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The zombie apocalypse might not be upon us just yet, but it's probably a good idea to be prepared. See if you're ready to face the living dead by trying your hand at this quiz.

Which of the following best describes a zombie, as depicted in popular culture?

Also referred to as the "undead," zombies are popularly depicted as walking corpses who wander Earth feeding on human brains.


This is one of two popular theories on how a person becomes a zombie.

One theory is that people who are cursed while they are alive come back as zombies after they die.


The term "zombie apocalypse" describes which of the following events:

In most of the zombie apocalypse scenarios captured on TV and the big screen, the undead multiply faster than they can be re-killed, slowly taking over a town, city or planet.


According to Haitian lore, the powder used by sorcerers to turn humans into zombies includes which of the following ingredients?

While ingredients vary by region, many of the powders believed to turn the living into the undead contain puffer fish, a spiky Nerf ball-esque creature named for its ability to "inflate."


Zombies are human-like, but they don't possess all of the qualities of a living, breathing human being. Which of the following is something zombies usually are not able to do?

Zombies are typically depicted as walking and even stumbling, but rarely running or jogging.


Which of these movies is largely credited as launching the zombie apocalypse film genre?

George Romero's 1968 classic tells the story of undead creatures who terrorize a Pennsylvania farmhouse.


In 2012, this U.S. government agency officially denied the possibility of a zombie apocalypse.

After the agency posted a tongue-in-cheek blog entry on tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse, CDC spokesman David Daigle had to clarify that the agency “does not know of a virus or condition that would reanimate the dead (or one that would present zombie-like symptoms).”


What is the best way to kill a zombie?

Only a shot (or blow) in the head can kill a zombie.


The zombie apocalypse will be a lot more tolerable if we can still surf the Web. Which of these security measures is intended to help ensure the Internet survives the zombie apocalypse?

Data centers are buried well below the surface in places like Norway and Sweden where they are protected from fire, flood, and even a potential apocalypse.


What do zombies eat?

In books, on TV and in film, zombies typically feed on human brains.


How many zombies does it take to start an apocalypse?

The second popular theory on how a person becomes a zombie is through the transfer of bodily fluids. Zombies turn humans into zombies by biting them. That means zombyism spreads fast.


Rumors of a zombie apocalypse spread after a 2012 attack in which a Miami man was found gnawing on the face of a homeless person. What street drug was this incident initally linked to?

Bath salts are hallucinogenic drugs that also mimic the effects of cocaine and methamphetamines.


Which of these is a brain parasite that causes rats to act like zombies?

<i>Toxoplasma gondii</i> is a single-celled parasite that makes rats attracted to the smell of cat urine -- which increases the risk of the rat being eaten by the cat. This wily parasite can only reproduce in a cat's gut.


The word "zombie" is believed to originate from which of these terms?

"Zonbi" is the Haitian term for "ghost."


What are zombie apocalypses often used to symbolize?

As the CDC recognized, zombies often represent widespread annihilation driven by the spread of infectious disease.


Which of these is a parasitic fungi believed to cause ants to wander like zombies across Thai rainforests?

A species of Ophiocordyceps forces an infected ant (called a zombie ant) to climb up a tree and eat a leaf. The ant dies and a long stalk grows out of its head dropping fungal spores below so the cycle continues.


This musical artist made waves with a zombie-themed music video in 1984.

Jackson's 13-minute "Thriller" video features dancing undead.


"The Walking Dead"<i> </i>is a TV show in which hungry human zombies take over which of these U.S. cities?

The show follows a group of zombie survivors in the Atlanta metro area.


Which of these is a fictional zombie virus created by author Max Brooks?

As described by Brooks in "The Zombie Survival Guide," solanum travels through the bloodstream and stops a person's heart while keeping the brain alive.


True or false: Zombies only come out at night.

Zombies are night walkers only in films like "I am Legend," but are depicted as day walkers in "The Walking Dead."


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