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If there's one plot line that you'll see in most Disney films featuring a protagonist aged 16 or older, it's a love story. Disney movies love love nearly as much as people who are happily married love it. They depict relationships between young lovers that transcend the boundaries of culture (in the case of Mulan), social expectation (in the case of Tiana from "The Princess and the Frog"), familial meddling (in the case of Rapunzel from "Tangled") and even species (in the case of Ariel from "The Little Mermaid"). 

Love in the Disney universe knows no impediment that it cannot conquer. It crosses class, race, wealth, and species barriers with the wave of a magic wand, the capitulation of a controlling father, the defeat of a wicked queen, or the sheer bloody-mindedness of two people who refuse to be separated.

Disney doesn't just love romantic love. The movies feature a great many parent-child relationships, and we cannot forget the recent tale of sisterly love at the heart of the smash hit, "Frozen". However, this quiz is for the lovers. It's for the Tianas, the Ariels, the Jasmines. It's for everyone who soldiered on in the face of a family, a society or a literal dragon who wanted them to be alone.

Love conquers all in the Disney universe as, hopefully, you will conquer this quiz.

What does Gaston say qualifies Belle to be his wife?

As he sings, "For in town there's only she, who is beautiful as me, so I'm making plans to woo and marry Belle."


What does King Triton say to himself when he hears that Ariel is in love?

Triton is surprisingly cool hearing that his 16-year-old daughter is in love. Presumably he thinks it is an age-appropriate crush.


What does Ursula say as she's about to kill Ariel?

Ursula thinks that Ariel's expectation that Eric will save her is absurd, which turns out to be a very unsound expectation.


What's special about the first kiss between Anna and Kristoff?

Disney had taken some heat for having too many kisses where one party is unconscious, which obviously is viewed differently now. They showed willingness to adapt to modern thinking by having an adorable verbal consent exchange take place before this kiss, making it extra romantic.


What is Flynn's real name in "Tangled"?

Eugene FitzHerbert calls himself Flynn in order to sound cooler, which is fair when you think about it.


What is the name of the guy Pocahontas' father wants her to marry?

Kocoum isn't a bad guy but he's not very forward-thinking and most of all, Pocahontas doesn't love him.


What does Tiana want to do instead of looking for romance?

Tiana wants to open a restaurant specializing in all the food her chef father taught her to cook.


Why is Jasmine checking out suitors when we first meet her?

The sultan wants Jasmine to be married by her next birthday, a law he later overturns.


How does Jafar try to get Jasmine to marry him?

The Genie tries to wish for Jasmine to fall in love with him, even though the Genie can't do that.


When does Jasmine first realize Aladdin and Prince Ali are the same person?

Aladdin and Jasmine share a similar moment twice. However, he convinces her that while he is a prince, he sometimes dresses as a commoner.


What food do the Beast and Belle enjoy without cutlery once they start getting along?

The Beast makes a mess so Belle decides to drink from her bowl to make him feel better.


What is the name of Princess Aurora's "Prince Charming"?

Phillip is the name of the prince in "Sleeping Beauty," though his name is not mentioned much.


How does Gisele expect to identify the guy she's meant to be with?

Gisele is naive about many things but also right about many things - she does indeed find true love's kiss.


What is the second invitation Mulan's family offer to Li Shang when he shows up at the end of the movie?

Li Shang is invited to stay forever as he is simply too handsome and eligible to be allowed to leave.


What song plays during Simba and Nala's moonlight romance in the rainforest?

Elton John and Tim Rice wrote this song together, and it was a big hit.


What does Marian say to Prince John about the character Robin Hood disguises himself as at the archery contest?

Prince John replies, "Coincidentally, my dear young lady, he amuses me too."


Why does Abuelita think that Hector was a pretty crappy husband to Imelda?

Hector walked out on his family including little Coco, though he did intend to come back.


When the Beast turns back into a prince, how does Belle recognize him?

She looks into his eyes and she knows!


What pasta do Lady and the Tramp share on their romantic date?

They famously share a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs.


What color is Aurora's dress during her final dance with Prince Philip?

The dress alternates pink and blue, according to the what the fairies want it to be!


What instrument does Prince Eric throw into the water right before meeting a disguised Ursula?

Eric throws his pipe into the water and then Urusla's stolen voice comes to his ears.


What is the name of Snow White's love interest?

It was in the 1930s and they could barely animate the prince, so they made him a really small character.


How does Sleeping Beauty anticipate recognizing her true love when she meets him?

She expects to recognize him from a dream.


What makes Hades realize that Megara loves Hercules?

Hades uses Megara against Hercules as he realizes they are in love.


What comment does Esmeralda make about Phoebus' swordplay?

Phoebus and Esmeralda duel briefly in the cathedral before realizing that they aren't allowed to do that.


What is Eva looking for when she first meets WALL-E?

Eva is looking for green things to show that life has returned to Earth.


What gift does the Beast give Belle to show his love?

The Beast gives Belle his incredible library.


What causes Vixey to laugh at Tod when they first meet?

Tod tries to impress Vixey with his fishing skills but it goes awry.


When are Aurora and Phillip first engaged?

It's an arranged marriage but they fall in love anyway.


What are the first words Ariel speaks to Eric after getting her voice back?

The sun goes down and Ariel is turned back into a mermaid.


What animal is turned into the footman for Cinderella's coach?

All of Cinderella's animal friends are part of her entourage when she goes to the palace.


What food is Tiana noted for cooking?

Tiana is known for her beignets, which are like a fritter and very delicious.


What injury of Flynn's does Rapunzel heal with her magic hair?

Flynn's hand is injured but Rapunzel heals it with her magical hair.


What do the two heavy medallions represent that Mulan uses to retrieve the arrow fired by Li Shang and thus initially impress him?

Mulan cleverly uses the medallions to make her stronger instead of seeing them as a downside.


Why does Prince Naveen initially want to kiss Tiana?

Naveen thinks kissing Tiana will turn him into a human, but instead it turns her into a frog.


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