Are You Marriage Material?

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Just about everyone thinks about getting married, even if they don't admit that they do. Whether you're a little girl dreaming of what an amazing wedding you will have, or you're a 25-year-old dude wondering how much you're going to get away with at your bachelor party, there is no denying that marriage is something that is extremely important to most people.  It not only represents that you have found your true love, it also means that you're getting ready to be part of what our culture considers to be a productive member of society. Because we all know what comes after marriage -- at least in a lot of cases you're going to have kids, buy a house and get a good job -- basically, you're going to settle down. 

But the thing is, many people don't want any of that stuff. They might want to travel and have freedom and spending time alone. They might enjoy dating a lot of people and not want to settle down. They might not want a lot of responsibility.

What about you? Whether you're married, divorced, living with someone or single, you have to be curious. Are you marriage material? Take this quiz and find out.

Are you good at compromise?

Do you like sleeping around?

When was the last time you stayed up all night partying?

Would you change for someone else?

Do you want kids?

What is the most important thing in a relationship?

Do you mind cleaning?

Do you mind mowing the lawn?

How loyal are you?

Do you have one best friend?

How do you handle fights?

Do you like sleeping alone?

Do you feel ready to settle down?

Have you always dreamed of a big wedding?

Do you cheat a lot in relationships?

Do you like shows about buying or fixing up houses?

Are most of your friends married?

Have you ever been married before and it didn't work out?

Have you ever lived with anyone romantically?

When was the last time you had a one night stand?

Are you understanding of other people's point of view?

What would you do if you got married and your partner became less romantic?

Do you enjoy hanging out with your partner at home?

Have you ever owned a dog?

Can you totally be yourself with another person?

How are you with money?

Would you take wedding vows seriously?

What would you want for your birthday?

Do you have the ability to laugh at yourself?

Do you often think of what type of house you would like?

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