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To get Canadian citizenship, you have to know all about Canada to pass the test. But according to a survey by Forum Research, at least 9 out of every 10 Canadians would fail the test. While this may be true, now is the perfect time to test yourself on how much you know about your country. Though you may not know some areas, you're sure to know a thing or two in other areas.

Canadian history is one subject that might prove to be difficult, but maybe you know a little more about society within Canada. Even if you find the questions to be tough, it will show you where your weak spots are within your Canadian knowledge. Being Canadian is all about knowing the symbols, languages and people who matter within our country. It's just as important to know your rights and freedoms as a Canadian citizen.

Though you may already be recognized as a citizen, now's your chance to test your knowledge of our great country. If you can ace this quiz, then you probably know it inside and out. Would you like to see how much you know about everything that makes up Canada? Get started on this quiz to see how well you do!

We're not talking about telephones in this question. If you're an anglophone, what are you?

An anglophone is just another word for someone who speaks English. In contrast, a francophone is someone who speaks French. In Canada, it's not uncommon to meet either of these speakers, but you'll more commonly find francophones closer to Quebec. Many people are also bilingual.


An important deal for three countries, what does NAFTA stand for?

The North American Free Trade Agreement is important for North America as it allows trading between the three countries involved to be executed much easier. Those countries are Canada, the United States and Mexico.


An important symbol in Canadian culture, where can you find the fleur-de-lis in Canada?

The Quebec flag represents the province and uses the fleur-de-lis on its four corners. It has been used as the provincial flag for over 70 years, and the flower has been used as a symbol for the province.


Important for many reasons, what is one purpose of the House of Commons?

The House of Commons is important to the progress of Canada as a whole, where members of Parliament (MPs) conduct discussions and debates around bills and other issues. There are also votes that take place within the House.


As a Canadian, it's important to celebrate the country. Canada Day is celebrated on what day?

Close to the American Independence Day is Canada Day, an important date in the history of the country. Marking the birth of Canada as an official country, it is considered a holiday and celebrated by people around the country.


There are many members of the government, but do you know who serves as a representative of the queen?

The Governor General is the queen's Canadian counterpart. Appointed by the queen, the Prime Minister also has a say. In their day-to-day, a Governor General does tasks such as Royal Assent, which gives them the power to sign something into law on behalf of the queen.


Which Canadian document outlines the rights of citizens?

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects the rights of every single Canadian. It details things such as every Canadian's right to free speech. It also outlines other rights such as the equality of all people across Canada, regardless of race, sex, gender and more.


These important parts of the government are meant for different things. Which of the following is not a level of government?

Canada has only three levels of government, each of which has a different jurisdiction and purpose. Municipal government pertains to the city, provincial is all about the province (or territory) and federal is the entire country. Each one has a representative member of Parliament, premier and prime minister.


There are many groups of indigenous people in Canada. Which of the following is an aboriginal group in the country?

The Metis are just one of the many indigenous groups within Canada. Others include the Iroquois and the Algonquin, who all played an essential role in Canada's history. It's important to recognize their contributions and history.


Who is considered to have discovered Canada?

Jacques Cartier touched down on the St. Lawrence River in the 1500s. Despite this, many others had already made their way to the country beforehand and indigenous peoples lived in the country before anyone.


Though you might never have a case go there, can you name the highest court in Canada?

The Supreme Court handles appeals and can have a say in the final decision of a case. The judges in the court meet to discuss the appeals and issues and reach a final decision. This is the highest court to which one can appeal.


You may know Canada's official winter sport, but do you know which sport is recognized as the official summer sport of Canada?

If you live in Canada, you know that hockey is one of the country's official sports. One lesser-known official sport is lacrosse, but it's a fun fact about Canada. The two sports are quite similar, after all!


He started the beginning of a long line of elected prime ministers. Who was the first Prime Minister of Canada?

The first of many Prime Ministers of Canada, Sir John A. MacDonald's term wasn't all great. He resigned after getting involved in a scandal and served for only six years as the prime minister. He wasn't from Canada, but rather from Scotland, coming over to Canada to serve.


One important holiday in Canada celebrates the birthday of a certain queen. What is it called?

Victoria Day takes on many names in Canada, but this is its official one. Queen Victoria's birthday turns the weekend into a long one, during which parties and other gatherings are held to celebrate the occasion. in recent years, however, it has become less about celebrating a birthday and more about having a good time.


Every prime minister needs a place to work. Their office is located in what building?

The Parliament Buildings are important for many reasons. While they aren't just where the prime minister works, there is a lot of history surrounding them. For example, the Memorial Chamber holds the history of soldiers who fought and died for the country.


It's time for some awards. How does one get the Order of Canada?

The Order of Canada is a high honour that recognizes anyone who has achieved something outstanding or has served the country. A few thousand people currently hold the honour. They include people like the great Canadian painter, A.Y. Jackson.


