You and Your Love Could Grow Old Together If You've Done Most of These Things.

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As we age, there are a number of milestones that people meet and accomplish, and one of these which appears on many people's list is to find the person who they are destined to spend the rest of their life with. Nobody wants to grow old all on their own, watching the world pass them by, especially if the people around them form long-lasting relationships.

We've all seen them in the movies, on television and some of us were even blessed enough to grow up knowing couples which have stood the test of time. Many of us want that same thing, but it is easier said than done. 

Many of us enter into relationships thinking that we have met our match, but within a few weeks, months and even years, we begin to realize that they may not be the right person after all.

There are countless articles out there which tell you ways that you can make your relationship last but can the things that you and your significant other have already done give clues as to whether things you two are in it for the long haul or not? If you would like to find out, this is definitely the quiz for you!

Do you two live together?

Have you been together for over 5 years?

Have you met each other’s parents?

Are you thinking about getting a pet together?

Do you go on date nights at least once a month?

Do you two cook for each other or cook together?

Do you speak about your future together?

Do you take time out just to spend with each other?

Have you ever been overseas together?

Do you two do spontaneous things?

Do you have sex at least once a week?

Have you two done it on multiple surfaces in your home?

Do you like kissing each other in the rain?

Do you write each other love letters or notes?

Are compliments a thing in your relationship?

Would you ever recreate your first date?

Do you have pet names for each other?

Have you ever stayed up all night just talking?

Do you talk to each other about personal problems?

Do you talk about arguments that you have had?

Do you have a scrapbook or photo album?

Do you two share the same beliefs​ together?

Would you two ever start a new tradition?

Have you ever gotten a couples’ massage?

Have you gone to see at least one scary movie together?

Have you ever sung a karaoke duet?

How do you feel about tandem bike rides?

Have you ever dressed up in matching/complimentary costumes for Halloween?

Would you ever volunteer together?

Have you ever worked out together?

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