Quiz: Can You Identify These Historic Weapons?
Can You Identify These Historic Weapons?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: Pixabay

About This Quiz

Can you parry the blows from this quiz?

For as long as humans have been alive, we've had weapons, using them to hunt animals for food, defend ourselves against predators and even fight amongst ourselves. Through grim necessity, weapons have been intrinsically tied to the survival of humans for generations. 

At first, only simple rocks and sticks were used to hunt. But before long, these were fashioned into daggers, spears, and bows. Once the use of metal became widespread, sharper blades and deadlier conflicts were on the horizon.

In this quiz, we've taken a look at the history of weaponry on a global scale! As a result, this is an inclusive quiz that is both challenging and educational.

It's not just handheld weapons that we're going to be quizzing you on! We've also included some huge weapons that would require an entire squad of soldiers to operate. These include siege weapons, such as the iconic catapult and simple battering ram, as well as the high-rise sized trebuchet.

So, how versed are you in the art of war? Are you a military historian that knows your spears from your swords and your maces from your flails? Then strap on your armor and take a swing at this quiz!

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