Can We Guess What You're Like in Bed from Your Taste in Desserts?

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Dessert, as many say, is the best part of any meal. And for good reason! These goodies are usually sweet and make the perfect ending to any night. But we also know of something else that could be the perfect end to any night, morning, or afternoon, and that is lovemaking. So we're going to marry the two and instead of directly asking you about what you like in the bedroom, we're going to let your tastes in desserts speak for you. 

We're going to ask you how sweet you like it and how often you indulge in that kind of sweetness. We're going to ask if you like huge helpings or if you like a little at a time. We want to know if you're very picky about the desserts you put into your mouth or if anything goes. In short, we want a thorough understanding of what you put into your mouth - and we're speaking purely about desserts here, so get your mind out of the gutter! 

So, if you're incredibly curious to find out what this quiz will say about your bedroom personality, tastes, and preferences, then get started on this quiz! We're pretty sure that you'll be very satisfied by the end. 

How often do you eat dessert?

How sweet do you like your desserts?

If you had to choose one candy to eat for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Which of these dessert types do you prefer?

What do you bring your desserts to your lips with?

Which holiday has the best desserts?

Where do you usually get your favorite desserts from?

How much of a chocoholic are you?

What kind of chocolate is your favorite?

How adventurous are you with your desserts?

Which of these creamy desserts is the best?

But which cake flavor can you not get enough of?

Let's talk cookies. Which of these do you always stock up on from the girl scouts?

What kind of donut is your go-to for a morning delight?

And what pastry really makes you smile?

Let's go cold for a little while. Which ice cream flavor is always in your fridge?

What's the best ice cream topping ever?

And which of these sauces is a must-have?

Which cold, non ice-cream dessert is the best?

But which dessert drink do you never say no to?

What's the best fried dessert ever?

Let's try to be a tad bit healthier with our choices. Which fruity dessert do you love?

Which gluten-free option would you try?

Which dessert, that is not completely solid, are you a fan of?

Time for pies! What's your favorite flavor?

Which breakfast dessert do you always have time for?

Which coffee dessert would you give a thumbs up?

What's the worst dessert in the world?

Which of these foreign favorites are you most likely to order?

But who makes the most lip-licking desserts?

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