Your Favorite Television Shows Will Tell Us How Patriotic You Are!

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One of America's most popular exports across the globe is its television. From inventing many of the components of the actual modern tv itself to creating many of the most popular shows in the world, America never has a better face to present to the world than the one that Hollywood has to offer. American TV shows the world an image of beautiful people with improbably terrific teeth and skin that somehow has no pores even in high definition.  Television shows do amazing things: they're hilarious, they're brave, they're sinister, they're insightful, and if they make it abroad, it means they're invariably extremely watchable. From the antiheroes that you love to hate to the role models that you hope your kids will admire, American TV has it all.

That's why the shows you choose reveal a lot about Americans, in particular, relate to America. Gung-ho patriots who simply love the nation but don't want to think too hard about what that means will tend to gravitate to morally simple narratives about a band of heroes fighting back against the chaos, whether in the form of superhero shows or "The Walking Dead." Thoughtful progressives who see their nation's flaws but aspire to heal them will choose more complicated fare like "House of Cards," "The Handmaid's Tale," or "The Man in the High Castle." Hardcore capitalists who just love Gordon Gekko and everything he stands for will watch "Keeping up with the Kardashians," "The Real Housewives of Orange County," and other reality franchises hawking the new and shiny. Those who appreciate America's natural beauty will enjoy documentaries highlighting its natural wonders. 

Tell us what shows you love, and we'll see not just how patriotic you are, but also, how you are patriotic, and they're not quite the same thing. Let's get started!

What action show do you like?

What reality show do you like?

Do you watch a lot of nature documentaries?

Do you like any shows in which the president is a bad guy?

Do you like morally complex heroes?

Which is the best show about very rich people?

Which is the best show about the working class?

Which is the best show about politicians?

Do you love period dramas?

What news channel do you watch?

How do you get your TV shows?

Which dystopia on TV is the best one right now?

Which sitcom is the best?

Do you only watch a show if you can binge it?

Does it bother you if a show's depiction of the military is unrealistic?

Do you notice whether a show is presenting stereotypical characters?

Do you notice whether a show passes the Bechdel Test (whereby every episode contains at least two named female characters who have at least one conversation with each other about something besides a man or men)?

Do you prefer bigger or smaller budget shows?

Is it probably better if there are subtitles?

Do you watch a lot of shows in which the main characters aren't beautiful?

Do you watch NBC's live musicals?

What sporting event do you never miss?

What actor will you watch in just about anything?

If you heard a show was from the creators of South Park, is that a must-avoid or a must-watch to you?

Do you ever find yourself cringing at American shows' depictions of foreign cultures?

Do you ever keep watching a show after it jumps the shark?

Have you ever gone online to protest the possible or actual cancelation of a show?

Do you engage with shows beyond just watching them (e.g., going to cons, hanging out on message boards, holding viewing parties)?

Do you think there are too many revivals right now?

Is there any downside to peak TV?

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