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"Starsky and Hutch" put a new twist on the traditional detective drama. These modern men forged a friendship beyond the badge, resulting in a warmth and chemistry not seen in the average police procedural. Not to mention the cool cars and confidential informants who were anything but average. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of this classic cop show!

What kind of car did Starsky drive?

Starsky and Hutch spent much of the show speeding through the streets in Starsky's cherry red 1974 Ford Gran Torino. The car, which had a white vector stripe, was affectionately referred to as the Striped Tomato.


What kind of car did Hutch own?

Hutch owned a tan Ford Galaxie 500. Not only was it in rough condition, but it made for a poor undercover car thanks to its horn, which blared at inopportune times. It was also impossible to transport criminals in the vehicle thanks to all the trash stacked up in the backseat.


Who was Starsky and Hutch's favorite informant?

Played by Antonio Fargas, Huggy Bear served as informant and friend of sorts to the pair.


What other job did Huggy Bear hold?

Huggy Bear worked as a bartender, first at his own bar -- Huggy Bears -- and later at a dive bar called The Pits.


Who was the duo's boss at the police station?

Capt. Dobey, played by Bernie Hamilton, kept Starsky and Hutch on their toes. In the pilot episode, the part was played by Richard Ward.


Which character almost got a spinoff in Season 2?

The Season 2 episode "Huggy Bear and the Turkey" was actually a pilot for a potential spinoff, in which Huggy Bear and his friend J.D. Turquet would open a detective agency. It was the lowest rated episode of the series, and the idea for a spinoff was quickly abandoned.


What is Huggy Bear's last name?

In "Huggy Bear and the Turkey," viewers learn that the infamous informant's last name is Brown. His real first name is never mentioned throughout the run of the series.


What actor played Hutch on the show?

David Soul starred as Detective Ken Hutchinson, aka Hutch, with Paul Michael Glaser in the role of Detective Dave Starsky.


Where is "Starsky and Hutch" set?

The show takes place in the fictional big city of Bay City, California. Many of the exterior shots and car scenes were shot in Los Angeles, and the structure that serves as the police station on the show is actually the San Pedro Municipal Building.


How many seasons did the show run?

"Starsky and Hutch" ran for 92 episodes over four seasons, from 1975 to 1979.


What was the call sign for Starsky and Hutch?

The call sign, or police signal used to make contact with the detective duo, was Zebra Three. This call sign is often inaccurately referred to as the name of the pair's famous Gran Torino.


Who served as the pair's informant in the show's pilot?

Before Huggy Bear, there was Fat Rolly, who informed the pair that they were supposed to be killed. Only a case of mistaken identity saved the lives of Starsky and Hutch, though two innocent lives were lost in the confusion.


What cast member gets addicted to heroin in the Season 1 episode "The Fix?"

When Hutch takes up with the ex-girlfriend of a mob boss, the drug dealer kidnaps Hutch and gets him addicted to heroin in the hopes that Hutch will reveal the woman's location.


What's in the trunk of a stolen car in the first episode of the series?

In the first episode of the show, Starsky and Hutch race to recover a stolen vehicle. An explosive in the trunk of the car is set to go off at 5 pm, and neither of the car thieves is aware of the pending danger.


What is Minnie Kaplan's job when she first meets Starsky and Hutch?

Minnie Kaplan is just a meter maid when she first meets the dynamic duo, but after helping them on a few cases, they give her the boost she needs to rise to the rank of officer. Played by Marki Bey, Minnie Kaplan would go on to become one of the show's most frequent guest stars.


What city is the Season 2 premiere set in?

In the Season 2 opener, the pair of detectives heads to Las Vegas to track down a serial killer who targets showgirls. Their work is impeded by the fact that one of the main suspects is Hutch's old friend Jack.


What is the Amolola?

In a Season 2 story arc, Starsky and Hutch go undercover as a pair of entertainment directors named Zack and Hack on a cruise ship called the Amolola.


Which country star guest starred in a Season 2 episode of the show?

In the episode "A Long Walk Down a Short Dirt Road," country singer Lynn Anderson played Sue Ann Grainger, a country singer who's the victim of a creepy stalker.


Which cast member is hit with a virus on the multi-part episode "The Plague?"

After Hutch and several other victims are hit with a mysterious virus, it's up to Starsky to save his partner, by tracking down the hit man -- who happens to be the only person to ever survive the illness.


Starsky is killed in the series finale.

Starsky is gravely injured in "Sweet Revenge," after Gunther puts out a contract on the detective. While Starsky fights for his life, it's up to Hutch to track down Gunther and seek vengeance on the hit man.


What year was a "Starsky and Hutch" movie released?

A remake of the TV show, starring Ben Stiller as Starsky and Owen Wilson as Hutch came out in 2004.


What rapper played Huggy Bear in the 2004 film?

Who else but Snoop Dogg could step into the shoes of the iconic Huggy Bear?


Who played drug kingpin Reese Feldman in the film?

Vince Vaughn played drug kingpin Reese Feldman, who was pushing a synthetic cocaine that was completely undetectable by the cops. Jason Bateman played Kevin, Feldman's partner in crime.


What film provided disguises for Starsky and Hutch in the 2004 film?

To infiltrate Big Earl's Bar, Starsky and Hutch dressed up as Captain America and Billy from the 1969 film "Easy Rider."


What is Big Earl's favorite creature?

Big Earl has a dragon fetish, which he uses to humiliate Starsky and Hutch as they pump him for information about Feldman.


How does Feldman plan to distribute his dope?

Feldman plans to pack the cocaine into VW Karmann Ghias, then auction off the vehicles at a charity auction.


What is the name of Feldman's girlfriend?

Feldman and his girlfriend Kitty, played by Juliette Lewis, manage to escape the charity auction in their yacht, with Starsky and Hutch hot on their heals.


How does Huggy Bear take out Feldman in the film?

Huggy Bear takes great pleasure in knocking Feldman out with a golf club after being forced to caddy for the drug dealer earlier in the film.


What does Huggy Bear give to Starsky at the end of the film?

After Starsky's car ends up underwater as he chases Feldman, Huggy Bear buys him a new Gran Torino. David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser make a guest appearance in the film to present the car to Starsky.


There is a Starsky and Hutch video game.

To celebrate the release of the film, game makers developed a Starsky and Hutch video game in 2003. Players drive cool cars, chase criminals and solve crimes in the detective/driving hybrid.


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