Can You Correctly Answer These 35 Questions About Sex?

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Can You Correctly Answer These 35 Questions About Sex?
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At its most basic level, sex is used to reproduce and aid in population growth of a species. Luckily for us, humans can get joy and pleasure from it as well! There's something for everyone in the realm of sexuality, and through exploration, the human race has come a long way (no pun intended). Nowadays, people can be more open about what they like and dislike. In the past, these preferences may have been described as taboo, but public opinions are always evolving.

With all of this in mind, do you know the difference between Missionary and Reverse Cowgirl? Would you be able to explain to someone what a "furry" is? How about the acronym "BDSM" — do you know what that stands for? Sex isn't all fun and games, however. It's a biological function, involving a blend of body parts. These parts may be male, female, or something else beyond the binary! Do you know the names for the organs involved? Whether you're extremely kinky or very vanilla, put your sexual knowledge to the test! Through these 35 questions, you will be tested on kinks, positions and a variety of other sexual topics. Will you come out on top? Or will you be left unsatisfied?

female orgasm
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How much longer does a clitoral orgasm last compared to a penile orgasm?
2x as long
3x as long
4x as long
5x as long
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On average, a clitoral or vaginal orgasm lasts three times longer than a penile orgasm. An average penile orgasm lasts right around six seconds. Vulva-havers, on the other hand, can last right around 20 seconds.

perform better in the bedroom
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If a man wants to perform better in the bedroom, what should he lower?
His cholesterol
His caloric intake
The amount of meat consumed
Time spent in the shower
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One option for having better performance in the bedrooms is for a man to lower his cholesterol. This is because there is a positive correlation between high cholesterol levels and the occurrence of erectile dysfunction!

STD body often eradicates
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Which STD is the human body often able to eradicate of its own accord?
Pubic Lice
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As many as 66% of American adults is a carrier of HPV, otherwise known as the human papillomavirus. While some of the strains of HPV can be cancerous, the majority of them pose little risk, and the immune system flushes them out of our systems.


sex for an hour
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Having sex for an hour burns as many calories as which of the following?
Swimming for 45 minutes
Running a 5-minute mile
Biking for 10 miles
Jogging for 30 minutes
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Having sex for an hour can burn as many calories as jogging for thirty minutes. On average, men can burn 4.2 calories per minute of sex, while women clock in at about 3.1 calories per minute.

least kinky state
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According to, which state was the least kinky?
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According to a survey from Pornhub, California was the least kink-curious state, based on the state's porn search terms. Wyoming, Oregon and Alaska were among the top kinkiest states.

item of clothing
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Wearing which item of clothing might increase your likelihood of orgasm?
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Even though people who wear them during sex can be seen as weird, wearing socks during intercourse can increase orgasm potential by thirty percent! This is supposedly because cold feet can be distracting in the bedroom.


lose virginity
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At what age do most Americans lose their virginity?
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According to the Guttmacher Institute, most Americans lose their virginity when they are 17 years old. More than half of guys and 70% of girls said their first time was with someone they had been dating consistently.

no sale of sex toys
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Which state does not allow the sale of sex toys?
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Alabama has a law that makes it illegal to sell or buy sex toys within the state lines. By labeling toys as "educational" and "novelty," there are some stores that can sell them through this verbiage loophole.

Jane Fader via WikiCommons
What is a merkin?
A sex toy
A type of hand job
A pubic wig
A sex position
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A merkin is a pubic wig! Sex workers initially wore it in the 1400s. The purpose of the wig was to give a natural look to the mons pubis after women had shaved for fear of contracting lice in their hair.


largest penis on record
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How big is the largest penis on record?
12 inches
12.5 inches
13 inches
13.5 inches
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The largest penis on record belongs to Jonah Falcon, who has a 13.5-inch penis when fully erect. A man named Roberto Carbrera is said to have a penis that is almost 19 inches long, but he is not formally recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.

most commonly reported STI
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Which STI is the most commonly reported in the USA?
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Chlamydia is the most commonly reported STI in the United States. Almost three million Americans contract the bacterial infection every year through vaginal, anal and oral sex.

speed of an ejaculation
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What is the speed of an ejaculation?
10 mph
18 mph
20 mph
28 mph
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The average speed that semen leaves the penis is 28 mile per hour. In addition to that, each high-speed ejaculation can have anywhere between 30 million and 750 million sperm in it.


