You're a Real New Yorker if You've Done 13/30 of These Things

Brian Whitney

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You know being a true New Yorker isn't just being someone who has lived there for a long time, although it sure helps if you have. Being a true New Yorker is really a state of mind. If you are a New Yorker first of all, you know the city like the back of your hand, and you don't get phased by pretty much anything. 

You are mentally tough, you think on your feet, and you are prepared for just about anything, because quite often, just about anything happens. All of the things that people do when they come to New York as tourists? Yeah, you don't do any of those. 

Some people might call you rude, but you know you are just direct; why waste time not telling people what you think? You are way more freaked out by being stuck out in the woods when it is pitch black out, then you are walking through a bad part of town in the middle of the night, you have a favorite bodega, and you totally appreciate the beauty of a good parking space. Are you a real New Yorker? You are if you've done at least 13 of these things.

Do you go to a local bodega?

How good is your local deli?

Does it bug you when people come to your neighborhood to go to the cool new bars?

Have you been pooped on by a pigeon?

Ever yell at a cabbie?

Ever punch the hood of a car that almost hit you?

How often have you been on the subway during a week?

Have you ever gone out for happy hour and then stayed out until sunrise?

How many different places have you gone to for a pizza slice during a day?

Have you ever seen a rat?

Have you bought things from someone behind bulletproof glass?

Have you lied to a tourist about directions?

Have you ever paid 16 bucks for a drink?

Do you walk and talk on the phone at the same time?

Do you walk and talk on the phone while eating?

Do you jaywalk?

Have you moved in with someone you didn't love because they have a cheap apartment?

Do you make eye contact with panhandlers?

Have you had a film crew shooting in your neighborhood?

Have you walked more than 5 miles in a day in uncomfortable shoes?

Do you get afraid in the dark when in nature?

Have you ever seen anyone go to the bathroom in the street?

Would you like to go on a sightseeing bus?

Have you been hit up for money more than 10 times in one day?

Do you get thrilled when you find a parking spot?

Does summer make you think of the smell of trash?

If in New York, do you do anything to avoid Times Square?

Do you walk super fast?

Have you ever fallen asleep standing up?

Have you yelled at a stranger?

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