Tell Us About Your Taste in Food And We'll Give You a Place in Europe To Live

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Sometimes, it's normal to feel like you aren't where you want to be in life. It could be with your job, your relationship or with your accomplishments. In this case, we're talking about feeling like you're stuck in a town that you shouldn't be living in. Do you feel like you ought to be somewhere else? Well, hundreds of thousands of people feel that way, but with over 150 countries in the world to choose from, it can be difficult (and expensive) to figure out where you should be living. 

So, we're going to make it easy for you. We're going to zoom in on the European continent to find out where you should reside. We're also making it easier because you won't have a bunch of hard questions to answer. No way! We're going to ask you about the foods you love (and hate) eating, so that we can determine which European country is calling your name. 

If you're curious to know where that is, and if you're also a foodie at heart, come tell us about the things you want to put in your mouth. By the end, we'll tell you where you should take a one-way flight to.

Which diet do you follow?

How many meals do you eat every day?

Which meal is your favorite?

Are you very health-conscious?

Now let's get to picking some food. Which of these breads would you eat for breakfast?

What's the best way to eat an egg?

Salads can be pretty boring, but could you please choose one?

What kind of meat/seafood is your go-to for a special occasion?

What's the best thing to season meat or fish with?

When it comes to soups, which kind would you eat every day?

Snacks are a necessary part of life. Which one do you eat the most?

Let's pretend to have a few beers. What base makes the best beer?

What kind of liquor are you?

Which of these exotic drinks do you wish had a dispenser at your office?

Which of these are you addicted to?

What's the best kind of pizza?

Because we're already in Italy, which of these Italian favorites makes your mouth water?

Let's keep this around-the-world thing going. Which Asian favorite do you order every time?

Which African country do you think has the best cuisine?

Of these weird Australian menu options, which would you try?

If you had to drink one of these classic Latin American cocktails, which would it be?

Which American soda is your all-time favorite?

Many countries claim to have been the inventor of cheese. But which kind are you most thankful for?

You know we have to ask about some sweets. What's your favorite kind of dessert?

Which fried option is the most delicious?

Which cake flavor really does it for you?

What kind of ice cream would you pair with your favorite cake?

Which pie do you wish your mom or grandmom would bake for you right now?

Which of these candies is not good for you, but you can't seem to stop eating it?

Do you consider yourself to be a foodie?

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