What award show celebrates Canadian musicians within the country?

The Juno Awards have been celebrating Canadian music and musicians since the 1970s. The show is beloved by many Canadians. It celebrates all genres and has many talented Canadian performers grace the stage. The show goes to a different Canadian city each year!


Thinking of the official languages will help you answer this question. How many versions of the Canadian anthem are there?

As Canada has two official languages, there are two official versions of the Canadian national anthem. Not much changes within the song, but it is important that both languages are represented. Every Canadian has a right to sing this anthem!


Which of the following is a prairie province?

Alberta is well-known for being a flat and open province, also known as a prairie province. This term can also be used for the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, which are all located centrally within the country.


It's important to know your capital cities as a citizen of Canada. Do you know which city is the capital of British Columbia?

Victoria is flourishing in more ways than one. Not only is it known for its beauty and blooming flowers, but it's growing in population as well. The name of the city was derived from Queen Victoria, who has many things named after her within the country.


When is Remembrance Day celebrated in Canada?

Remembrance Day is an important day in Canada, which is meant for Canadians to remember the sacrifices made by our Canadian troops to ensure our safety. Poppies are often worn for the entirety of November out of respect.


This is the place to go when issues with voting arise. Which organization deals with elections and voting?

Elections Canada is an important part of life in Canada. As Canadian citizens, the right to vote is one that every citizen holds. Voting is important in shaping the future of our country and having a say in what we value most.


Who can be honoured with the Victoria Cross?

Canadians who commit great acts of bravery when faced with an enemy are recognized with the Victoria Cross, but it doesn’t stop there. Bars can be added to the medal to show even more bravery and other incredible acts. No Canadian has received one since 1945.


One province in Canada takes the top spot when it comes to population. What is the most populated province?

Ontario tops the list with a population of more than 13 million people, while the smallest province by population is Prince Edward Island. The territories make the bottom of the list have populations only within the tens of thousands.


There are many waterways in the country. Where would you find the Bay of Fundy?

A stretch of water separating the two provinces, the Bay of Fundy has strong tides. Even the United States gets a glimpse at this mostly Canadian beauty, as it also touches the state of Maine.


It's important to know how old your country is. In what year did Canada become a country?

Now at over 150 years old, Canada was born in 1867. Before this, many of the provinces that we know today had many different names. For example, if you're in Ontario now, then your province would have been known as "Lower Canada" prior to Confederation. Quebec was known as "Upper Canada."


One of the few battles that took place within Canada, what was the purpose of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham?

Taking place in Quebec City, this battle was between the British and the French. It ended up being a victory for the British who then took control over the territory. The battle got its name because it took place on land owned by a farmer named Abraham.


Where do most Acadians live in Canada?

The Acadians are people who are descendants of the French and indigenous groups who lived and settled in the Maritimes. Acadians can also be found in Louisiana, where a very large population exists, and also in Quebec and Ontario.


The Confederation is one very important time in Canadian history. The last province to join the Confederation was which of the following?

On the East coast of our country lies the province of Newfoundland. While some may have thought that Nunavut was the last to join the Confederation, Nunavut is classified as a territory. Whereas most provinces and territories joined in the late 1800s or early 1900s, Newfoundland joined in 1949 and Nunavut joined in 1999.


An important responsibility for citizens, what do you need in order to vote in Canada?

There are many ways for someone to vote in Canada. The easiest is by bringing your voter Information card and a piece of ID to your assigned polling station. As long as everything matches, then you're good to go. If you don't have these, you can still vote, but it gets a bit more complicated. According to Elections Canada, find a neighbor or someone else who knows you that can confirm your address and name in writing, and you'll be able to vote.


Accepting and inclusive, which term is commonly used to describe the country?

Canada has been recognized as a cultural mosaic, where many different cultures and groups exist peacefully. Much of this mosaic comes from immigration which allows those from other countries to live and become Canadian citizens if they choose, while still having the freedom of practicing and participating in their own cultures.


Which of these wars did not involve Canada?

Canada did not take part in the Hundred Years War but has taken part in many other wars in recent history. The people of our country served throughout World War I and World War II and in other conflicts around the world.


How many Fathers of the Confederation are there?

The Fathers of the Confederation are important figures in Canadian history for many reasons. They are part of the reason that Canada became a country, and a few of them went on to become prime ministers and premiers.


Forget the provinces for just a second! What is the largest territory by area in Canada?

Nunavut tops the spot of territories on this list. There were only three territory options listed here, with Ontario being a province. Nunavut also takes the top spot out of all of the provinces by area.


Which of the following is not a symbol of Canada?

Though it is a pretty iconic animal in Canada, the moose isn't recognized as one of our official Canadian symbols. The only animals that are recognized are the beaver and the Canadian Horse. There is so much to be proud of in Canada!


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