Can We Guess Your College Fraternity?

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If you're a guy and you're in college, or if you're a guy that went to one in the past, there is a pretty good chance that you joined a fraternity. There are a lot of reasons to do so; for one thing, you will make friends, not just ones that you will have while you're in college, but ones that will last you a lifetime. You also will learn a lot about yourself and how you function in a group dynamic. Oh, and also you get to go to a lot of parties. 

But while there are a lot of reasons to join a fraternity, hopefully, you spent a lot of time trying to figure out which one was right for you. Sure, a lot of people think fraternities are just about toga parties, but there are just as many different types of frats out there as there are different kinds of people. While some are totally focused on getting hammered and having raging keg parties, others are focused on brotherhood and doing things for the community.

Were you ATO, Beta Sig, D Chi, D Sig, Lambda, Phi Psi, Pike, Pi Kapp, SAE, Sammy, or Sig Chi? Did you have 99 problems and all of them were pledges? Take this quiz, and we will guess which college frat that you pledged to.

Why do women like you?

How much time do you spend outside?

What kind of party would you throw?

Which one thing do you want the most in life?

Where might you vacation?

Do you buy a lot of new clothes?

How often do you work out?

How is your hair?

How long could you survive in the wild?

Do you have a trust fund?

Are you handy around the house?

Do you cheat when in relationships?

How much do you party?

What drink sounds good?

Are you a gamer?

How ambitious are you?

How artistic are you?

Are you macho?

Has anyone ever described you as "metrosexual"?

Do you have many women friends?

What sport are you best at?

Are you good at hitting on women?

Which movie would you watch?

Do you buy expensive gifts for people?

Are you married?

How many cars in your driveway or garage now?

How thoughtful are you?

What would be a good job for you?

Are you ever shy?

How much TV do you watch?

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