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It's a cold winter morning, and you could use a couple more hours of sleep, but your commute awaits. The only thing that rouses you from the warm confines of your down comforter is the prospect of a hot cup of coffee washing down your cold throat.

In what country is coffee believed to have originated?

You could make an argument for Arabia, but it's generally accepted that coffee came from Ethiopia.


The average seven-ounce cup of coffee contains about how much caffeine?

The coffee kick you feel in that morning cup is the 115 to 175 milligrams of caffeine.


What about the average two-ounce shot of espresso?

You might have thought that espresso packed more of a punch, but at 100 milligrams, you'd be better to go with the coffee if you need a boost.


What happens to the caffeine that's extracted from the bean in the decaffeination process?

This is one for the watercooler -- it's used to supply the kick to Coke.


Is coffee good for you or bad for you?

If there's one thing that's been studied a lot, it's coffee. Depending on which studies you trust, you can get a wide result, leaving it inconclusive.


Coffee can be grown alongside which crop?

Even though the cultivation of rice and corn is different, you can start coffee plants alongside each.


How do Starbucks sales compare to Coca-Cola's?

Coke is a worldwide phenomena, but Starbucks is hanging in there at about one-third the size.


Starbucks is a popular job for what reason?

Those other reasons may be valid, but offering insurance to even part-time employees is a big perk.


What country exports more coffee than any other?

They all make some great Joe, but Brazil exports the most.


How many tons of coffee is produced each year worldwide?

Did you go high and guess 20? Well guess again, dude -- it's only seven.


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