Can You Name the Fast Food Item From a Single Sentence?

By: Beth Hendricks
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Can You Name the Fast Food Item From a Single Sentence?
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The drive-thru menu board might say "value" or "dollar" menu, but make no mistake about it – fast food is big business. In fact, it's so big that in the United States alone, it's estimated to be worth more than $200 billion each and every year. That's not to say it's healthful or even smart to order that No. 4 every Friday or to "supersize" your fries (is that still a thing?), but almost all of us do it – 85 million of us, from Seattle to New York, every single day.

But, hey, let's not dwell on the negative, OK? We all have our favorites, from McDonald's golden, hot fries to the Popeye's chicken sandwich that sold out in a month, in the midst of a blazing "chicken war" with Chick-fil-A. Don't forget the Blizzard, the Frosty, McDonald's apple pies and Sonic's "Happy Hour" for drinks, too. (That's 2 to 4 p.m. every day, by the way.)

The real question is: How well do you know our fast-food favorites? Take a look at our "menu" and see how many of these restaurant creations you can name. We're only giving you one sentence to figure it out, though, so put on your thinking cap, pass your debit card (not really!) and get to work. Order up!

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Until 2006, this Wendy's item came in only one flavor. What dessert are we talking about?
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If you're old enough to remember Wendy's singular Frosty flavor – chocolate – you're old enough to remember the lean times. Today, Wendy's signature dessert is available in both chocolate and vanilla, with occasional special variations offered.

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Call them mini-hamburgers if you must, but White Castle calls them what?
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America's first fast-food burger joint coined the nickname, "sliders," trademarking it as "slyders" in the 1990s. White Castle has been serving the onion-heavy mini-burgers since it first opened in 1921.

yellowgroove Pyro1 via youtube
Pizza Hut packs this pizza with pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, bacon, seasoned pork and beef. What is it?
Meatzza Feast Pizza
Supreme Pizza
Meat Lover's Pizza
Mack Daddy Pizza
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We don't know who pioneered the idea of putting all of the meat on a pizza, but we're not mad about it. Pizza Hut has its own version that they call the Meat Lover's Pizza, stacked with pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon, pork and beef.


4 Pumpkin Spice Latte
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Just stop calling it fall and go with this signature Starbucks' drink name. What is it?
Matcha Green Tea Latte
White Chocolate Mocha
Pumpkin Spice Latte
Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
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Pumpkin Spice Latte fans might look forward to the arrival of this beverage more than the actual fall season when it makes its appearance. It's like the Great Pumpkin from Charlie Brown, rearing its delicious head once a year.

5 doughnuts
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You'll know these are ready when the "Hot" sign illuminates red. What are they?
Tim Horton doughnuts
Dunkin' doughnuts
Krispy Kreme doughnuts
Honey Dew doughnuts
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None of the doughnut chains offered as answer choices in this question will be a disappointment, but only one – Krispy Kreme – will beckon at you from your car with its illuminated red sign. When it's red, you know the doughnuts are hot and fresh.

MASHED via Youtube
You don't have to worry about McDonald's oft-broken ice cream machine if you order this flaky dessert. What is it?
Puff pastry
Apple pie
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As sure as McDonald's ice cream machine is likely to be broken, you'll also find the flaky apple pie on its menu. A staple for more than 50 years, this dessert features gooey apple pie filling wrapped in a flaky pocket, perfect for eating in the car ... or so we've heard.


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Dairy Queen serves this treat upside-down. What is it called?
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Snag a DQ Blizzard in one of its many flavor varieties and the attendant will serve it to you upside-down. It's a clever marketing gimmick for sure, but it definitely shows how thick and creamy these iconic treats are.

JAY RULE via Youtube
In Spanish, this Little Caesars treat might be called "pan loco." What are we referencing?
Stuffed Crust
Pepperoni Pizza
Hot Wings
Crazy Bread
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The only thing crazier than Crazy Bread is going to Little Caesars and neglecting to pick up a bag (or three). It will likely never eclipse Little Caesars' infamous "Hot-N-Ready" deal, but its parmesan and garlic goodness is worth savoring.

