If You've Eaten 23/30 of These Foods, We'd Guess You're Older Than 50

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The food that we eat can say so much about us. It can tell others how health conscious we are, which part of the world we come from, and even how old we are. Now, how can food do all that? Well, if you're from the Caribbean, there's a chance that you're more of a fan of fried plantains and jerk chicken than someone who didn't grow up around those foods. The same goes for age. If you were to tell a 16-year-old about canned fruit salads, there's a high chance they'd stuck their tongue out and say that it sounds disgusting, but because you grew up in a time where it was considered a delicacy, you'd feel the opposite way.

So, we're going to attempt to guess your age-particularly whether you're 50 or not- with this food quiz. We'll ask you about your thoughts about foods that ruled in the past, as well as some about the current food trends that are going on today. All we need are your honest opinions for us to make our judgment about your age. So, if you're ready to find out whether you're half a century old yet based on your food preferences, let's get started. 

How does pineapple chicken sound?

How much do you love hamburger helper?

What's Watergate salad?

Have you ever heard of a cheese log?

Have you ever had a pastry snail?

How delicious is quiche?

How old do you think carrot cake is?

Is Beef Wellington your thing?

Have you ever heard of cheese fondue?

How much do you love crown roast?

What about herring-appleteaser?

How delicious was pasta primavera?

Were you a fan of Chicken Kiev?

What's beef stroganoff?

Has anyone ever given you a broiled grapefruit?

How do lemon bars sound?

Have you ever heard of tomato coulis?

How delicious was pumpkin bread?

How much do you love moussaka?

Were you a fan of the acapulco burger?

Is marinated mushrooms something you'd love to try?

What on earth are celestial peaches?

Have you ever heard of raspberry foldovers?

What's lasagna?

How delicious was fish divan?

Have you ever eaten a shrimp puff?

Were you a fan of eggs rarebit?

Have you ever heard of deep-fried Twinkies?

Are Animal Crackers your thing?

Have you ever heard of French toast?

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