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Physics is in everything! Whether you're driving a car or throwing a ball, it takes the science to make it all happen. Think about speed, trajectories and energy, it's all going on around us. It's also happening above us deep in our universe and helps the world work. SO, you think you're an expert on the high school physics curriculum?

Do you know who developed one of the most famous physics equations in the world? Do you know about some famous laws that apply to the subject? Can you name some important devices and their uses in the subject? High school covers a lot of the basics, and so does this quiz!

Can you name a few terms and their synonyms that have to do with physics? What do you know about the important formulas and equations that are used in physics? Do you know about things like the center of mass, gravity and force? If you do, you'll have no trouble acing this quiz!

Physicists of all levels, we're talking to you. If you place yourself among the great minds of Einstein, Planck and Newton, what are you waiting for? We predict that you'll get an incredible score on this quiz!

Who is know for their famous equation, E=mc2?

One of the most famous physicists of all time, Albert Einstein, developed the formula which calculates the amount of energy from mass and the speed of light. It's likely that you have seen this equation somewhere throughout your life!


How many laws of thermodynamics are there?

There are four laws of thermodynamics which are the first, second and third law of thermodynamics as well as the zeroth law. Each of the laws are important to remember as they affect physics as a whole.


What type of waves can sound travel in?

Longitudinal waves are the type of waves that sound can travel through. These waves can travel through gases and liquids, but did you know that they can even pass through solids?


What does this formula find? v=d/t

This one might have tricked you! This is the same equation as s=d/t, as velocity is another word that can be used for speed. Both will give the proper value, however.


Is it true or false that light travels faster than sound?

This is true. Light is much faster than sound. You can test this by watching the sky during a storm. The lightning will show up before you hear the thunder!


Where did Galileo famously conduct a velocity experiment?

Galileo conducted this famous experiment at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It involved dropping two objects of different weights from the top to judge the velocity, and set the foundation for the physics that we learn today.


Which of the following books was written by Sir Isaac Newton?

"Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica" was a book that Newton wrote in the 1600s which held all of the famous laws that he was known for. The book is important to modern physics, as they helped to advance the scientific thinking behind it.


Niels Bohr was a big contributor to what type of physics?

Neils Bohr was a prominent physicist who not only worked in physics, but also chemistry. While you may know him from the Bohr model, he was actually an important figure in quantum physics as well.


What does mass divided by volume find?

If you take mass and divide it by volume, it gives you the density of an object. This is one of the more simple formulas in the subject!


Is it true or false that Max Planck developed the quantum theory?

This is true. Max Planck was a skilled physicist who laid out some of the foundation for modern physics. Quantum theory is just one of the ways he innovated the subject, and he was also the recipient of a Nobel Prize.


How is acceleration determined?

Acceleration is determined through both velocity and time. By using the proper equation, the answer is given to you in the format of meters per second. Now you can apply it to your car!


What does force alter on an object?

Force alters the movement of an object. For example, applying force on the opposite side of an object that is moving in a certain direction will cause it to move the other way. That is, if there is enough force applied.


If you add torque to something, what does the object start to do?

Torque creates a rotation on an object. In order to calculate torque, you would use the formula t=r x F which takes the rotation and multiplies it by force.


Where is the center of mass most commonly located?

The center of mass is most commonly located on the main body of an object. Knowing the center of mass of an object is important, as it can help determine things like movement and momentum.


Is it true or false that math is essential to physics?

This is true. Math is a large component of physics, as there are countless equations to know and use. It's important to understand how to use them as well as when to use them.


Which of the following physics-related words can mean resistance?

Inertia is a term that can be used for resistance. Did you know that it is important to Newton's second law of motion? It can also be a factor in a change in velocity.


Which equation is part of Ohm's Law?

V=IR is an equation that is part of Ohm's Law. The "V" stands for voltage, which is determined by multiplying current by resistance.


What is the term used for heat produced by an electric current?

Joule heating is the term used for this concept. Joule is also a term used for the measurement of energy similar to the ohm. There are also many variants of the joule in different sizes like the zettajoule.


What is an ampere?

An ampere is a unit of electricity, but you probably know it better as the "amp". This the most common unit to be used when talking in terms of electricity.


Is it true or false that astrophysics is the study of physics in space?

This is true. Astrophysics is all about how elements in space work and move around. This field is large and filled with everything from quantum mechanics to thermodynamics.


Which of the following is a type of particle?

Elementary particles are quite unique as they are not actually made of other particles. These particles typically make up matter and can combine together to form larger particles.


Which formula has to do with Hooke's Law?

The correct formula for Hooke's Law is F=k x e. The formula relates to elasticity and force, and did you know that "k" relates to how stretchy a spring is?


In terms of physics, what does polarization affect?

Polarization affects the distribution of light. It can change all aspects of the light including what direction it is shining in. Think of the term when you wear polarized sunglasses!


The phrase, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction" is one of what?

This is the third law in Newton's three laws of motion. The three laws apply to the universe and help to explain how it all moves together.


Is it true or false that s=d/t is the formula to find the speed of an object?

This is true. The formula uses distance and divides it by the time in order to determine the speed that an object was or is traveling. This can apply to almost anything that's moving!


What does a particle attract, according to Newton's Law of Gravitation?

According to this law, they'll attract other particles to themselves. The theory was published in Newton's famous book, "Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica".


Which of the following can apply to physics?

The Pythagorean theorem can also be applied to physics as it can be used to calculate angles. This can help to predict trajectory or slopes that can then be used to figure out other factors such as force or velocity.


What is the name of the object that keeps energy in a magnetic field?

An inductor stores this energy in a magnetic field. Inductors are also used to moderate currents going through them such as alternating currents.


What can a transistor do?

A transistor can affect electronic signals. There are many different types of transistors that have all sorts of purposes.


Is it true or false that the formula for work is measured in newtons?

This is false. The formula for work is actually measured in joules. It uses mass and multiplies it by the gravity in order to get the value of work.


What is another word for density?

Another word for density is mass. The density of an object can be determined by the mass and volume divided by each other.


Which two concepts are part of the Theory of Relativity?

General relativity and special relativity are the two concepts that make up the Theory of Relativity. This theory originated from Albert Einstein, and it is most commonly related to space matters.


Which of the following shapes would geodesic refer to?

As geodesic is used in terms of curves, a sphere would be one of the shapes it could be used for. It is used to refer to the smallest space between points on a curve.


Is it true or false that the equation P=F/A is solved to find the price of something?

This is false. We're talking physics here! This equation will actually find the pressure of an object by dividing the force and area by each other.


An isotope has a different what?

Isotopes are elements that are the same, but differ in their masses. This is because one will typically have more neutrons than the other, creating more weight.


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