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Which of the following terms does not make up a part of the acronym "BDSM"?
Dominance and submission
Sadism and masochism
Bondage and masculinity
Bondage and discipline
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BDSM is made up of Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission and Sadism and Masochism. The acronym was first used in 1991, and the BDSM community has only gained in popularity since.

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Which historical leader is responsible for sadism?
Napoleon Bonaparte
Adolf Hitler
Winston Churchill
Joseph Stalin
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Napoleon Bonaparte can be credited — well, sort of — with inspiring the name for sadism. It comes from the author Marquis de Sade, who was taken captive by Napoleon for writing a novel about a nymphomaniac.

BDSM encounters
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What are BDSM encounters called?
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Because BDSM does not always involve sex or penetration, it would be wrong to call such encounters a hookup. People within the BDSM community refer to these interactions as scenes.


what does SSC stand for
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Within the BDSM community, what does the acronym "SSC" stand for?
Sustained Sexual Contact
Safe, sexual consent
Successful Scene Closure
Safe, sane and consensual
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The BDSM community takes safety very seriously. One of the most common pillars of BDSM is SSC, which stands for safe, sane and consensual. Some BDSM gatherings will go so far as to have dungeon monitors to ensure everyone is having a safe, enjoyable experience.

liberation in the 1960s
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What invention spawned a sexual liberation in the 1960s?
Etch A Sketch
Birth control pill
Silicon breast implants
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Approved by the FDA in 1960, the first oral contraceptive, Enovid, entered the pharmaceutical market. This birth control pill allowed women more sexual freedom, as they didn't need to worry about the potential of an unwanted pregnancy.

hysteria in women
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How was "hysteria" in women treated historically?
Penetrative sex
A prescription
Pelvic massage
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During the 16th and 17th centuries, many women were diagnosed with hysteria, which was believed to be a womb disease. The cure? A pelvic massage. Most of the doctors administering said cure had no idea it was pleasurable; they were strictly medically necessary, in their eyes.


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In what state is it illegal to own more than six dildos?
South Carolina
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According to the laws outlining public indecency, Texas has outlawed ownership of more than six dildos. It is believed that anyone with more than the allotted number of dildos allowed is seeking to promote the sale of obscene material.

most expensive sex toy
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How much is the most expensive sex toy worth?
Over $1 million
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With a hefty price tag of $1.3 million, the jewel-encrusted dildo, aptly named The Pearl Royale, was created by Colin Burn. It comes with two colors of diamonds, blue sapphires and South Sea pearls. Its display box is even made to be mounted on a wall.

Ben Wa balls
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What are Ben Wa balls used for?
Kegel exercises
Anal stimulation
It's a fancy name for ball gags.
They simulate the ballsack.
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The primary use for Ben Wa balls is kegel exercises. They are also called Venus balls, Geisha balls and orgasm balls and are inserted into the vagina and then held there by the surrounding muscles.


Rolls Royce of sex toys
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What sex toy did Oprah describe as the "Rolls Royce of sex toys"?
The Magic Wand
The Tsunami
Unbound Squish
The Rabbit
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The Rabbit was the sex toy that Oprah described as the "Rolls Royce of sex toys." Ironically enough, the rabbit shape came from the fact that Japanese sex-toy makers weren't allowed to make obscenely shaped toys.

male body part
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What male body part is comparable to a woman's G-spot?
The perineum
The foreskin
The prostate
The testicles
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The prostate can be stimulated through a man's anus. Much like the G-spot, the prostate can be reached by pressing toward the front of the body.

polyamorous relationship
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What does it mean to be in a polyamorous relationship?
You have more than one romantic partner.
You have sex with whomever you want.
You abstain from sex in your relationship.
Your relationship is only about sex, similar to a FWB scenario.
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Someone who lives a polyamorous lifestyle has more than one romantic partner. Sometimes the partners are ranked, such as primary and secondary partner. Other times, all partners are seen as equal.


