Quiz: Can You Guess the Country From a Poorly Drawn Flag?
Can You Guess the Country From a Poorly Drawn Flag?
By: Tasha Moore
Image: Maya Karkalicheva/Moment/GettyImages

About This Quiz

Country flags are serious business. Explore the significance of these national symbols with our country flags quiz. We purposely distorted images of national flags to test your identification skills. 

Wars have been fought and decades-long turf battles have persisted because of flags and what they mean. Principalities, like New Zealand, invest lots of money cultivating and perfecting their nation's banners. There's a lot of history behind the colors and symbols of most country flags. Many flags have evolved through the years, and design iterations reflect the cultural, social and political signs of the times. 

China, Portugal and the United States are just a few countries that have modified their flag designs for these purposes. The U.S. "Stars and Stripes" emblem received its last stitching update sometime around 1959 when Hawaii, the nation's 50th state, was admitted to the Union. Places like Hungary have special names for their flags and have utilized its modern-day flag symbolism for centuries. Italy reserves its official flag handling for a special group of people. South Sudan's flag is one of the newer designs among nations. And proud principalities like Japan have sewn their banners into clothes.

Flags are not just fabrics flapping in the winds. These banners are loaded with history and inspire hope for millions. Wave your finger through these flag facts to see just how important the world's flags are!

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This flag is poorly drawn, but can you identify the country?
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In 2012, Iran showed its appreciation for this country's flag. Can you choose the right country?
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"Khorugv" is a name for this country's flag. Do you pick the correct country?
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Try to name the new sovereign state that has this flag?
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The sbandieratori handle this country's flag. Do you figure out the place?
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Where do these colors belong?
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A flag-first happened for this region at the 2016 Summer Olympics. What is the country?
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Visit the Bosphorus and you'll see this nation's colors. What's correct choice here?
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For what country did Peter the Great design this flag?
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Since 1836, this country has held two coveted ensigns. Do you recognize the nation tied to this flag?
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A 2018 riot erupted over this flag. Do you know where it all happened?
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A false photo featuring another country's flag caused an uproar. Who owns the flag that you see here?
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There are a bunch of stamps out there that look just like this flag. Can you choose the exact nation?
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It has been said that "the sun never sets" on this emblem. What country is represented?
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This nation spent a lot of money to change its flag. How well do you know the state?
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It may be hard to imagine any other symbol tied to the nation that has this flag. Can you imagine the right answer?
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Do you know the nation whose flag has evolved through the years?
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This nation's banner went through many changes for many great reasons. Try to select the perfect answer?
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Which of these nations changed colors after dissolving its monarchy?
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Can you recognize the country linked to this well-flown symbol?
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Do you guess the country that has cherished its symbols for centuries?
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A region of ________ has resisted hoisting this flag?
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Are you confident that you know the country that raised this image in honor of a national icon?
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The flag might be badly presented here, but can you make the best nation choice?
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This emblem was used by hundreds in protest. Where was this flag waved?
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It was first hoisted in 1812 in which Latin American country?
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Another nation's flag flew over its land. What land is represented by this image?
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Land disputes brought forth these colors. What country has this flag?
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Do you name the North African country with this symbol?
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What is the Middle Eastern region represented?
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The picture may be imperfect, but there's a perfect choice. Which is it?
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These colors flew in one Florida town. Is it a challenge for you to pick the right European country choice?
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The nation of ________ adopted this flag in 1947?
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Where is this flag from?
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There's a picture-perfect painting of this flag somewhere. What country do you notice from this not-so-perfect image?
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What country super-sized their flag for Independence Day?
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Try to guess the place symbolized?
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Do you see the country that owns this banner?
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How easy is it for you to ID the nation that has strict rules concerning its emblem?
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A poorly-drawn flag shouldn't stop you from picking a perfect answer. Do you know the country?
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