Q13 Filet-O-Fish
MASHED via Youtube
This McDonald's offering surges in popularity around Lent. What are we talking about?
Chicken Nuggets
Happy Meal
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Some of us love you year-round, Filet-O-Fish. Others of us find comfort in you around the Lenten season, when many people give up eating meat on Fridays. As a result, McDonald's targets its advertising of the sandwich heavily during that time period.


Q14 Animal Style
WrecklessEating via Youtube
In-N-Out put this burger, with its grilled onions and extra sandwich spread, on its "secret menu." What is it called?
Protein Style
Animal Style
Triple Double
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Order the infamous In-N-Out burger "Animal Style," and you'll get a sandwich loaded with mustard grilled patties, grilled onions and extra Thousand Island-like dressing. Doesn't sound like your jam? You can't go wrong with the traditional "Double-Double" either.

Q15 Pretzels
POPSUGAR Food via Youtube
Auntie Anne's has gotten all of us in a moment of weakness with these treats. What are they?
Caramel apples
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Whether you like savory (garlic parmesan) or sweet (cinnamon sugar), Auntie Anne's is here for you. Despite traditional mall complexes taking a hit thanks to online shopping, we'd still sneak into one for one of these delicious pretzels.

Q16 Curly Fries
Soul Food Cooking via Youtube
We think the unique shape of this Arby's menu item only enhances their seasoned flavor. What are we referencing?
Sweet potato fries
Shoestring fries
Curly fries
Potato wedges
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Every fast-food chains' fries are a little different, but Arby's went all the way left with its offering. Not only are they seasoned, but their unique, curly shape makes them delicious, as well as fun to eat.


Q17 Steakburger
MASHED via Youtube
Steak 'n Shake named this sandwich after its original combination of T-bone, sirloin and round steak. What is it called?
Sirloin Patty
T-bone Burger
Round Burger
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It only makes sense if you go to Steak 'n Shake that you'd end up with a Steakburger. In fact, the burger is what helped to create the fast-food restaurant's name, not the other way around.

Q18 Chicken Fingers
HellthyJunkFood via Youtube
Raising Cane's might live by the motto of doing one thing REALLY well. What is its signature menu item?
Lamb gyros
Fish sandwiches
Chicken fingers
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Our only complaint about Raising Cane's isn't its limited, chicken-centric menu. It's that the fast-food chain is something of a regional presence, appearing mostly in the southeastern United States.

Q19 Cherry Limeade
the sonic guy via Youtube
Find this popular beverage on Sonic's "Happy Hour" menu daily. What is it?
Mocha Coolatta
Cherry Slurpee
Cherry Limeade
Jamocha Shake
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You'll find better drink options at Sonic Drive-In than at just about any fast-food chain around. And, it takes its responsibility seriously, offering a daily "Happy Hour" special every day from 2 to 4 p.m.


6 gravy
Feed Your Belly Feed Your Soul via youtube
Which of these Popeyes menu items features a zesty Cajun gravy?
Boneless wings
Mashed potatoes
Red beans and rice
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You could get the mashed potatoes at Popeyes without its trademark Cajun gravy, but why would you want to? It's no replacement for the sold-out chicken sandwich, but it makes a nice side while you're waiting.

Q21 Whopper
Ballistic BBQ via Youtube
Its iconic "flame-grilled" taste is what endears it to so many people. Which Burger King item is it?
Rodeo Crispy Chicken
Triple Stacker
Bacon King
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They call it "America's Favorite Burger," and while McDonald's might have something to say about that, Burger King's iconic Whopper HAS indeed been around a long time. Created in 1957, it started off with a 37-cent price tag.

7 Chicken Sandwich
chickfila via youtube
No. 1 on its menu and No. 1 in your hearts: Which of these Chick-fil-A items is dressed with two pickles?
Spicy Deluxe Sandwich
Chicken Sandwich
Grilled Nuggets
Grilled Cool Wrap
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It's simple but mighty and even earns a place in Chick-fil-A's marketing as "Home of the Original Chicken Sandwich." The No. 1 menu choice (no, literally, it's the No. 1) has two pickles and a toasted butter bun. Mmm.


Unsplash by Hello I'm Nik 🇬🇧
KFC specializes in chicken, but this kind boasts 11 different herbs and spices. What are we referring to?
Nashville Hot Recipe
Original Recipe
Cajun Recipe
Homestyle Recipe
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Col. Sanders wasn't playing when he crafted KFC's signature chicken dish, known as its "original recipe." He stuffed it full of 11 herbs and spices that, let's be honest, you just can't duplicate for your family's Sunday dinner.