Mama-Papa position
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Which sex position also goes by "the Mama-Papa position"?
Reverse Cowgirl
From Behind
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The missionary position can also be called "the Mama-Papa position." Beyond that, the missionary position has also been referred to as "the matrimonial" and "the English-American position."

Pregnant woman
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A pregnant person should avoid what types of sexual positions?
Positions where they're on their back
Positions where they're on their knees
Positions where they're on top
Positions where they're on their side
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Pregnant people past their fourth month of pregnancy should avoid sexual positions that require them to be on their back. This is because it can put pressure on major blood vessels that the fetus depends on.

beast with two backs
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What sexual position was Shakespeare describing when he said it was "the beast with two backs"?
Magic Mountain
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Shakespeare was describing the missionary position as the "beast with two backs." Because of the clinging nature of missionary, it looks as though the two individuals are one being with two backs. He originally used the phrase in Othello.


known STDs
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How many known STDs are there?
More than 10
More than 15
More than 20
More than 25
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There are more than twenty-five different kinds of STDs. These include syphilis, crabs, trichomoniasis, hepatitis B and chlamydia, to name a few. It's important to get tested on a regular basis, as some of these don't have symptoms.

group of people
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Which group of people has the highest rate of syphilis?
Men who only have sex with women
Men who have sex with other men
Women who have sex with other women
Women who have sex with men and women
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The group that has the highest reported rates of syphilis is among those in the LGBTQ community. Almost 70 percent of syphilis cases between 2013 and 2017 were among men who had sex with other men.

porn category
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Based on Pornhub's female viewers, what porn category is the most viewed?
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Among Pornhub's female audience, the search term "lesbian" was the most viewed category. In fact, it would appear that female viewers are watching more lesbian porn than porn with a man and a woman.


Tyson Everick via WikiCommons
What is a furry?
Someone who is sexually turned on by stuffed animals
Someone who dresses up in an animal costume but maintains human qualities
Someone who is attracted to a lot of body hair
Someone who is turned on by animal fur
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A furry is someone who takes on an animal character, usually through costume, but still acts like a human. Sometimes there is something sexual to be gained, but other times dressing up is just part of the furry fandom.

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What is cuckolding?
A sexual position
When a heterosexual couple agrees to have the woman have sex with another man
A difficult sex toy movement that results in a very strong orgasm
Watching someone have sex without them knowing
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Cuckolding is when a straight couple is turned on by the idea of the woman sleeping with another man. The man in the relationship is typically turned on by some level of humiliation.

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What does the acronym DSL stand for?
Dildo Sucking Lips
Doing Sex Loudly
Dick Sucking Lips
Don't Stop Licking
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DSL stands for Dick Sucking Lips. Someone is said to have dick-sucking lips when their lips are full and soft, such that they would look good wrapped around a penis during oral sex.


erogenous zone
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What is an erogenous zone?
A place that shouldn't be touched during sex
An area that turns a person on when touched
An area that, if semen is inside it, can result in pregnancy
The area of the brain that lights up during orgasm
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Erogenous zones result in sexual arousal when they're touched. Common erogenous zones are on men are the ears and neck. Some women feel this stimulation when their areolas and inner arms are touched.

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What is a voyeur?
Someone who likes being watched having sex
Someone who likes hearing people have sex
Someone who likes watching others have sex
Someone who gets off by being on camera
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Voyeurism is when someone enjoys watching others have sex. The opposite of this would be an exhibitionist, who enjoys having others watch them have sex. Voyeurs are different than peeping toms because they have consent to watch.

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