Falling in Love? It May Be True If You've Done Some of These Things!

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Love. None of us can truly define it, but all of us know when we actually are in the midst of it. Even someone who has never truly been in love gets the fact that it hasn't happened for them yet. You can be with someone that you are totally attracted to, that is compatible in bed, that is funny, smart, kind, financially successful, all of that, but none of that is going to make you love them. 

Love is something that just happens, usually when you least expect it, but when it does happen, life is totally amazing. 

A big part of how you can tell you are in love is the things that you end up doing. All of a sudden you just want to be with the person all the time, you can never stop talking, you can never stop kissing, you miss them when they're not around, and you dream about them. Even the air feels different when they are around because the sparks are always flying. 

What follows is a list of 30 things that sum up what most people that are truly in love do. Do enough of them apply to you to put you in the "truly in love" category? Take this quiz to find out!

Have you ever stayed up all night talking to them?

Do you guys cuddle a lot when you sleep?

Do you ever wipe crumbs off their face?

Do you have interests in listening to them talk about their passions?

Do you like the same books?

Do they make you laugh?

Do you write them notes?

Would you give them the last piece of pizza?

Is time in the bedroom actually romantic?

When you go shopping, do you buy things you know they like?

Do you kiss them on the forehead?

Would you go to a movie with them even if you didn't like it?

Do you give them massages?

Do you cook them their favorite dinner?

Do you buy them flowers?

Have you given them a card for no reason?

Can you remember the color of their eyes from memory?

Which of these cozy gifts would you get them on a bad day?

How often do you look at your phone when you are together?

Do you two have inside jokes?

Do you hang with their friends?

Have they met your parents?

Do you do little things to help them out?

Have you cancelled plans for this person?

Have you made out in public?

Have you vacationed together?

Do you remember conversations you two have had?

Are you comfortable teasing each other in a nice way?

Do you know things like how they like their coffee, or whether they like ketchup with their french fries?

Do you tell them the truth, even if it might hurt?

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