Q23 Smoke Shack
phantomgourmet via Youtube
Cherry pepper relish and bacon took this Shake Shack burger from good to great. What is it called?
Shack Attack
Mack Shack
Smoke Shack
Sugar Shack
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It's hard to improve on perfection; we're talking about the Shack Burger here. But Shake Shack managed to do it, trading out the Shack's lettuce and tomato for the Smoke Shack's relish and bacon. Why? Because everything is better with bacon.

8 Baconator
Amie Raylynn Apodaca via youtube
You had us at "six pieces of crispy Applewood smoked bacon." What Wendy's sandwich is it?
Bacon Lover's
Bacon Bomb
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You know what would go good with a half-pound of beef? How about six strips of bacon? Add cheese, ketchup and mayo and you have what we like to call "perfection." (Wendy's just calls it the Baconator.)


Q25 Monster Biscuit
why be hungry? via Youtube
Stay with us here: Bacon, then sausage, followed by ham, add a folded egg and and top it with two slices of American cheese. What Hardee's creation is this?
Mega Meat Biscuit
Monster Biscuit
Breakfast Bonaza
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We don't know about you, but mornings are rough. Monster Biscuits with all their meats and cheeses, however, soften the blow of that whole "early riser" thing. Hardee's released these bad boys in 2007.

Q27 Nacho Fries
theendorsement via Youtube
Everyone else has this staple fast food item, so why not Taco Bell? What do they call theirs?
Fire Fries
Mexicali Fries
Taco Fries
Nacho Fries
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Taco Bell likes to toy with our emotions, giving us Nacho Fries and then taking them away, only to return them to the menu a short time later. Just give us the zesty seasoned Nacho Fries year-round, Taco Bell, and nobody gets hurt.

Q28 Patty Melt
HellthyJunkFood via Youtube
Whataburger serves this signature sandwich on Texas toast. What is it called?
Patty Melt
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Craving a burger, but not really a burger? Maybe what you need is a Whataburger Patty Melt. It's beef patties, Monterey jack cheese and onions served on two thick slices of Texas toast. Who needs a bun anyway?


Q29 Cajun Fries
Unsplash by Christopher Flowers
You can see bags of this Five Guys' menu item in their original form, sitting inside their stores. What is their end result?
Peanut butter
Cajun biscuits
Cajun fries
Parm fries
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If you've ever ventured inside a Five Guys, you've no doubt seen the bags of potatoes fresh from the field sitting all around the store. Order the amazing fries (Cajun or otherwise) and you'll get another bag – full of fries.

Q31 Egg McMuffin
TheCooknShare via Youtube
This McDonald's sandwich blends three cultures with its English muffin, American cheese and Canadian bacon. What is it called?
Canadian Baconator
Muffin McAmerica
Egg McMuffin
English Breakfast
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Who says McDonald's doesn't have any culture? Its Egg McMuffin bridges the gap between English, Canadian and American cultures, throwing food items from each into one quick and easy breakfast sandwich.

Q32 Italian B.M.T
ASMR Phan via Youtube
Subway lauds this sandwich as "big, meaty and tasty." Which menu item is it?
Subway Club
Cold Cut Combo
Italian B.M.T.
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki
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"Big. Meaty. Tasty." That's what Subway says about this sandwich, giving it its Italian B.M.T. name. Filled with salami, pepperoni and ham, we're guessing an Italian S.P.H. didn't have quite the same ring to it.


Q33 Munchkins
jason weed via Youtube
If you're not craving a whole doughnut, Dunkin' will serve you a doughnut hole. They're called what?
Tiny Tots
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Lest you forget that Dunkin' still has doughnuts, let this be your reminder. Not only can you get the full-sized doughnuts to accompany your Dunkin' coffee drinks, but if you're watching your waistline, you can opt for Munchkins, Dunkin's version of doughnut holes.

Q34 Burrito Bowl
Mind Over Munch via Youtube
Going low-carb at Chipotle? Then you should order which of these?
Light Burrito Wrap
Taco Bowl
Burrito Bowl
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You don't have to skip fast-casual Mexican just because you're eating low-carb. Chipotle will let you take your favorite burrito and turn it into a burrito bowl. All the burrito flavors with none of the guilt (well, less guilt).

