You May Be a True Theater Kid If You Can Check Off 18 Things On This List

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One of the strange misconceptions about showbiz is that people who work in it are cool and glamorous. Of course, showbiz is itself quite cool and glamorous, because that is the point of it on the surface. Broadway shows, like large award shows and Hollywood movies, are glitzy, spectacular, shiny affairs, full of beautiful smiling people who set the trends and draw the eye. They're talented, they're attractive, and everyone wants to be near them or simply to be them. They're the theater kids, living out the promise that it does, indeed, get better.

Of course, this is not what it is like to grow up as a theater kid. Theater is not where you go if you're glamorous, cool and popular in school; that is what sports are for. Theater is where you go if you're highly creative, nerdy and frankly odd. It is the glorious, weird, beautiful safe haven for the freaks, the geeks, the outcasts. Maybe it's because they are gay, or because they're dorks, or because they want to read novels and write comics (or vice versa) instead of caring about which Kardashian wore what, but the theater kids are all the folks who didn't fit in anywhere else. For many of them, theater is the lifeline that says it is OK to be different, to dream big, and to not even try to fit in. Later on, the theater kids find their freaky and fabulous wider theater and showbiz community waiting for them, and the promise of the high school theater club is fulfilled.

Are you one of these wonderful weirdos? Let's find out!

Have you ever stayed up until 3 a.m. painting something black?

Did you put on plays with your cuddly toys as a kid?

Have you ever walked into a wall becuase you were reading a book (anything on your phone doesn't count)?

Have you ever had a performance go horribly wrong - someone puking mid-scene wrong - and soldiered on anyway?

Do you write stories?

If you'd kept all your notebooks and sketchbooks from childhood, how many would you have now?

Do you write fanfic?

Do you refer to certain very major Broadway stars by just one name - e.g., Idina, Titus, Audra?

Do you dread being made to participate in team sports?

Are you solid or better academically?

Are you heavily into nerd culture?

Were you bullied literally the whole way through elementary and secondary school, with no breaks?

Have you ever seen a Broadway show on tour?

Have you ever traveled more than 40 miles to see a theatrical production?

Have you ever kept a "dressing up box" at home, full of miscellaneous items like swords and capes, way past the age that most kids do?

Have you ever been one of the misfits?

What's the worst sitiuation your quick wit has ever successfully gotten you out of?

Do you sometimes mentally "frame up" scenes and places in the real world, as if picturing them on stage or in a shot from a movie?

Do you watch the Tony Awards?

Which Tony speech have you practiced?

Have you ever had a teacher who was That Teacher - the one you'd thank from the Oscar stage?

Have you ever been a stage hand or tech for a friend's show?

Have you ever been in a comedy that just... died?

Have you ever gotten ink all over your hands and then on something else you really didn't want to make inky?

Have you ever met someone who thinks the arts don't matter and you were simply not able to process such madness?

Have you ever had to hiss "Line!" over your shoulder?

Have you ever gone on a diet to fit into a costume, then eaten 4,000 calories per day of snacks the stage manager brought in?

Have you ever had a long and thoughtful discussion about your "type," for casting purposes?

Have you ever made a list of all the great roles you want to play?

Have you ever made it your mission in life to belt a C?

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