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Militaries have been used since the beginning of time. They've been used in times of war as well as when things have become more peaceful. They've been used to fight and protect as well as in attempts to keep peace. They've changed and evolved into the units that we recognize and still have today.

Do you know what the first war in history was? Do you know which war produced the most casualties for the U.S. military? Can you name the war in which the U.S. military attempted to invade Canada? Make sure you know the conflicts throughout history that had military involvement!

Do you know what war was the first to have a military unit use flamethrowers? Which country had a military known as the Samurai? Do you know the methods used to recruit new soldiers to the military? Do you know the weapons used by militaries in ancient warfare? Make sure you brush up on the tactics, strategies and even important figures in military history!

The military has come a long way from its use of simple weapons, strategies and tactics. If you think you know the beginnings and the past of the military, what are you waiting for? Take a shot at this quiz to see your score!

When early settlers arrived in America, whose army did they rely on?

The early American settlers had to rely on the British military in times of need. The American military had not been established until over 100 years later.


What were wars typically fought over in ancient times?

Wars in ancient times were often fought to conquer more territory. Leaders wanted to rule over the most amount of land in order to become extremely powerful.


What was the U.S. military once know as?

The U.S. military was once called the Continental Army. At the time, there were only 13 states which provided tens of thousands of troops.


What civilization did the Spartans belong to?

The Spartans were the Ancient Greek military. The Spartans dominated the ancient world with their strong and fearless military skills.


Who did the United States military fight in the Barbary War?

The Barbary War was fought between the United States and pirates as well as a few other countries. The war was caused by ships that crossed the waters and did not pay the pirates to do so.


What started the Civil War?

The attack on Fort Sumter by the Confederate States is often credited with starting the Civil War. This was a time where the country was divided, and each side had a military of its own.


After the early settlers came to America, who did the military experience conflict with?

Most military conflict after the arrival of the settlers was with Native Americans. Wars such as the Yamasee War took place between the two, causing tension.


The first of its kind was fought in 1210 BC. What was it?

The first naval battle took place in 1210 B.C. between the Hittites and Cypriots. The ancient battle resulted in a win for the Hittites.


In ancient times, which of the following was used?

Cavalry was an important part of the military in ancient times. It proved to be a more flexible option and more effective than the chariots that had been previously used.


What has been used in the past in order to ensure there were enough soldiers to fight a battle?

Conscription was used in order to ensure that there were enough people to fight in the war. Conscription was used extensively at the time of the French Revolution.


Which of the following people is known to be one of the most successful commanders in history?

Alexander the Great is considered to be one of the most successful commanders in history. His military expertise and tactics allowed him to expand his empire like no one else.


What animal was used in the Second Punic War?

The Second Punic War took place in in 218 B.C. and elephants were used by Hannibal. Despite losing many of them, the remaining elephants did help a lot in battle.


Who was a leader at the time of the French Revolutionary Wars?

Napoleon Bonaparte was the leader at this time in French military history. Napoleon made a name for himself by becoming an extraordinary commander who led his army to victory many times.


The Samurai were the military in which country?

The Samurai were the military in Japan which was first created in the 600 AD years. The use of Samurai as the military started to phase out in the 1800s as American style military was implemented in the country.


Which war was the first in which flamethrowers were used?

Flamethrowers originated in ancient Greece, but they weren't used in warfare until the First World War. They were a risky weapon to use as they could be a danger to the operator.


Which of the following was used in warfare during ancient times?

Chariots were a big part of the ancient military. They were used for certain military tactics but it also had its limitations and it was used less after the introduction of cavalry.


Which war was the first that the U.S. military used planes in?

World War I was the first war where the United States military used planes. They were invented shortly before the war, and therefore they were not developed enough to use heavily at the time.


Is it true or false that conscription is still in use in the U.S. military today?

This is false. Conscription is no longer used in the military, which now uses volunteers instead. Conscription is used to keep a steady stream of recruits to fight in times of need.


Which of the following was used by the French military?

Bayonets were used by the French military as a weapon in close combat. Bayonets came in many different formats such as small knives or extensions for the end of a gun barrel.


In ancient military warfare, there were no guns. Which of the following was a weapon used?

Slings, which were similar to a slingshot, were used in ancient warfare. It was meant to launch objects like rocks at the opposing side.


Which war that the U.S. military took part in had the most casualties?

The U.S. military had the most casualties during the Civil War. There were over one million casualties in the Civil War compared to 400,000 in World War II.


What was one of the first wars in recorded history?

The first recorded battle was fought between Sumer and Elam. The Sumerians proved to be victorious, which we learned from the process of recording major military events that is still practiced today.


When did the Air Force become a branch of the U.S. military?

The Air Force became its own separate branch of the U.S. military in 1947. Before becoming its own official branch, it took on many names but the organizations mostly had the same objectives and operations.


During what war did the United States military attempt to invade Canada?

This conflict took place during the War of 1812, as Canada was an ally to Britain. This invasion ended in a defeat of the U.S. military and a victory for Canada.


Which war ended Hannibal's military reign?

Although Hannibal was another great commander in the military, he met his downfall at the Battle of Zama. He was outsmarted by Scipio Africanus, who figured out a way to defeat the famed commander by watching his tactics.


What role did Eilhu Root have in the military?

Eilhu Root was the Secretary of War in 1899. He revolutionized the way that the military worked by adding positions to make things run more smooth and efficient..


Is it true or false that the U.S. military is older than the United States?

This is true. The U.S. military was established in 1775 before America had been established as its own independent country. That title was established in 1776, a year later.


Which military force intervened the Banana Wars?

America intervened into the Banana Wars where the military learned about strategy. The war started because of a civil rights movement in places such as Haiti and Panama.


When were submarines first used by the military?

Submarines were first used in the military in the 1700s in Russia. The U.S. military also implemented its first military submarine in the late 1700s.


What was first used to attack from the air before the invention of planes?

Hot air balloons were the first vehicle used by the military in order to partake in air combat. They were largely used at the time of the American Civil War.


Who were the Batavi?

The Batavi were a division of the Roman military. Did you know that there were only 500 soldiers in this military unit?


When was gunpowder first used in military warfare?

Gunpowder was discovered and then used around 800 AD. The Chinese were the first to discover it and used it exclusively for themselves in their own battles. It wasn't until the 13th century that the substance became widespread and used more extensively.


How many branches of the U.S. military were there during World War II?

There were only three branches of the military at this time: the Army Service Forces, the Army Ground Forces and Army Air Forces. There are now five branches of the military.


A division of which ancient army was different than the typical armies at the time?

The Band of Thebes was different, as it was comprised of groups of lovers. The belief in the army was that their passion would translate onto the battlefield.


Throughout history, weapons have become more advanced. If your opponent had a more advanced weapon than you, what was one way you could try to combat it?

Improving weapons was a common strategy for the military which is still in use today. If an opposing country had access to a more advanced weapon, it would be wise to get your hands on that weapon as well, or improve upon it.


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