9 tacos
Food Baby ASMR via youtube
Jack In The Box's most popular menu item comes in a double quantity. What is it?
Two fries
Two burgers
Two tacos
Two chickens
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Jack In The Box understands math, touting its tacos with the tagline, "Because two will always be greater than one." You may not associate Jack In The Box with tacos, but maybe you should start. It is routinely one of the fast-food joint's most popular menu items.


big mac
Food insider via youtube
This McDonald's item is synonymous with "Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions – on a sesame seed bun." What is it?
Big Mac
Quarter Pounder
Big Tasty
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Created to advertise the burger in the mid-1970s, McDonald's brought the popular phrase back in the early 2000s. So, if you recognized it, you're either a pop culture master or old. We'll go with the former.

10 fingers
Food Insights via youtube
You can order this Zaxby's favorite in 4, 5 or 6. What is this plate called?
Veggie Plate
Burger Slider Plate
Chicken Finger Plate
Fish Stick Plate
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Paying homage to its "Z"-starting name, Zaxby's calls its version of Chicken Fingers, Chicken Fingerz. You can get it in a quantity of four, five or six, served with Zax sauce on the side.

Q39 Doritos Cheesy Gordita Crunch
suellASMR via Youtube
Taco Bell teamed up with a popular chip manufacturer to produce which of these menu items?
Takis Tacos
Lay's Loaded Tacos
Funyun Fries
Doritos Cheesy Gordita Crunch
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Taco Bell and Doritos – a match made in faux-Mexican food heaven. The chip manufacturer lends its name and flavor to the Cheesy Gordita Crunch. Of course, Taco Bell has also had a thing with Fritos, creating a taco box combo as well as a Beefy Fritos burrito.


3 roast beef
crazyFor1D via youtube
An Arby's specialty, this has only two ingredients ... and one is the bun. Which of these puts the fast-food chain on the map?
Classic Beef 'N Cheddar
Roast Beef
Smokehouse Brisket
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It's the sandwich heard 'round the world! OK, maybe it's not quite that serious, but it is the sandwich that Arby's attributes its success to. You can add horsey sauce if you dare, but its two simple ingredients – beef and bread – are hard to beat as-is.

Q40 Happy Meal
genieland via Youtube
Less popular for its food than its included toy, which of these McDonald's menu additions is a hit with kids?
King Jr. Meal
Kids' Meal
Happy Meal
Cool Kids Combo
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McDonald's Happy Meal has been around since 1979, raising an entire generation on the concept of delicious treats and entertainment going hand in hand. McDonald's has included everything from spinning tops to Beanie Babies in its meal for kids.

Unsplash by Jodie Morgan
People have been known to order these fluffy, pillowy soft accompaniments all on their own at Popeyes. Which of these are we referring to?
Garlic bread
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If there's one thing Popeyes is known for apart from its succulent chicken, it's these equally intoxicating biscuits. Pair them with butter or honey (or both) and be prepared to be transported to biscuit nirvana.


2 fries
chickfila via youtube
This side at Chick-fil-A sounds like it should be part of breakfast. What is it?
Waffle fries
Steak fries
Curly fries
Belgian fries
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If you only eat one thing at Chick-fil-A, make it the chain's glorious, cross-cut version of the french fry that is, dare we say it, better than any other fry in the fry game. Hey, Chick-fil-A, it's OUR pleasure to eat your waffle fries.

Q26 Cookies
Unsplash by Jade Wulfraat
You act like you go to Subway for the sandwiches, but what you're really there for are which of these?
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We know, we know, Subway is supposed to be healthy with that whole "Eat Fresh" motto. But, what we can't resist at this purveyor of subs and salads is the soft-baked cookies that beckon at you from the checkout line. Just one won't hurt, will it?

Unsplash by Miguel Andrade
Spicy or regular, Wendy's keeps customers coming back for more which of these?
Fish sandwiches
Chicken nuggets
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Wendy's recently brought its Spicy Chicken Nuggets back for what it says is a limited time. The resurgence of the popular menu item came after Wendy's secured a minimum TWO MILLION retweets on Twitter about its menu item. The power of social media, folks.


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