty formal for the informal CB radio, doesn't it?!


What term do truckers use to say that they're speeding up?

Alright driver, time to power up for this hill coming up! Truckers may need to power up their rigs at certain points, such as on the highway or when approaching a hill.


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